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We will shortly be deploying a hotfix to the PTB to potentially address the Save Game Errors that some players were facing. Please update your PTB build when the update is available and let us know of any issues. Thank you.

Bullying killers :D

Got in a typical solo que game. Second hook stage on first hook without killer camping at all. The usual stuff but I've already complained about that so I won't make it any more worse than it is.

After I got unhooked I ran the killer for maybe 2 - 3 minutes before he got me. No toxic or BM just simply ran him on some pallets and L and T walls before he downed me. After the game he says I'm tryharding and bullying him for being better than him? He had 300 hours and I have 1300 hours.. I don't get how it's my fault our mmr (best thing implemented in the game /s) is the same. Should I just give myself to him? Is that the way I avoid bullying? maybe I should help him find the other survivors? Just thought I should post it since I find it funny and I'm siick of mmr as a whole :-)

Reupload since I did an oopsie on last post

Anyways stay safe gamers and give me your best for me being a bully


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