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5.7.2 Ghostface's New-New Chase Music

I'm sorry dudes. I'm just not a fan.

I'm a Ghostface main.

I didn't hate the previous chase music, or even the version that was on the PTB. I understood the concerns for people with sensory issues and could certainly see how the high pitched notes could cause headaches in some.

But in general, that chase theme got the character. It was a canned anxiety attack. Creepy homicidal stalker man has jumped out of the shadows and is now chasing you and gonna kill you - that theme definitely nailed the sort of panic you'd probably feel in that situation. It built up appropriately with the terror radius (which is an absolute freaking banger by the way, best far and mid-distance terror radius in the game by miles) and other than those couple of high pitched, grating notes on that short 3-second loop, it was a fine track. Maybe if more emphasis had been put on the sweet synths from the mid-distance terror radius it would've been better.

This new chase music and near terror radius? Less grating, definitely, but also completely misses the mark on the character. There's nothing creepy about it. There's nothing anxiety-inducing about it. It has a very generic action movie vibe that really doesn't fit the character.

I appreciate that you guys have taken community feedback on this before and hope you'll continue to keep feedback in mind.


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