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Why are hook stages hidden from the killer ?

IWantCandysIWantCandys Member Posts: 90
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I haven't been playing DBD as long as some others here, but since owning the game and playing Killer (a few months), I wonder something.

I'm wondering why as a killer I can't see the survivor's hook stages.

As a survivor, I can see how many times my team has been hooked, but not as a killer.

Can you please enlighten me. What are the reasons for that ?

The only reason I can think of is that seeing the hook stages might encourage the killer to tunnel.

But that's what killers do anyway.

I find it really frustrating sometimes when, for example, I have the goal of hooking every survivor twice and don't want to kill anyone beforehand, but then get confused and accidentally kill someone just because so much is happening in the match and I've therefore forgotten which survivor already was on the hook and how many times they were on the hook.

Or if, in rare cases, you play a farming match with survivorn to relax a bit in between, and then at some point I am afraid to hook someone because I could accidentally kill the person.

I would really like to know why only one site is allowed to see the hook stages and what other killers think about it.

Would you like to see it or not ?

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  • MB666MB666 Member Posts: 503

    "I'm wondering why as a killer I can't see the survivor's hook stages"

    -I most of the time dont defend the survivor side lately but .....sadly salty people exist...what means they will tunnel hard if they know what survivors is already on second stage, i think thats the reason.

    "Or if, in rare cases, you play a farming match with survivorn to relax a bit in between, and then at some point I am afraid to hook someone because I could accidentally kill the person."

    -I know that feeling XD especially when there is 2 or more people wearing the same skin.

  • LynxxLynxx Member Posts: 271

    You say so you don't accidentally kill the person while many would use it to 'accidentally' tunnel the one on death hook.

    Really though as a killer you should easily be able to recall how many times you hooked someone. There's only four survivors.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 439

    I mean, most of them go out of their way to remove 1 survivor from the game with 5 gens left, and they don't show hooks.

    Now imagine if it did show hooks.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,930

    It‘s an anti-tunneling measure and quite frankly it’s good that it doesn’t show it.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,930

    From a game health perspective, there is no downside to the survivors having the more detailed information readily available to them. I also think it’s easier for the killer to remember despite them having to micromanage more things, because they are the ones actually doing the chasing and hooking.

  • selflessneaselflessnea Member Posts: 565

    I think part of the issue was that if someone got saved last second before struggle you wouldn't know if they went second stage or not.

    And yeah @Lynxx, it is pretty easy to forget what hook state survivors are on while playing killer if you are playing rather chill. I have several games where I have been surprised someone was on death hook without knowing each night I play.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,044

    I’m not a very observant guy. I actually do often lose track of who I’ve hooked and how many times.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435

    The real question is, why are killer perks still hidden until the end of a match?

    I know why they did it don't get me wrong. However if I'm playing solo I'd like to see what I was up against when I get tunneled out of a game in less then 2 minutes and not have to wait till the end.

    Also as a survivor I can call about 3 of the 4 perks in game anyway so I don't think it's really a big deal to keep them hidden anymore.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,930

    There is no way to change that without being able to take advantage of it. And you cannot always identify perks during the match depending on what the killer is using.

    Even if you’re playing solo for example let’s say one of your teammates is a TTV streamer, what’s to stop you from going to their channel after you die and saying “the killer has noed and a full endgame build”?

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,232

    That's the thing. Anyone trying to tunnel will know who they hooked. They're tunnelling, tunnel vision kinda comes with the territory.

    But if you're just trying to have a normal game and try not to tunnel, it's a lot harder to keep track of the hook progress of 4 survivors simultaneously.

    So hiding hook states actually promotes tunnelling, accidental tunnelling.

  • Ryan489xRyan489x Member Posts: 1,435
    edited May 6

    I don't play like that but if you're going to use the streamer argument, what about the killers who stream snipe and swear they're not. How fair is that?

  • QueenSaccharineQueenSaccharine Member Posts: 37

    I'm sorry, but if someone puts "TTV" in their name, they're making it easier for people to stream snipe them. I don't know how much of an advantage being able to see a single survivor's screen with a 30 second delay or something actually is, but, c'mon. If you want your teammates to know you're streaming, just say "I'm streaming lol" in the pregame chat.

