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Green Glyph question

bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,615

Does anyone know if it moves through out the match without anyone interacting with it?

First round took me until last 2 gens to find first green glyph - figured it was because I was busy working on gens, being chased, and saving/healing teammates. During EGC I saw a second glyph aura so was able to get 2 glyphs in 1 match.

Second match I had a farming killer, spent the entire match running around the map looking and couldn't find a glyph. Even ran around until nearly the end of EGC and it was never revealed during EGC. My SWF teammate ran around towards end of match while the 2 randoms traded hits, hooks and heals with the killer and he couldn't find the glyph even though it says others would be able to interact with it.

Does it respawn after a short time of no interaction? And has anyone noticed a distance limit for the reveal during EGC, like you need to be within a certain distance when it's revealed and not like across the map.


  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 224

    I've played Killer multiple games with the challenge on.... Never seen a single glyph.

    I've seen people saying it'll show up during the game (not just at the end)... never seen one. I've checked every single totem spawn I can think of. And I've never seen the auras show up when the Collapse triggers, either. ;-;

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,695

    it might be that other people are stealing it from you.

    if multiple people have the challenge equipped, itll still only spawn a select amount (which i think is 2?) and you have to fight people for them.

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 224

    Is it a glitch with certain Killers??? I've tested this (so far) on Wraith, Artist, Twins, and Blight... Absolutely nothing.

    Example: I look around after triggering the Collapse and see no auras.

    Am I doing something wrong? I also tried switching challenges and switching back to it.

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 224

    I know that's a possibility... but somebody said they once found at least 4 in one game. And I've played numerous games, and seen none? I'm cursed... 😭

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,695

    huh yeah thats hella weird... maybe its just a bug for killer in general? 😭 i had no issue with the challenge as survivor

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 7,091

    So the glyph is very weird.

    It shows up during match, but only where totems have broken, i broke a totem near a hook, got chased, taken back to that hook and the glyph lit up but the killer in my match nabbed it.

    I also cleaned all totems with my swf friends and when the gates open (or gens popped i can't remember) only two green glyphs showed up, but I did manage to grabbed the two before i left contributing two towards my challenge.

    They have very very odd behaviour.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,525

    Definitely more than 2, I got all 4 of mine in my first round with the challenge equip (and the match never made it to endgame so whoever wants to know if it'll spawn throughout the match, it will)

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 224
    edited April 29

    I just brought this video up to watch... they said glyphs will spawn where totems CAN spawn, but not where totems (currently) ARE.. so maybe breaking totems helps?? idk..

    edit: they also showed here (link) what it's supposed to look like when the auras are shown... so it's def never happened to me.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,615

    Thing is I know in that second match that the other two were with my teammate for majority of the match and when they weren't with my teammate they were by an exit with the killer. No one else was grabbing the glyph while my swf teammate was with them and the other two with the killer were by the exit gate farming hits/hooks/heals not grabbing the glyph - which as far as I can tell never revealed.

    I'm playing as survivor but I wonder if with some killers it causes the glyphs to not show. First match when I found glyphs was against Legion, second when I didn't find and was against Ghostface. Just played two more to try finishing up the challenge, one against a Billy and the other a Mikey and both times I found a glyph - one when 2 gens left and other revealed right when EGC started.

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 224

    I'm playing Susie rn.... nothing, once again.

    Thing is, I can't tell if I'm SUPER unlucky, or if it's actually bugged. :/

  • N8dogN8dog Member Posts: 535

    I thought these things SPAWNED at EGC because of its description. I never found anything odd near totems.

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 224

    I'll add: I switched to Survivor, and still didn't find anything, anywhere, for several games.

    I just now, during the Collapse, saw the aura of one of the glyphs. One. (And of course, the piggy decided she wanted it for herself....)

  • jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 621
    edited April 29

    From what I have seen you need to be actively repairing generators as a survivor or hooking survivors as a killer. I was able to get all 4 in a match as survivor however they didn't start appearing until I had hooked two survivors. I'm guessing it is something similar with survivors only that so many generators have to be repaired before they appear.

  • crystalkitticrystalkitti Member Posts: 224

    I completed my challenge.. finally. 😂

    Can't confirm if you have to hook/repair a certain amount to get them to show up, but they are actually showing up.. it just takes a bit. The auras also do show up when the Collapse triggers; the previous times I mentioned, I think the glyphs were already taken.

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