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Killer Base Speed

With the exception of the nurse there is no need for killers to be as fast as they are. EVERY survivor is 4.0 m/s, but you have like three different base speeds for killers? Then they get Bloodlust on top of that? How does that make that fair? Explain to me how a killer can have a 4.4 or 4.6 m/s speed, but survivors just get 4.0? Oh, add .2 m/s for every level of Bloodlust. That makes no sense. Make all killers base speed 4.2 with the adjusted .2 for every level of Bloodlust. That's a max of 4.6 m/s. Whoever said this game is survivor sided is out of their mind. Especially with the buffs to Ghost Face & Legion increasing their speed. So you have them at 4.6 m/s base then add on their special ability speed boosts ON TOP of Bloodlust? Explain to me how survivors can escape that?

Not all survivors are looping gods. Newer players are having issues just trying to get away and they don't understand the looping/running mechanics like seasoned players. Let's not forget the lag and ping issues when connecting to players on other platforms that cause issues in chases. Make all killer's base speed 4.2 m/s with their adjustments for Bloodlust as well as other perks or special abilities they have.



  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 2,281

    You obviously dont play, or rather stand in front of a killer instead of running. In a straight line, it would take 7 seconds for a killer to gain 4 meters. Do remember most chases are started at around the 16-32m range. thats ~21s to catch up, and thats assuming 4.6/s killer, with nothing lengthening chase.

  • Marik1987Marik1987 Member Posts: 481
    edited May 2

    Instead of this, normal M1-Killers should have 4,7m/s to catch up faster. They dont have a Speed-Ability like the S-Tier-Killers Blight or Nurse or A-Tier Oni. On top of that, they need to outplay pallets or need to destroy them (Pyrimidhead for example do not need this).

    In the last MMR-Test-Notes, Devs told us that there is a 50/50 Winrate between Killers and Survivors at most days.

    Killers play alone, Survivors mostly with friends. So alone for this, the Rate should be 60/40 to killers. If the game helps survivors even more than it does at the moment (Deadhard, BT, unfair maps with Omega-Loops etc.), there will be no killer-player around to play killers besides the Top5.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,046

    I'm not that good at looping killers and I still don't agree with that. Are we supposed to have killers only viable against new and bad players?

    A chase shouldn't last forever just because the killer can never keep up. You should be able to run and/or loop enough just to lose line of sight and hide. Beyond that, yes, the killer should have enough speed to reach a survivor.

  • torrigarnettorrigarnet Member Posts: 3

    I do play. I have played both sides. I do not agree with the speed of the killers. Most of my matches involve looping and using resources, but what good are those resources and loops when the killer takes 3 steps and catches me. This isn't just a few game. This is literally almost every game. So in using resources I should be able to make some leeway or some kind of escape at some point. That's not the case. Should I just start reporting all the killers moving way too fast? That would be ridiculous. How about instead of this "deal with it noob" mentality BHVR makes a tutorial in the game alongside the other tutorials on how to help survivors loop faster. That make ya happy then? Or do I need to record EVERY match and then post it all online? I mean, I can do that, but I'm not alone in my call out on it. I've seen newer players try to play this game. I mean, really try and they can't do anything because the killers are moving at lightning speed. They give up because why even attempt a chase if it takes 2 seconds to get downed? Let's not forget the AT&T challenge where almost all of those new players instantly uninstalled the game and never looked back. Should we not be asking them why? Doesn't that open up discussion for a possible fix or better future for the game?

    So we should all just stfu and take it and never say anything or call anything out when there's an obvious problem? There can't be that many hackers in this game using subtle speed hacks in 90% of the matches I get into. I have almost 800 hours played. Yes, I've been trying to work on loops and resources, but all of that means nothing when I can't make it to those resources or I'm downed in 2 seconds from start of chase. There seems to be a problem here that no one wants to address or they simply feel no need to. Why is 4.2 base for all killers a problem for all of you? It's still faster than survivors. Killers get Bloodlust adding speed to them so yes, they can catch. Survivors don't get a Bloodlust mechanic the longer they're in chase. Killers have speed enhancement perks as much as survivors do so that argument is invalid also. God forbid we bring something up to try to compromise or talk it out and figure it out. I can see why this game's population is dying.

  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,737

    1 killer

    4 survivors

  • eaebreeeaebree Member Posts: 288


  • PlaysByShadyPlaysByShady Member Posts: 574

    EVERY survivor is 4.0 m/s, but you have like three different base speeds for killers? Then they get Bloodlust on top of that? How does that make that fair? Explain to me how a killer can have a 4.4 or 4.6 m/s speed, but survivors just get 4.0?

    I take it you missed that day at school where they explained 4 is greater than 1? In that, there are 4 survivors, and only 1 killer... the survivors have advantage of numbers, the killer needs an advantage too otherwise where's the balance?

  • Ath4nat0sAth4nat0s Member Posts: 77

    "Not all survivors are looping gods. Newer players are having issues just trying to get away and they don't understand the looping/running mechanics like seasoned players"

    This is the only game where devs balance around new players instead of the skilled ones.