    There's also people who will put TTV in their name and then accuse anyone who wins against them of stream sniping. They're probably not even streaming half the time. Thankfully I haven't encountered this myself but I hear it's common and has been for a long time.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,930

    Stream sniping is equally stupid.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’d take advantage of seeing the killer’s perks like that or not, if the possibility is there, someone will do it.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,346

    Absolutely. "I was stream sniped!" is a pre-loaded excuse for a lot of streamers. I've seen many times where a surv stream was certain they were sniped and absolutely indignant about it, but never for a second considered the killer's powers, perks, blood trails, etc.

    Frankly, a lot of the time the stream sniping excuse is a cover for the fact that there's a lot they don't know about the game, and of course some of those times they legit don't know why they were found/hit, even when there is a clear explanation.

    And of course a lot of that just ties into the natural tendency to want to deflect responsibility, which we all suffer from.

    But right or wrong, if you put the .ttv in your name, baggage is gonna come with it, and streamers have to make their peace with that.

  • IcaursIcaurs Member Posts: 478

    Its a way to discourage tunnelling. They are hopping by not seeing who has been hooked, you will lose track and increase your chance of chasing somebody who hasn't been hooked. It may not be that effective, but it is an attempt. The question is why do you need to see survivors hook counters?

    If you say (well I want to chase everyone evenly and I may lose track). If you have made a sincere attempt, but have lost track and by chance gone after the same person, then that's fine. Nobody can fault you for that, and if they do, you did nothing wrong. You said you need it for challenges. It is called a (challenge). It is called a challenge, it may take a couple of games and that's ok, not all of them should be done on your first attempt.

    The fact is there is no valid reason for killers too need to see survivors hook counter.

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 602
    edited May 6

    They've stated it's to prevent tunneling, which makes no sense because tunneling means you're going to target one person regardless so you're not going to have multiple people hooked to pick and choose. It's not like it's that hard to remember who is what hook state so at the end of the day it's not there for the killers because of reasons that make no sense. The idea that it would make it easier is ridiculous but that's probably because I'm capable of simple awareness and math.

  • Chaos999Chaos999 Member Posts: 513

    Yeah. Sometimes I just don't feel like killing the survivors, but I accidentally do. Would be great to be able to see them.

  • Lx_maliceLx_malice Member Posts: 1,391

    They say it's not shown to prevent the killer from tunneling, but what they really mean is they want to prevent the killer from seeing who's been hooked twice even if they aren't even tunneling. Why? Because they don't want you to realize you can kill them right away in endgame because you had hooked them twice earlier during the match already. If the killer really wants to tunnel then they are going to remember who they are tunneling. The killer is NOT tunneling just because the game reminds them that they had hooked someone else twice earlier during the match.

    There really is no reason to hide it. I even sometimes have the same problem as you and accidentally kill someone too early because I'm just on autopilot for the match.

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 1,941
    edited May 6

    its an arbitrary decision where the "damned if you do" (survivors could be tunnelled) outweighs the "damned if you don't" (yet another thing to have to keep track of mentally, while also ironically making it harder to not accidentally tunnel people)

    just another classic "we don't want to change it because someone could use it to be mean," unlike seizure inducing flashlight macros obviously.

  • LynxxLynxx Member Posts: 271
    edited May 6

    Survivors don't often witness each other being hooked so there's little visual to differentiate them leaving their screams which again, inexperienced survivors won't know the difference between them beyond male vs. female.

    And since they are considered on the same 'team' that information is therefore provided to their 'team'.

  • PleassBuiltInNoedPleassBuiltInNoed Member Posts: 617

    Tbh most of the times I don't remember who I hooked, I barely ever pay attention to the characters unless they have some cosmetics that make them stand out

  • LynxxLynxx Member Posts: 271

    I guess I've never had that problem as killer, especially if I'm concerned about accidentally killing someone.

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 1,941

    and if you're going against 4 claudettes with the exact same cosmetics, what do killers get to be able to tell them apart?

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 928
  • WesCravenFanWesCravenFan Member Posts: 1,473

    People say it is to prevent tunnelling, but that is garbage.

    Tunnelling is based on opportunity, not checking for hook states. Tunnelling is "That Meg I already hooked just ran right in front of me" or "I now that David doesn't have BT, so he just farmed that Jane."

    Letting Killers see the hook states would actually let people that WANT to spread hook states around do so. It is much easier for a tunneller to track ONE Survivor they are already focusing on in their heads than a more fair played killer to track FOUR.

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