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Nurse Range Add-ons are Removes Her All Counterplay



  • ImpailerImpailer Member Posts: 96
    edited May 2

    I think you just need to get good. The fact that Nurse still struggles at top level really turns your argument to 💩. “Her base kit is already stong”. 😅 What about survivors three lives a piece, not including their multiple second chances that turn that into about 10?

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    Nurses play against themselves. You're just there to hold W, try to "mind game", try to duble back etc. It still doesn't matter. If they Nurse is experienced there is no counterplay other than repairing gens. And if it's solo queue against any experienced Nurse, just call it a gg because there is absolutely nothing you can do.

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    Which is why experienced survivors that are equally as good regularly average a 2 person escape even against good or god Nurses.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    Ah yes, that made up survivor everyone talks about but nobody actually has in their matches, ever.

    I have yet to see a single person here, actually prove any claims they make about "I win most of my matches as solo against God Nurses lol get good"

    The last time I received video footage of consistent good performances of people who play solo and claim "lol its ez" was... never once.

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    Wow, it's almost like MMR does not consistently give even-skill matches.

  • dallasmedicbagdallasmedicbag Member Posts: 571

    Any mediocre player can pick up nurse, equip those add-ons, and expect an easy 4k??

    I mean yes... absolutely. thats what the addons are for - to let mediocre players feel like a god heh

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    But it... does not?

    Also, are you that famous God-tier survivor who plays solo and wins against God-tier Nurses on a daily basis, or are you one of those who "see a lot of those survivors, but in my case I'm not that good myself. But I see so many of them constantly. They're everywhere. Don't ask me for any kind of specifics or proof though."

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,678

    There are no such things as "God Nurses". I've been called that by survivors many times. You know how I call that? "I got lucky this time Nurse" or "I'm having a good day Nurse".

    It probably stems from the same principles as the survivorship bias, but in reverse.

    The Nurse is having good and bad games, and once in a while a great one.

    The survivors getting her when she gets all the good reads and never misses a blink imagine somehow she does it in all her games.

    I went against 4 Nurses these last 3 days. I've survived them all, "solo". Among the others, there were one or two kills, total. How? All my teammates were hard to predict and not wasting any time. One that almost got me as it took me two chases to understand her. I'm not saying I would survive a game against Supaalf but I'm having less than half his game hours.

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    If you want anyone to take what you say even remotely seriously, you should probably offer actual meaningful evidence.

    Anyways, I've linked a post where I've already explained nuances of MMR and its relation to skill matchups as well as examples of where genuinely good players of more or less even skill play against one another in a non-tournament setting. If you are curious about tournament settings where some of the best Nurses and best survivors in the world face off against one another, feel free to ask for that as well. Spoiler, she averages a 2K there too, and drops to below 2K average when all restrictions are removed.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    I stopped playing I think, maybe 2 months ago (I have been taking more and more breaks over the course of the last 2 years, they just get more and more frequent over time) and I actually counted the number of Nurses I got. You said 4 Nurses over 3 days. When I played consistently, I got 8-9 Nurses a day every day for a period of 5-7 days (for as long as I played). I don't know the times you play and your area, but every single match was exactly the same. All the time.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,678

    Lucky you. I'd love getting against more Nurses 😮.

    I'm playing survivor during the afternoon and until the queues start to grow. Then I switch to killer.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    So the answer to my question is no. You can't provide any personal experience as evidence. The videos you posted can't be applied to the average match, because it's a very specific setting with the players involved representing an absolutely ridiculous minority.

    Apply all of this to solo queue and this all gets thrown off the window.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 7,129

    The hilarity of this is...

    I can show you multiple instances of making nurses leave me. Because they can't hit a blink.

