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List of twins bugs.

skinboy142skinboy142 Member Posts: 35

If switching to victor just before he gets destroyed by a kick you get frozen as victor for the rest of the match

The harvesters on the coldwind maps all allow victor to bounce heavily to the right if pounced on at the right angle.

The blue barrels on coldwind maps when pounced on at the right angle will send victor flying and or have him teleport to a random spot on the map

Unbinding time is inconsistent and will sometimes go into a slow-motion animation and more than double the time to unbind victor.

Victor cant pounce on stairs allowing survivors to easily abuse the bug and simply run to stairs when chased by victor as it is a safe zone against him. This goes for every single map in the game that has stairs. (Every single map in the game has stairs)

The lingering exit gate blocker after removing Victor is non-existent

Victor will randomly die on objects that are in fact not larger than him. This goes as far as standing on even the slightest of raised ground.

Most of these bugs have been in the game since the twins were released.

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  • Leonardo1itaLeonardo1ita Member Posts: 1,999

    They're probably aware of most bugs and some are even features, anyway for each bug you have to create a separate thread, possibly with a video showcasing the bug.

  • CyberianFauxCyberianFaux Member Posts: 206

    Another bug that is missed here is that sometimes switching to charlotte leaves you in the slow part of regaining control of her permanently. This means you can barely walk, black is around the edges of the screen, you can't vault, you can't pick up survivors, you can't switch to victor, and your only remaining action left is "lunging" and, by lunging, I mean hold your swing in place for several seconds without barely gaining distance.

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