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Is it time that Behaviour stops adding new killer and focuses on mini games instead?

slunderslunder Member Posts: 239

Adding a 6 perks mode is an example of a new mini game

Is it time that Behaviour stops adding new killer and focuses on mini games instead? 40 votes

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  • DimekDimek Member Posts: 273

    Not mini games but balance for good players.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,242

    They 100% need to stop working on new releases and start working on major QoL updates.

    I have no doubt that DLC releases bring in a massive amount of income for their hungry production team needs - however, I'd argue that QoL drops are far less extensive and have much higher ROI than DLC releases.

    What's better than working hard to release the Twins DLC and generating revenue through sales as the community cries about it?

    Re-releasing the Twins DLC with minor patch work and generating revenue through sales as the community rejoices while you save money.

  • shinobu149shinobu149 Member Posts: 142

    We need more I will always want more killers amd maps

  • shinobu149shinobu149 Member Posts: 142
  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,242

    I must disagree.

    The content is in the game - it's just no good.

    For every good survivor perk, there are six bad ones that NOBODY uses.

    You always see Dead Hard, Decisive Strike, Unbreakable, Circle Of Healing... when's the last time, honest to goodness, you saw someone take No One Left behind, Appraisal, Dark Sense, Rookie Spirit, Repressed Alliance, Slippery Meat, Aftercare, Left Behind, Empathy, Open Handed, Visionary, Deja Vu, Hope, Buckle Up, Red Herring, Sole Survivor, Up The Ante, Corrective Action, This Is Not Happening, Lightweight, Poised, Wake Up, Premonition, Calm Spirit, or Solidarity?

    Rarely, and even at that, what gives? Why don't you see it more than once every 40-50 matches? Why do survivor players hate these perks??

    It's the same sad story for Killers too, almost 100 perks and using the same 10-12.

    Why do some killers get a lot of screen time while others don't? Why get a NEW killer, when the Twins is seen every 100 matches or so on average?

    Why get more killers with useless perks, and more survivors with useless perks - when you can get the same exact effect on something already in the game?

    Would you rather have gotten Saduko Rising as it was, or would you rather have the 'Cosmic Inheritor' update (or something like that)

    • New and improved Twins, actually fun to play as and against! New Twins skin and minor lore update!
    • All twins perks reworked - they're good, fair, and killer's actually take them.
    • Elodie gets a new skin, lore touchups, and a new charm.
    • All Elodie perks reworked - they're good, fair, and survivors actually take them.
    • New Map! Paris France map in the Crotus Prenn realm! Feature for the Twins.
    • Monstrous Shrine rework - fair, good, and actually useful!
    • Keys rework - they are good again, without being broken!
    • Prestiging a character now makes their Bloodweb slightly cheaper!
    • Incapacitated tweaks and updates
    • Multiple bug fixes!

    Is this more attractive than the Saduko chapter, or less - and why?

    Because, for my money and - I bet for many people's money, this update is a more attractive prospect than another poorly implemented and rushed DLC.

    You know what I mean?

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711

    For me, it's not so much about adding new modes (such as 2 v 8, hide-and-seek, etc.), but rather more concentration on quality of life in the game itself. If they would do "quality of life chapters" kind of thing - yeah, it's better than yet another license. But if we are solely talking what's better for the game - new content or new modes, ignoring QoL, I would pick new content without any hesitation.

    The problem with new game modes is that they divide the playerbase, which lately been only spiraling down. And unless they are rewarding enough, they will get stale real soon - merely matter of few months at best. Same goes for ranked/unranked matches idea - at the end of the day it halves a number of players playing, which will increase lobby waiting and might even add more problems towards the matchmaking system they have in place. Whereas new content is the whole reason why this game is still alive, mostly well and kicking, while Friday the 13th pretty much completely died. If it wasn't for new chapters, new achievements, new tomes and new archive challenges - I would've left this game, like, half and a year ago. Can't say the same about thankfully non-existent numerous game modes.

  • RakimSockemRakimSockem Member Posts: 1,828

    I wouldn't necessarily say mini games, but they definitely need to work on the quality of the game, the random crashes people get, the map designs, maybe even add new maps.

    The last thing the game needs at the moment is new survivors or killers. The game has too many perks as is. There's over 200 something perks in the game (survivor and killer combined) and maybe 20 of those get used on a consistent basis. Rebalance some perks and work on other things. We don't need 2 or 3 characters a year anymore

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711

    I believe there isn't a single word about quality of life changes in this poll. And you make it sound like quality of life chapters might be monetizable just like regular chapters are (the sole fact of comparing the two + the whole "for people's money" thing), but company "fixing" something they've already put out should never be something players have to pay for with their money.

    No matter how good for the game those fixes are.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,242

    Yes it does ?

    I mean - it doesn't push nearly as much sales revenue as a new product on a hot market like a good DLC release, but it absolutely makes money.

    It's the same debate as building a new house to sell, or flipping a junker.

    You can get a lot more money for the new house, but flipping a house is a lot cheaper and much lower risk.

    If they made one of their lowest performing killers viable, people may actually buy her.

    If they gave her some good cosmetics, people may actually buy it.

    If they gave Elodie good cosmetics, people may actually buy it.

    When the game releases with a major update - such as a new map - sales and retention usually go up.

