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So MMR Gets Turned Off Permanently When?

Just a random post saying MMR don't belong in DBD. Hurts feeling it in your matches.


  • Tr1nityTr1nity Member Posts: 4,983


  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,686

    the MMR need to go into the sun.

  • TurtleSushiTVTurtleSushiTV Member Posts: 152

    I think OH Tofu made a great video on this topic. MMR isn't the real issue it's the meta perks being used and we are losing to those perks. Well IMO I agree but everyone is entitled to there own. It's a great watch I recommend it. stay safe have fun.

  • eaebreeeaebree Member Posts: 288

    Is mmr even real?

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759

    The playerbase complained about old match making and started saying it was meaningless and just a show of play time. They did want bhvr to make a better match making system, but they idea was to fix the old system. Not this abomination.

    The old system got so bad because they wanted everyone to feel good about themselves and reach rank 1. They made the pip requirements easier at lower ranks, They got rid of rank reset and they refused to remove the safety pip. Just removing the safety pip and increasing pip requirements would have done wonders for the system. Sure trash players would actually know they suck and never reach rank 1, but that's how things work.

  • LazyClownLazyClown Member Posts: 32

    Sbmm belongs in this game, plenty of reasons.

    1st, If it didn't exist we would all be facing babies which I don't know why anyone wants to face someone inferior to them other than to just bully them. If you are also into that thing you also should at least be trying it to someone that actually knows how to play.

    2nd, The emblem system was easily abusable causing a lack of variety as well as a constant lack of information amongst the community as a whole. Killers could run corrupt with a nurse and just rack up a bunch of hits by just landing on the survivors while trapper/clown/myers (the variety) would just become territorial punishing their rating in the first place for existing. Sounds like a survivor sided mess, yes it was. Survivors could split gens against a weaker killer as of course hook bombing at the end along with old ds being abused at the end of a trial or you could just key out through the hatch with your team. The system only works when you have everyone playing in predictable ways along with the game not being asymmetrical whatsoever. Which Dead By Daylight should not have to take what works with the game and why it is successful in the first place to appease players that just want to feel like they're winning constantly.

    3rd, The game needs a reliable way to measure someone's skill. If you do it by chase, weaker killers will suffer inherently survivors earning mmr for existing. You do it by hooks, weaker killers will suffer inherently survivors earning mmr for existing. With sbmm, you eliminate all those issues. Dbd gives you strategies all around the board along with a build picked by yourself to obtain a set of kills or escapes. Who has any right to determine any of that being skillful other than being able to complete your goal? No one does unless you have completed your objective. Also sbmm will be able determine which killer powers/addons/perks/items needs tweaking. It only seems now more than ever I see really decent balance changes across the board for both sides, notice how they don't need to look at survivor/killer mains barraging the forums about balance. They now can actually properly make decisions using mathematics and data to solve those problems finally.

    Sbmm at the end of the conversation will always create a way for both sides to complete their objective rather than it being a one sided mess. Whereas killers used to be chained up to the emblem system or to the hatch mechanic. They now have way more freedom. Along with these changes came great additions to survivors as well broadening their smaller meta as well bringing more variety, while the game can still feel survivor sided it actually isn't since the boons can deactivate a ds or cause over confident plays allowing a weaker killer to take advantage of the situation. If you don't like sbmm, maybe its not the system or the game itself. Maybe you just need to change your playstyle or your build. Sometimes we all have to look in the mirror instead of just complain.

    The final thing to mention as well, if you really don't want to play the game the way it is intended to be played you can always form custom match scenarios. Another thing I don't understand about this community is the absolute laziness and pettiness behind it sometimes, you don't have to play sbmm just like the Halo players don't have to play ranked/social matches, because they can form their own custom matches. Also when the halo community did this and 343 caught on to this and brought them a custom browser because players actually utilized that system. Maybe players in dbd could do the same exact thing and the devs might consider adding in a better way to create more scenarios.

