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BHVR are you Meme-ing on us?

I find it funny that with over 6 months of a decline of players on steam you think the best thing to do right now is piss off your community even more and re inforce Anti Aliasing on everyone. You took away ini editing, and now people whos eyes hurt from that blurry mess or simply cant get playable framerates are just not playing this game either. You are digging your own grave.

It makes it even worse when we consider the fact that YOU BHVR promised more graphic options in the menu (Including Anti Aliasing toggle) nearly 2 years ago in a live stream and we havent gotten anyshit.

Idk what is happening with your decision making. BHVR you are one of the most out of touch companies I ever came across in the history of my life.

My friendgroup and myself will not boot up DbD as long as AA is forced on us.

Also, can you finally give us something more than just new chapters with new killers and perks? We need some new gamemodes. Dont make rocket science out of this. Give us some crazy game modes to enjoy as time limited events, it doesnt mater how balanced it is as long as its fresh and fun. Its time limited after all. And if it becomes a sucess you can implement it into normal game rotation.



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