    Retention is a massively important sales figure because it's correlated with microtransactions.

    The more engaged, the more fun a player is having - the higher their retention. The higher a player's retention, the more microtransaction sales are made.

    A game fix not only spreads good will to the players, but in the long run it has the capability of increasing a game's profitability for a very low internal cost.

    Instead of having to create new assets, new powers, bug test new features, generate new terrain, make new perk art for 6 new perks, do tons of balance and bug tests... you just tweak what's already there and add a couple of new skins - which sell themselves separately.

    You don't charge players for QoL updates like a DLC. You give it away for free and make an event out of it. Make it a fiesta. A Party.

    Last year's Resident Evil chapter was an absolute party. We need more things like that where the changes are celebrated and emphasized - new or old. Updating 7 perks to be meta or even near meta is worth the fanfare alone.

    If they do this, they will gain money - and they will save a lot of money while making it.

    That being said, I still didn't get an answer for my question:

    What would you rather have seen released in march: The Saduko Rising chapter we got, or this fictional 'Cosmic Inheritor' update - and why?

  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711

    I had this whole detailed paragraph written out at first, but....

    You're trolling, right? 'Cause I fail to understand how any sane person would think that players should be paying their money in order to get updates and reworks of the content they already own. And if you really think that - hell yes Sadako Rising is better. At least Sadako Rising is an actual new content that's completely optional, not a cashgrab I am forced to buy in order to get a flippin' perk update.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,242

    Silly, nobody would be paying for the update, it's a free event.

    The company gets money by moving more DLC units.

    I.E. Massive free update for all players, with the spotlight on the Twins and Elodie.

    Players can buy the new cosmetics.

    Players may actually buy the twins DLC now that it's better and more attractive.

    Players will get online - pumping up the CPC on all platforms.

    Player Retention for newcomers will improve.

    So, no, you're not charging for QoL changes.

    QoL changes make the content more appealing, which drives sales of what's already on the shelf.

    I.E. No Man's Sky bombed and didn't move a lot of copies when it first came out.

    With multiple FREE updates, they moved more units and were able to INCREASE THEIR SALES!

    Do you see what I mean? Nobody has to PAY for the update.

    Everyone gets the update, your Twins - better, your perks are better.

    But now all of the holdouts who didn't buy the DLC because it was garbage are going to have a lightbulb moment where they say. "Wait, the Twins are FUN now? And all 6 perks in the DLC are awesome?? I should pick it up!"

    You don't have to re-purchase the content, the devs get their money from the people who didn't already have it.

    And releasing some sweet skins will also make a pretty penny as players log on and have fun with the new keys and everyone tries out the new content.

    The event would be free, but the devs would get revenue from separate DLC and shop sales that accompany such an event.

    The primary benefit is that creating the event would be much, much cheaper than constructing a new chapter, meaning the increased velocity of units can be relatively mild and still see ROI.

  • shinobu149shinobu149 Member Posts: 142

    Ive actually seen those perks quite often as a killer main. Idk about other killers though. As for always getting the same character thats not the companies fault it players that dont know variety😅 and everyone uses the same character as others its hard to fix that. For example halo infinite a new skin releases and everyone is using it, you cant control that evryone just want to wear the same thing. I love getting new characters it isnt even about the perks to me. And I dont have issues with bugs I kinda enjoy them if their fun like the effect of swimming on the hook lol idk the bugs arnt that bad as everyone keeps complaining about in every post dbd makes its quite annoying and yes getting sadako is more interesting im glad they brought her in shes my main and I get solid dubs with her😅 her mori is just icing on the cake. On another note people use the same perks because it works for them. For me I use bills perk and detective tapp where you unhook someone so when you get hooked you just jump off. I also use the perk where you can see the hatch, and get up when knocked down and I dont remeber the other but thats what I use when I play survivor with my boyfriend

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,242

    Dude, what do I have to do to get an MMR and regional matchup like yours?

    These perks have some of the lowest pickrates in the entire game!

    (Also, the perks you are describing are Borrowed Time, Left Behind, Unbreakable, and Deliverance - which is from Adam Francis ;D)

    Thank you for giving your feedback, your opinions are valid and it's always nice to hear a different perspective on things. I'm glad that you and your boyfriend are enjoying the new chapter, and I hope to see you out in the fog someday :)

  • shinobu149shinobu149 Member Posts: 142

    Dude I dont even know I just get a good variety. And thanks for correcting me🤣 I was too lazy to look up the name lmao. Thanks for being respectful have fun out there. See ya in the fog as well

  • AdjathaAdjatha Member Posts: 1,494

    The right time to add alternate game modes would've been right before the Nemesis release. That would've given the patch team more time to actually get the Resident Evil patch WORKING instead of release it as a bug-filled mess that broke the game for months. AND having more play options for the tens of thousands of new players would've kept interest and possibly halted the immediate attrition of players experiencing the gameplay loop, getting bored, and bailing.

    But whatever.

  • doitagain_doitagain_ Member Posts: 722

    1000% YES. WE NEED A NEW GAME MODE. There are so many characters yet so little actual content in this game it’s ridiculous.

  • GamerEzraGamerEzra Member Posts: 919

    They should focus more on QOL in my opinion. Removing SBMM / MMR for example. ;)

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