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Bloodpoints calculated incorrectly

PyrosorcPyrosorc Member Posts: 199

I opened a ticket in-game too, but it only accepted the first screenshot so doesn't tell the whole story. I'm 99% sure this is a bug but maybe someone will tell me I'm mad or I'm calculating something wrong myself.

My base bloodpoints for this game is 31,900. I have 4 stacks of BBQ, Bloody Party Streamers and a 5th Anniversary cake. So I should be getting 100% (base) + 100% (BBQ) + 100% (BPS) + 105% (cake) Bloodpoints: that's 405%. 31,900 x 4.05 = 129,195.

So I expected to receive 129k BP for this game, but only received 97k. This is the first time I've bothered to double check the maths on my BP rewarded but it really stood out to me as feeling lower than anticipated, and now I'm wondering how often this happens.

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  • PyrosorcPyrosorc Member Posts: 199

    Checking again, 97,295 is 305% of the base bloodpoints, not 405%. This means that one of the following are not being included:

    1) My basic bloodpoint reward

    2) My BBQ chilli reward

    3) The Bloody Party Streamers.

    It can't have ended up at the number it did if it didn't give me the benefits of my cake, although I don't know if the cake lead to some compound error with another source of BP.

  • PyrosorcPyrosorc Member Posts: 199
    edited May 1

    Another game, only 3 BBQ stacks this time but it still doesn't add up, and less other things to confuse matters. Looks like BBQ isn't working correctly, or at the very least isn't displaying correctly.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,261

    Yeah something has been up with BBQ since the update.

  • JirobekoJirobeko Member Posts: 66
    edited May 1

    There are some reports about this issue. BP displayed at the top-right of the game window seems to be correct.

    1) Earned BP in the "Match" displayed doesn't include BBQ post-game bonus.

    2) "Total" BP doesn't include the BBQ bonus when the first displayed.

    "Total" BP will be correct the second time it is displayed, by returning from another section to the section. Though, the displayed BP in the "Match" will still not include the BBQ bonus.

    ( 3) BBQ bonus will not contribute to the progress of "Bloody Rewards" challenge. )

    First reported: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/320718/visual-bug-bbq-final-scoring-does-not-include-bbq-screenshots

    with more detail: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/320957/barbecue-chilli-post-game-bonus-is-not-displayed

    my case:

  • cluckodoomcluckodoom Member Posts: 6

    I've noticed that bbq bps aren't being shown in tally. Keeping track of bp before and after my match does show that bbq is working. It just isn't appearing in my tally.

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