  • I_CAMEI_CAME Member Posts: 138
    edited April 29

    Tofu is on the money with what he said. It's the perks that are frustrating to go against. If you are high MMR and the matchmaking actually works then you can bet that EVERYONE will have Dead Hard, DS, and Unbreakable. I personally think it's insane that people are allowed to run all of these together. It's what makes playing M1 killers impossible at high MMR. There needs to either be a major nerf to the survivor meta or some kind of limitation on how many second chance perks you can bring. It would not have a major effect on lower MMR players and would only be a nerf to high MMR players who understand how ridiculously powerful these perks are when used together. The current survivor meta is so strong that it completely invalidates everything else. Killer has far more variety as to what you can actually bring and still win. With survivor its just DS, Unbreakable, Circle, Dead Hard, BT. MAYBE sometimes you see Prove Thyself and Sprint Burst.

  • BladeisbestBladeisbest Member Posts: 308
    edited April 29

    Yes. Perks like Dead Hard, Decisive Strike, Unbreakable, etc, are the reason that each perk should come with a specific "point weight". If they make it to where as a Survivor, you can only have a max of 200 "point weight" and each of those perks takes up 70 or 80 each, then you won't be able to run all of them due to the more powerful perks having a higher value of weight behind them. It's simple. VHS is already doing this.......

  • Necronl0rdNecronl0rd Member Posts: 14

    since mmr, my matches are actually a lot less sweaty, because I dont have to face mulit1000h players 8 out of 10 matches anymore

  • PhantomChimeraPhantomChimera Member Posts: 627
    edited April 29

    Probably never turned off. I find the MMR system much better than it's predecessor.

    As for people wanting to see their MMR score to know how they are doing per match. A number isn't needed to know how someone is doing in a match. How you play during the match shows that. Before MMR you would see high rank players who were less skilled than mid or sometimes even low ranked players showing the rank back then meant nothing when it came to how well a player played.

    Also who's to say it is even a set number. It could be an algorithm coded into the game that runs a bunch of variables in which some of the variables aren't known until the Ready button is hit.

  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 762

    I saw that video too. There should be some sort of limit to the multiple versions of the same perk being run or active like Leader. Especially with Bane of Healing...

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 3,765

    Hopefully never. I'd hate to see them backslide just because the improvement over the old system was minor instead of major.

    Better to fix the current flaws than go back to the worse system.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    I agree with you. However, I am beginning to believe that killers as a whole would be better served by having a bot mode. There's a lot of killers that get stressed out playing against humans and really do want easier chill matches. LOL has a bot mode and some people prefer it.

  • LazyClownLazyClown Member Posts: 32

    If they are getting stressed about this game it is on them. No one asked them to play and it is their choice to begin with. A lot of players have never played an asymmetrical title so they think they know what they are talking about. Which they don't. Rng can be a major factor but also your playstyle, fair. But at the end of the day mmr accrues slowly and goes down slowy, so its actually okay to lose once in a while. But if you are losing constantly or are stuggling constantly it is on you the survivor or the killer.

  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 540
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    I think both are issues that exacerbate the other. The SBMM system is poorly made and makes "winning" feel bad as you get no real feedback as to how good you are (as in seeing you're 1600 rated and gained 10 rating). So your next matches just get less fun via becoming more meta-filled with no rewarding feeling. Not to mention survivors aren't rated on what they did for their team.

    But yeah the current meta isn't fun for either side. I don't think there is a single person that can get any enjoyment from facing 4x Dead Hard/Iron Will/DS/BT/UB with beefed up medkits or Brand New Parts. Likewise nobody wants to play against a slowdown spam Nurse/Blight/Spirit with good addons employing tunneling or proxy camping tactics. Either of these make for absolutely miserable matches regardless of the player behind it and the more you win the more likely you are to see it.

    And I know correlation doesn't mean causation and there are a ton of factors but I feel like the steam charts are very telling for how the community feels about SBMM. Ever since it was implemented the player count has been in a straight decline.

  • NekoGamerXNekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,686

    I go back to the old system Ranks but still hide the ranks/grades I mean the MM felt better.

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