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Nerfed then neglected, the sad comparison between blight and spirit

EmblerrEmblerr Member Posts: 20
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long post here so i appreciate those that stick around to hear me out. first ill discuss spirit as a character then compare the two. id also like to say ive got many hours on spirit with a good audio setup before someone says "get a better headset" or something, these are all genuine problems

as we all know blight and spirit are seen as top killers, but after the spirit nerf you don't see her as often at all compared to blight. the dev team removed most of her viable addons (green speed/duration/activation) and replaced them with useless ones that no one uses, now all spirit has is that remains viable is yellow speed/duration (possibly) and 2 purples (blossom amulet) when pared with one iri addon (MDR). spirit is also one of the only killers that gets hard countered by one perk (iron will) since its bugged right now and has been for ages, i made a post on how before.


issue 1: power recovery and painful downtime

the spirit becomes very annoying to play when you feel the survivors are not outplaying you with skill but instead are using a single perk to rely on. the main issue you will find yourself with playing spirit is her awful power recovery speed (base kit). scenario: you phase accurately onto a survivor as you are able to hear them breathing when healthy when running and get the hit on them, you then phase after them using all your power, appear behind them, swing and they dead hard into a pallet, now you are stuck as a 110% killer with no power running around helpless for 15 seconds. so much time lost and ur unable to mindgame any loop as a 110% with no power. the downtime on her power feels awful to play with. there is no reason spirit should be waiting 15 seconds to be able to do anything of use again

issue 2: bugged sounds/perks

the spirit relies alot on audio, and when you have a perk to make survivors literally inaudible you feel you need to get lucky and not be able to use your skill to down them, not the best feeling. eyrie of crows remains to have sound bugs with footsteps and other key audio sounds making the map unplayable with spirit. ormond used to have this issue but its been fixed recently.

issue 3: speed build up bug

the spirit currently has a bug that can happen quite often, after fully charging your power you are meant to phase at max speed, but now there is a chance that you start phasing very slowly and then gradually build up to max speed (pls fix this)

issue 4: robbed power after ending early

there is a small bug that annoys me alot, if i end phase early such as half way, the game then takes away another 10% or so of my power from where i visually see it end. again please fix this.

NOW ITS TIME TO COMPARE spirit and blight and why i feel spirit has been completely neglected

my first MAJOR issue that confuses me so much- why is blight 115% speed and spirit is 110%? blight has a stronger power then spirit, hes able to move faster AND cover more ground then her, aswell as this his power recovery from 0 is 10 seconds compared to spirits 15 seconds. and to make it worse, spirit as a 110% cant mindgame during downtime but blight is 115% and can still be useful in his downtime. and no her passive phasing does not make up for this, its useless. and the best part about this all is spirit is completely blind when using her power just to hit it home. this is why she needs to be 115% unless you change her power downtime. blight can also one shot pallets with his power while spirit needs to normally break. the usual counter argument would be "but Emblerr the spirit is invisible aswell" and to that i say yes but now the survivors can pinpoint where she is very easily, stand at a pallet and stun her. they know where she is, she has no clue where you are if you run 1 bugged perk and that perk you will see on atleast 2 survivors every game. another sad thing for spirit is she needs to sit still blind when charging her power before shes able to use it while blight can just speed off instantly, this was now amplified with the removal of spirits bloody hair brooch addon that made up for this issue.


blights addons are ALL very strong, he has an addon to allow him to insta down a survivor from healthy to dying, one to melt pallets super fast while slowing survivors at the same time and an addon to regain full power back after a hit. imagine if spirit had an addon to recharge full power after a successful hit out of phase to bypass her awful downtime. blights speed addons are very strong aswell both his green and yellow. shame spirits green speed was removed aswell. blight also has an addon to reveal auras of survivors he is near from 8 meters away with an aura while spirits best addon is only 4 meters, gives killer instinct instead AND removes all her scratch marks instantly if you use it. she gets downsides and blight does not

now im not saying you need to nerf blight i need to make that clear. just when he gets the advantage in every single category over nerfed spirit it shows that she was just nerfed and neglected. i hope the devs will read this and maybe think again with adding back her old green addons or maybe making her 115%. maybe fix her downtime. you dont need to do all of them at once obviously but a few of these changes would make her so much better and flow easier, you could even change her greens again to something more usefull. thanks for reading

edit: saying there are more neglected killers is true but its just avoiding all the issues ive stated here and creates nothing



  • EmblerrEmblerr Member Posts: 20

    if you read the post you can see its the opposite, im asking for a positive change for her as she needs it

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    I know, I've read it, but TheGannMann is/was very defensive about any Spirit changes, so I decided to @ them, also because I don't know anything about Spirit.

    That's dissapointing

  • RyuhiRyuhi Member Posts: 3,185

    they didnt nerf here so that people would actually play her, just so they'd stop complaining about her. the outcome is irrelevant to them now that the complaining has (mostly) stopped.

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,454

    She is a bit rare killer nowdays. No longer one of the top most seen.

  • NotionlessNotionless Member Posts: 216

    compared to about 60% of the killer cast, Spirit is in a great place. She can only be considered a tiny bit weaker when talking about either nurse or blight, compared to which all other killers are pathetic and awful.

    A blight in his power needs to be good, can be outplayed in a lot of scenarios and gets stunned after missing. Spirit needs good headphones and tracking but less mechanics. Additionally she is far more forgiving.

    Spirit being invisible IS a big deal, and no her location cant be pinpointed, you can only tell which direction shes coming from, not how close she is. You being stunned constantly sounds like a skill issue tbh

    The only thing i can agree with in this post is that blights addons go too far. but that doesnt mean spirits addons are bad. take a look at the other killers (im talking billy, PH, Twins, Onryo, freddy, ...) addons, and you will find that a lot are useless, tradeoffs with too weak an upside, situational at best, and so on.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397

    Still better than rest of literal trash.

