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What gamebreaking bug do you think the 6th anniversary will bring us?



  • HPhoenixHPhoenix Member Posts: 201

    I am looking forward to the bug where the new map get disabled for 2-3 months then have Dead Dawg (Or another map)get disabled for 4 or so month like last year, lmao.


    Cakes won't be stackable again.....

    I really hope I'm wrong but if I'm not yall can come after me for saying it because we all know damm well it's going to happen just like last year and the year before that

  • WampiritaWampirita Member Posts: 549

    +1, this one is literally expected by everyone I know xD

  • WampiritaWampirita Member Posts: 549
    edited May 9

    For me personally I HOPE that some game breaking bug will happen on RPD. So it'll be disabled and I won't have to see it

    (Also would be hilarious to see any of the meta perks get broken to the point of being disabled. I want to see the world burn)

  • PlaysByShadyPlaysByShady Member Posts: 574

    Cakes will grant a 160% bonus instead of 106%, because BHVR haven't worked out that to increase a value by 4% you multiple by 1.04, not 1.4 (4th year anniversary cakes used to give a 140% bonus... glorious times!)

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,096

    The killer starts the game with Lethal Pursuer, the duration does not expire.


    Honestly let's hope that's what happens and not what I said

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,898

    Wake Up! now crashes the clients of all players except the user

  • Chaos999Chaos999 Member Posts: 510

    I dunno about next update, but yesterday I killed a poor bill on second hook and I'm certain he hadn't reached second stage, because I was actually keeping tabs for the "sacrifice everyone on basement" challenge. He must have thought I was a cheater.

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