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Why is Dead by Daylight so unintuitive?

DanielBDanielB Member Posts: 82

The inventory menu is just awful. There are perks scattered around in 7 different pages and it's hard to find what you need. Same thing goes for addons, items and offerings. This becomes increasingly difficult because they're adding more content that means more survivor and killer perks.

Everything feels so unorganized and counterintuitive. Why not make a tab that shows all the exhaustion perks? A tab that shows perks that affect gens? A tab of anti-healing perks? It doesn't make any sense not to make it easier for players to find the stuff they need.

Not everyone wants to remember all the names and images. They just want to hop on and play the game. They want to select things fast so they can play a match or two. Some people have jobs and barely play this game, they start the game and stopped playing Dead by Daylight because they spent most of their free time searching and selecting items and perks they want.


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