  • EmblerrEmblerr Member Posts: 20

    its very easy to hear where she is. and to avoid the stun you need to go around the wall to the left or right of the pallet after they drop it to meet them around the other side, by then they reach the window or you run out of power and need to wait 15 seconds again, if you dont go throught the pallet and risk the stun you run out of power, ive got many hours on spirit and if the survivor plays it well you either get stunned or you run out of power taking it wide allowing the window vault.

  • squbaxsqubax Member Posts: 575

    Im an avid spirit enjoyer and even tho I think OP is in the wrong and she is in a perfect spot atm, it is bs that you cannot pinpoint her, good headphones with directional audio lets you know exactly were she is, maybe since she is rare nowadays people dont know how but it is doable.

  • BrimpBrimp Member Posts: 1,816

    The only thing that really needs to be changed about blight is c33 and alch ring.

  • Nemmy_WemmyNemmy_Wemmy Member Posts: 782

    In what way? Does he just not like her changes. I remember them not having that much a problem with her nerf. Did their opinion change over time

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,662

    It's not really that Spirit is neglected more than the fact that some of Blight's addons are just too strong.

    I do agree some of her new green addons are bad and should be changed, but MDR + DCB is also stupid.

  • CleverotterCleverotter Member Posts: 88

    Let’s not forget about twins…

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,881

    🤣 what? Seriously? They were so for the Spirit changes when they happened and now they don't want to play her anymore?

  • DEMONANCEDEMONANCE Member Posts: 439

    i am 100% in favor of fixing any bugs that hinder spirit's or any other killer's gameplay, but spirit does not need any basekit buffs or addon buffs if anything mdr and cherry blossom should be nerfed and i wouldn't say she's neglected she's still strong the same can't be said about deathslinger or twins they got and keep getting many nerfs as if the devs hate their guts lol.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,952

    Spirit is still a strong killer, despite her nerfs. She's just takes a lot more skill to play now. She has strong but balanced addons.

    Blight, on the other hand, has a strong base kit with very strong addons, which makes him outshine any other killer (Aside from Nurse). Some of his addons are too powerful (Alchemist's Ring, Blighted Crow) so that can also make him way stronger.

  • eaebreeeaebree Member Posts: 288

    Spirit only problem is iron will

  • ProudRinMainProudRinMain Member Posts: 137

    Um you can pinpoint her location enough for you to know which direction ( you as the survivor ) should be going in. It’s also proximity based ( means the whoosh gains intensity the closer she is to you )

    she need a reduced cooldown to her power so that the FAsT MoVEmENt iN PHasE bY DEFaulT is actually useful 🙄

  • I_CAMEI_CAME Member Posts: 230

    Still strong but only with mother daughter ring. Spirit without addons is trash.

  • squbaxsqubax Member Posts: 575

    I would argue make the cooldown of her power lower and if you want nerf something else, just so its like blight and you can use you power 24/7 since its really fun and makes chases not stale.

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252
    edited May 8

    Just use Cherry Blossoms for easy wins. Sigh. Spirit is still one of the strongest killers in game. Comparing Spirit to Blight, who still needs to be fixed first instead of getting buffs with every chapter making him even more broken is quite a joke to begin with.

  • DreamerSteamerDreamerSteamer Member Posts: 26

    Ok, I'm really getting why the forums got that reputation xD

    Quick run down on my part

    1. Iron Will is bugged and makes injured survivors 100% quiet without even having breathing sounds (if u don't think that's a bug it's fine, no need to argue here, I've had that discussion way too many times, no need to repeat it)
    2. Addons: the addon rework removed good ones (her green duration, activation and movement speed) and replaced em with gimmicky ones which are a little bit of fun but mostly useless. At the same time they left MDR mostly untouched aka the movement speed increase and also added cherry blossom as a band aid fix against iron will. Oh u can't hear a completely silent survivor? No problem, just run a purple addon ;)
    3. Power Recovery: Agree, her long cooldown compared to blight and nurse is what makes her annoying to play. It's also the reason why even though she's a strong killer, most ppl in the DbD competitive community (aka tournaments) don't like playing her cause u miss a phase and suddenly u got a 15s downtime of being a 110 killer with no power. What makes blight and nurse so fun to play (and even play against) imho is the fast paced gameplay due to their quick power recovery and spamability.
  • TruEternityTruEternity Member Posts: 320

    I disagree that spirit needs positive adjustments, bug fixes sure but she’s at a good power level. I’m not going to even address the comparisons to Blight, since his add ons are currently way overtuned. So I’ll address the four points you brought up about Spirit;

    2&3: Bugs, not relevant to her direct power, as these just need to be fixed. So when discussing killers these shouldn’t even come up, as they’re unintended.

    1 is a misuse of her power, and is on you as a player. If you are expending your entire power to catch up to a survivor and they haven’t used an exhaustion perk that’s on you. As Spirit you should never be using more than half your power unless you know you’re getting a hit. If you aren’t playing around a survivors build, that’s also on you as a player, don’t burn all your power unless you know for a fact it’s a hit/down. You can easily mind game non god pallets by going one way and reversing to get the hit.

    4 is intended as far as I know, Spirit has always lost a small chunk of her power when cancelling her power early, even if you just tap phase. I assume it’s to balance out her not reviving her power to fast after ending a phase early. I could love with that being removed but it’s in no way a game changer, more a small buff to qol.

    Spirit is in a great spot right now. She’s powerful with actual counterplay. She just lost her easy mode downs so people no longer play her.

  • DreamerSteamerDreamerSteamer Member Posts: 26

    100% agree, nobody should bring up a bug that has been in the game since 2016

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