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The new Legion is an INCREDIBLE improvement, and people need to stop whining.

NotionlessNotionless Member Posts: 212
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The Legion in their previous state felt really sad to play as, the 4s stun being the worst offender, with their lack of lethality being a close second. They felt robotic and same-y for both parties. This is a significant improvement FOR BOTH SIDES.


The stun change makes you feel like a lot more of a menace, and cranks up the enjoyableness of the killer massively. The 5 stab reward always has you keeping an eye out and be way more excited about huge chainstabs. The speed increase helps that a lot, while also making the legion feel more intense as that potential 5th stab is coming in. The addons offer a mad set of variety, and in general i went from finding legion incredibly boring to play, to putting him in my top 5 most enjoyable killers.


Now instead of mindlessly mending straight after getting injured, depending on the situation not even getting off of what you were doing in the first place, you now need to CARE as surv. Regardless of the buff or not, you were always gonna mend 7 times against a legion, thats not only baked into his kit, its baked into his core design. The only thing that changed is now you have to be mindful, which makes the game more intense and immersing IMO

The "Problem"

The sentiment i got from the forum hermits is that the main gripe with the new legion has less to do their buffs and changes but rather the fact that they appear more often. They are not overtuned compared to other killers at all, a half decent nurse will still slap your soloQ experience harder than will smith at the oscars. I believe the mending game is simply getting tiresome. Similar to the way people complained about Blight Nurse Blight Nurse Blight Spirit Nurse Blight nurse before.

Since the sheer amount of legion mains will die down sooner rather than later, I think the best move Behaviour can do now is to keep him in his current fluid state.



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