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This right here is exactly why I left DBD…

Mileena_KahnMileena_Kahn Member Posts: 600
edited May 17 in General Discussions

People will find ANYTHING to complain about on the survivor’s side. The killers cried until COH became useless despite the perk going threw a few changes already, DS got a hard nerf thanks to killer main complaints, and now Dead Hard is probably next on the chopping block. But wait… How can the same people complaining about all of these Single perks fail to realize the killer side has things that are probably far worse that haven’t been fixed even though they’ve been BIG issues?







These are just a few I named that have been a big issue and it feels like the devs haven’t even put in an effort to address these problems.



  • Mileena_KahnMileena_Kahn Member Posts: 600

    Not a chance, haven’t touched it in a month and don’t see a reason to get back on so far.

  • Mileena_KahnMileena_Kahn Member Posts: 600

    To an extent, yeah. COH didn’t need to go through this many changes, it went through 3 if you include the PTB change, and DS is still viable but the nerf it got was pretty hard core in my opinion.

  • JonahsTabletJonahsTablet Member Posts: 762

    Exactly, DBD players are very talented in the art of complaining, people will cry over anything and everything, no one side is more responsible for it than the other.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    Yup, that's the forums for you.

  • YatolYatol Member Posts: 1,567

    I dislike the DBD community for a multitude of reasons but having an opinion I don't share is not one of them, because if it was, there would be no community I could associate with.

  • MrsGhostfaceMrsGhostface Member Posts: 946
    edited May 17

    I just main killer now. It’s easy mode. Can’t beat them? join them. They know what they’re doing and it’s working.

  • phant0mthi3fphant0mthi3f Member Posts: 47
    edited May 17

    If fighting games didn't standardize bugs and techs they wouldn't have combos. A main feature of fighting games. Shut the front door. Cry more in your swf while you can still abuse coh and dh

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 2,702

    I'm gonna laugh if they actually make noed stronger somehow

  • duyguduygu Member Posts: 163

    it feels like they picked the most commonly typed perks because some of them sound outdated. in my opinion self care is not meta anymore. camaraderie coh or even a medkit are much better than self care. iron will was meta mainly against spirit. decisive strike is a meta perk only because tunneling is meta, just like corrupt intervention is meta because early game is extremely bad for killer. and barbecue & chili is not even a good perk, it's only meta against the terrible grind xD i guess they're nerfing it along with the grind to balance.

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 2,057

    That's what happened when they changed Ruin ages ago, so who knows.

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