    So this argument makes no sense

    And just get good tbh, M1 killers are completely unviable against high MMR survivors and you can see in YT why (Spoiler:Predrop+Dead Hard+CoH)

  • xEmoGirlxAlexisxxEmoGirlxAlexisx Member Posts: 365

    Maybe Because the Killer should have a chance to get Survivors and win a chase

    The Game is already Survivor Sided and u want to have Killer Speed nerfed ? Nice Next is Why can Killer use there weapons whitout CD?🤷‍♀️

  • malibu_barbie_26malibu_barbie_26 Member Posts: 26

    Killers have 1 shots, moris, perks and iridescent add-ons. Survivors can’t escape until gens are done or they are the last one standing. That’s how it’s balanced. Increasing speed isn’t balanced in matches where survivors aren’t rewarded for winning a chase. A survivor get 1 life, I MIGHT get 2 or 3 hooks. And these days w the tunnel and camp rate so high you are doing good to get 2-3 hooks in the first 180 seconds of game play. So that 4 vs 1 easily becomes 3 v 1 which fastly teeters to 2 vs 1 (bc gens can’t get done with 1 person on hook and another in chase and the other going for the rescue ) and 1 vs1 killer always wins.

  • KrazzikKrazzik Member Posts: 319

    The game is balanced around killers eventually ending chases successfully. Survivors are mainly trying to waste time, not actually escape, though they still can sometimes.

    Even with the "crazy" movement speed they currently have, many killers, especially m1 killers still struggle in chase, they really don't need to be universally nerfed.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,046

    Threads like these, whether they're bait or someone actually believes what they're posting, are a great example of why the devs should ignore 95% of what is said on these boards. 🤦‍♂️

  • BrimpBrimp Member Posts: 1,533

    So you just want to baby new players into not learning while making the ones with brains even more powerful? Surely this is bait

  • DattPuggDattPugg Member Posts: 27

    I can think of at least a few reasons why killers are faster than survivors.

    1. Killers cannot drop pallets and stun survivors

    2. There aren't four killers

    3. Killers cannot fast vault windows

  • Mechanix82Mechanix82 Member Posts: 95

    Her base is not 4.2 its 3.8 she is actually slower than survivors

  • torrigarnettorrigarnet Member Posts: 3

    Responses like this is why the game is on life support. There isn't even constructive criticism. 1 killer, 4 survivors means nothing if a killer is running twice as fast as all survivors and goes for insta slugs off rip. Enjoy this game being on life support. Especially after May 13th.

  • BrimpBrimp Member Posts: 1,533

    I mean this game has been on life support ever since its release. Just had little bursts of life given to it with each licensed chapter.

  • gendossgendoss Member Posts: 2,264

    To be fair if you start chasing after somebody when in the range of a chase with Nurse by the time you get bloodlust you've lost almost no distance and then start gaining it lol. It's pretty funny how fast she actually moves, it's hardly any slower than survivors at all.

  • DeathstrokeDeathstroke Member Posts: 887

    Nurse is 3.8m/s I believe but with add on is possible to increase it to 4.2m/s speed. I think blight maybe should be nerfed to 4.5m/s instead 4.6m/s his power is already so strong and makes him very fast so I don't think he should be as fast as m1 killers. Spirit however should be buffed to 4.5m/s she is currently too slow with 4.4m/s at least when I play her

  • Sandt21Sandt21 Member Posts: 523

    "Not all survivors are looping gods." And what about those who are looping gods? Wouldn't this be a outright buff to them?

  • respecugnizerespecugnize Member Posts: 1

    Your arguing on the behalf of new survivors falls apart with the simple fact that every survivor here was a new survivor at some point

    None of us entered this game and did anything other than get slaughtered in the same way that you are talking about. We were hunted down and killer relentlessly.

    We hid behind skinny trees, we blew skill checks, we pre pre pre dropped pallets, we ran close to the walls and WE WERE KILLED REPEATEDLY.

    But we noticed that other people were able to loop and survive. They were able to bully the Killer. They looted basement, they tea bagged, they meme'd they goofed around. They unhooked in front of killers and congo lined out for 4 person escapes. They stayed in matches and cleansed NOED

    So if THEY could do it, then its possible to be done.

    Your argument and theirs falls apart RIGHT THERE. END. No counter/unbeatable logic

    The rest of us rose to the challenge, watched vids, paid attention to mechanics, asked questions, gained muscle memory, read forums/wikis/tool tips, grew, evolved.

    We didnt want to die, we wanted to be as good if not better than everyone else. We put in the time....WE PUT IN....THE TIME

    If the effort is to much for you and them, then thats it. I'm not going to give you a pep talk and tell you, you can do anything... I'm going to say there is plenty of welfare/generous things in the game that high MMR players already would like removed (I hate how killers can drag a harm box 180+ degrees, and auto hits exist and both should be taken out) so maybe the game is not for you or them

    If you are struggling after 800 hours then you are not evolving. You are trying to play the game the same way you did unsuccessfully at 1 hour.

    I'm, actually talking with someone right now that I talked into the game and have been teaching and playing with from 0-200h. They are night and day from that first game and I've seen clear evolution every 20h now with a big jump after the first 100.

    They do not execute perfectly all the time but they know what they SHOULD be doing and on some days she pulls off god plays

    Maybe you need to watch some of the great content providers (OTZ comes to mind) or find someone to teach you in real time so you can correct your game play

    We all assume that time = success but I have come across a few non evolutionary gamers that have hours but just make no changes so it doesnt really matter what their count is. It exists

    If you play the same way for 2000h then its not going to matter

    But I can't advocate a game system being changed constantly to make it easier for new players to have fast success. Can not think of any better way to crash a game.

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