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Premonition (without Sandra Bullock)

ValikValik Member Posts: 1,245

Premonition is the laughing stock of information perks.


I've almost never seen it out in the wild, much less have I heard tales of it ever finding some semblance of use.

What is everyone's opinion on Premonition? Do you ever use it? Do you think it needs an update?


  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    Premonition has been around for a long time. In fact that’s the perk I used at the beginning of the game when I started playing. I actually think it was a good perk, at the time. However times have changed, and I think the perk needs some minor buffs to fit into the current meta. Maybe reveal the killer’s aura for 2 seconds or so when it goes off, since it has a cooldown anyway.

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 4,537

    I use premonition pretty often. It's really good for sneaking. It definitely needs a buff as the cooldown is way to long

  • NerfedFreddyNerfedFreddy Member Posts: 292

    Another weak survivor perk that desperately needs buff but BHVR are scared to do so

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,992

    Lol, hardly. Two second aura reveal every thirty seconds is nothing compared to the information SWF already has dude. But keep enjoying seeing like eight survivors perks in regular play!

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    OP lol. Yeah, this reminds me when Power Struggle was going to be meta, when Overcome was to be meta... Just like Alert. Do you think Alert is OP as well? it reveals the aura for even longer!

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    I honestly don't think every perk needs to be buffed so that it is used more in the current game. It causes a lot of imbalance because you are constantly making everything "stronger" so that it somehow evens out to a ridiculous state. I think it's better to look at what a perk does and it's purpose and then assess if it needs buff (i.e. Is it niche perk? Beginner Perk? or Needs an actual Buff?)

    Premonition is a great perk to use when you are a beginning player. I remember when I first started playing the game, I always used premonition because I thought it was a good perk, and back then, it was a good perk for someone who is learning the mechanics. It teaches new players skills like checking their environment when they're working on a gen and knowing when they should leave a gen if a killer is approaching. Eventually, once you learn the basics with Premonition, you move to spine chill, then you move on to not needing those perks at all.

    Premonition is a very specific perk that helps survivors who just installed the game. It's not useful once you become more comfortable with looping the killer or understanding how a terror radius works, but the perk itself has a unique function that no other perk does the exact same. Doesn't need a buff, just is designed as a perk that most of the player base doesn't need.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,319

    Premonition was in my OG build with Bond, Lightweight and Technician (for the stealth).

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 4,537
  • SepexSepex Member Posts: 1,409

    My brother works for Sandra Bullock. I'm so jealous 🙃

  • MandyMandy Administrator, Community Manager, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 19,646
  • AlkaloidssOPAlkaloidssOP Member Posts: 254
    edited May 17

    Oh really? Imagine 5 Premonitions in SWF. You happen to face someone BOOM they can see you, you're trying to sneak up BOOM another aura reveal. You're chasing someone and their perk l is on cd? No worries, their friend will reveal your aura for them! No need to even be decent at looping!

    There's a big difference here. The killer himself will already give you a hint of what he's doing. Meaning you can hear pallet being broken, gen being kicked etc.

    Having random aura reveal just because you exist would be OP.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,245

    Let's be fair.

    Seeing the killer's aura isn't the most powerful tool in a survivor's arsenal - just look at Amber on keys. Survivors could easily bring Amber and use keys to instantly deduce where the killer is coming from, but you never see this in practice, it's extremely rare.

    Giving the ability a minor aura reading is more than a fair suggestion - and while it may be powerful in certain respects, it could easily be curtailed to balance out - with durations and cooldowns, etc.

    I think you bring up a fair point that aura reading is much more powerful in SWF teams where coms can allow a single player to give communication - and all players in tandem could use increased efficiency from the perk, granting a 0 blind-spot location read on the killer.

    I do want to ease your worries though, such information is not only redundant in many situations - but, from a killer's perspective, it can be seen as preferable to the alternative. I'd personally rather have a SWF bully squad with all Premonition and no CoH, DH, or BT. It may be strong, but I'd actually love to see it used every now and again! Ya know?

    And, fear not my friend, I don't think the devs themselves are scouring the forums, gobbling up every idea to put into the game.

    I just wanted to hear what people thought about the perk as-is and what their wishlist might look like.

    There's no reason to debate on the usefulness of aura reading.

    Let's just focus on Premonition, a 2007 American supernatural thriller film directed by Mennan Yapo.

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,522

    Maybe turn Premonition into a reverse Spine Chill. Where SC lights up when the Killer looks at you, Premonition would light up when you look at the Killer.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,992
    edited May 17

    That would be way overpowered - old Object of Obsession without any downsides?

  • LawlichanLawlichan Member Posts: 114

    I literally have not seen anyone use it in game

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