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Match that exemplified why killers hate Dead Hard

I played a match as Legion today on Eyre of Crows. Brutal map, smart survs---It was a brutal game. It was otherwise unremarkable except there was 1 chase with a Nea that I think perfectly exemplifies why killers (such as myself) hate Dead Hard so much.

Nea is using an LT wall against me. She's forced to run the long side of the L and I follow her, until she's forced to turn the corner on the short wall to the window.

Now, there are two options for her. Vault or don't. If she does, I need to double back. If she doesn't, I need to keep following her to land a hit.

So I go to the corner, shine my red light, and then double back. Lo and behold, I was right. She vaulted and I've caught her.

But I don't swing. I know she's injured. She most certainly has Dead Hard, and if I lunge, she'll have enough time to react and dodge. So I instead opt to keep getting closer instead.

She runs away from me towards the window of the T. However, I'm close enough that she won't make it, so she Dead Hards, and makes it to the window. I never swung at any point. I read her correctly, and she still made it.

Now, I downed her fast after. She kept looping a TL, so I hit her with a quick mind game. Whatever.

But what if she didn't? What if that TL wall chained into something strong like main building or shack? She could've ran me for much longer because she Dead Harded. She has extended that chase by pressing a button after I outplayed her.

Did she do it to dodge a hit? No. I never swung. I couldn't because she'd have enough time to react at that distance, so I had to stay my hand.

I "lost" even though I read her correctly. I made the right call at the L, I didn't swing prematurely; I did everything right, but I still "lost."

I couldn't swing. I couldn't just "wait it out." I just lose because of a perk I can do nothing about except power through. There was no hit validation weirdness, impatience on my end, or any weird bugs/glitches. This is just a perk functioning perfectly in a common scenario that results in a lose-lose for the killer.


  • skylerboundskylerbound Member Posts: 489

    I feel like this was exactly my last game as Spirit except with all four with dh/iron will and they had so many chained tiles. I now just play tome challenges then move back onto Survivor.

  • DyingWish92DyingWish92 Member Posts: 390

    Yeah that type of use of Dead Hard is total cheese and has no counterplay at all.

  • jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 621

    I don't mind survivors using Dead Hard. It is a waste of a perk slot and most of the time only delays me getting them. Their are more effective perks to use.

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