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Ideas for rework moris for killers who needs it

jarjargist21jarjargist21 Member Posts: 411

Trapper: he sets a bear trap next to the survivor, the survivor starts pushing away from the trap. Then trapper stomps on the survivor forcing their head to go into the trap. Snap they're dead.

Wraith: he grabs the survivors leg and pulls them close then he rolls them over and starts beating them with his weapon.

Billy: the survivor gets up slowly as they turn to face him, he slams his main weapon into their gut then he tosses it to the ground and runs his chainsaw into them

Nurse: put it in 3rd person

Myers: put it in 3rd and add a quick Mori when the survivor is fully stalked and maybe a locker Mori, where he pins the survivor into the locker.

Clown: he started stomping on them but doesn't break their neck, he then kicks them over onto their beck and force them to swallow the chemicals as the chemical causes the survivor great pain he then cuts off their finger and sucks on it and puts it on his keyring

These are just ideas I had to improve these killers moris to make them a bit scarier.

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