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Legion - Fuming Mixtape ends ANY generator regression when feral frenzy ends

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I have no idea if this is a feature or a bug, but since this looks wrong to me I'll say it's a bug.

Currently with the Fuming Mixtape addon, when you kick a generator, then go in frenzy, then end the frenzy, all kicked generators stop regressing.

From what I understand this addon is doing, Fuming Mixtape makes all generators regress and adds more regression on already regressing generators such as hex:ruin and also already regressing generators from a kick (see 5.7 ptb and 5.7 patchnotes).

I think what the perk should be doing is add a flat 100% regression speed (or whatever number it is) to all generators when the frenzy starts (unless the generator is being worked on), and remove that flat 100% regression speed to regressing generators when the frenzy ends.

This bug is an issue particularly if you make a short frenzy to check generators progress when not having hex:ruin, because it will allow you to see all generators progress at the cost of removing all your generators regression effects.

Here's a clip where I showcase that the kicking's regression gets removed once a frenzy ends:

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    This is a known issue as listed in the patch notes.

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