    And all your reply will be is "they just weren't a good nurse"

    Instead of "ok yea...You juked her. Well done"

    You say you can't apply survivors who know how to juke her to solo que...Yet you can't say you're getting god...Even good nurses either.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    It's actually extremely boring, because there is no match to begin with. Match starts, you hear 1 blink, someone gets injured, 10 seconds later goes down. Starstruck. Hooked. Proxy camps. Someone else goes down instantly. Sometimes there's an unhook. They get tunnelled out. From there I repair maybe 1-2 gens, have a few chases in while nothing gets done. Anyway, 90% of the time it ends the same way. 4k with 3-4 gens left. From the type of killers I get I have to assume my MMR is fairly high, but I can't tell for sure.

    You can tell by my ddb stats (tho IDK how accurate this is) I'm not exactly new.


  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911

    Most solo players are not good. Not good players against what will probably be a good player is... very obvious, hopefully.

    Which is literally why BHVR is working on closing the gap between solo and SWF by giving solo more information on what teammates are doing, for instance.

    Still waiting for the evidence she overperforms.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    I would love to see those games actually. I can perfectly judge if the Nurse is experienced or not.

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911
  • PlaysByShadyPlaysByShady Member Posts: 577

    You can check through my post history, I've mentioned quite a few. Mainly break LOS, be unpredictable, don't do actions that lock you into animation (i.e. drops, or close vaults), exploit the fact that she can't cancel a blink, use terrain/obstacles to your advantage (i.e. force her to make a perfect blink to get you), etc

  • PlaysByShadyPlaysByShady Member Posts: 577

    Then, care to explain why she's at the bottom of the table with regards to kill-rate if it's that easy?

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    Theory is great. Do you perhaps have video examples that showcase your mastery?

  • SuzuKRSuzuKR Member Posts: 3,911
  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,830

    Distance addons don't affect the 2nd blink. They did two years ago but not now. Thats because the distance addons increase the charge time not the distance to charge ratio.

    The 2nd blink has a fixed time window to charge the blink negating any extra distance you could gain from the addon.

  • randonlyrandonly Member Posts: 366


    Not wanting to intrude, but once I watched the video, I just don't understand what this has to do with the glitched ranged addons.

    Cool that you showed in practice how the loop works against Nurse a long time ago, but how does this legitimize being more than 2 months with the ranged addons giving more blink speed for nurse than normal? At least that's the purpose of the topic @MikaelaWantsYourBoon .

    better not get off topic

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759

    If a nurse is able to land every hit on lerys then they are using esp cheats.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,521

    Eh, Nurse's basekit is already broken, these add-on's are just like rubbing salt in the wound.

  • randonlyrandonly Member Posts: 366

    I can't see any of this legitimizing the permanence of ranged addons for her as they are in game.

    Glitch is glitch, regardless of the winrate it gives

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    Alright, first of all thank you for the video, you're one of the few people who doesn't seem to talk out of their backside, or isn't afraid to provide proof. About the video itself, you're playing in a map that is good for Nurse, there's many low walls and the visibility is pretty good for her. And the first person to go down takes about 3 minutes I think. Also, you avoided her by basically backing once (she awkwardly missed a very obvious hit the first time), using Lithe, and after that she pretty much gave up/lost you. You joked that I would say "she's just bad", but objectively speaking, she does seem to be pretty inexperienced, based on what we can see here. When I continue watching the video, when the person is hooked by the bus and you're getting chased around her, she basically refuses to blink and... breaks the pallet, then keeps floating around. That is, objectively speaking, a bad Nurse. Not because I say so, but because you can clearly see it in the video.

    After that she blinks twice on you, and is within hit proximity... and she doesn't even attempt to swing. Then twice in the open next to shack, she swings awkwardly and misses twice for no reason. Once you get hooked in the basement etc, it's just a circus. You can she how bad she is in every chase, but the funny thing is... she still 4Ks... lol

    To be fair, if this is the kind of Nurse you play against usually, I can understand why you'd claim she's perfectly counterable. I agree, that Nurse is very counterable (though as I said she still 4ks). I'm curious to see how -you- play as a Nurse yourself, but this video still proves my point. Even the most incompetent Nurse will 4k against randoms.

    I will look for matches I played "recently" as survivor and see if I can upload any as well. Worst case I'll see if I can be arsed to try to play some survivor and see if I get a Nurse (probably lol)

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