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I watched the 6th Anniversary Stream so even if you're sick of these posts you still don't have to!

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Also!! Links are being a pain in the ass right now- some are embedding, some are not. If you see a non-embedded link, please be aware that I tried for 25 minutes to get it to do what I wanted.

Hi! For people who don't know, I'm GoodBoyKaru, and today (or whenever you decide to look at this post) as per usual I'll be summarising the 6th Anniversary Livestream instead of revising for my exams that are literally in 6 days because I'm an incredibly dedicated student!

I began writing this post way before the stream even started (it's May 3rd as I type this up) because the team were kind and let us know what would be in the Stream in advance, but expect edits over the next couple of days as I catch onto things since normally I get these finished at like 2am and then go straight to bed without properly proof reading it. Or I'll just delete it all and replace it with a cow picture, one can never be sure. Hi Mandy :)

This Stream is from May 17th. For the previous summary from January 20th, check out this link.


The following contains official information, unofficially worded. Unless it's in quotation marks ("like this") please do not look too far into the wording of a particular anything. That would be my bad in getting something lost in translation, not the bad of the developers. Thanks!

Please note I will try my best to stay as true as possible to all information said on-stream, however, and apply more context where needed, or just add in my own opinion or jokes which will only be in italics if it's close to more official developer information.

This is my second ever Anniversary Stream summary! I think that's a milestone and I'm happy I get to keep doing these!

Remember, this is a summary. For the full experience, please check out the stream, which can be found below:


Featured on this Stream, in order, were:

Mathieu Cote, Head of Partnerships (@mcote @Mcote_BHVR)

Stefan Beauchamp-Daniel, Senier Producer

Justin Brown, Senior Product Manager

Matt S, Design Director

Justin Banks, Senior Product Manager

Aurelie Gerault, Producer

Jo-Ashley Robert, Associate Producer

Xavier Etchepare, Art Director

Dave Richard, Creative Director (@Dave)

Rose Li, Project Manager - Live Ops

Mae Morrison, Influencer Manager

Alexei, Creative Director of "Hooked On You, a Dead By Daylight Dating Sim" at Psyop.

where to watch

YouTube Video:

Twitch VOD:

With that out of the way, here is the Dead By Daylight 6th Anniversary Livestream, summarised, and out of order because I know you're all here only for the Chapter reveal anyway:


To start off the stream, we have Mathiew, here with a big announcement already: Funko Pops are finally coming. We've been waiting since last year and, here they are:

The four characters are: The Wraith, The Doctor, The Huntress, and Claudette Morel. They'll be coming before the end of the year.

Anyway, the team would like to officially welcome you to the 6th Anniversary Celebration (and my wrists to purgatory). Last year's anniversary was all about looking back at the previous years, and sharing future dreams and wants for DBD, even if they weren't all too realistic given the time-frame. And now, we're moving towards having 59 characters in DBD, and it's time to look to the future. There's still a ton of stuff to do, but this stream they want to focus on what should be coming within the year, and to give a precise timeline of when to expect these.


Copy/Paste version: 78SNOXXG

Copy/Paste version: GIGXLM3G

year 7 roadmap

For this section of the stream, we are joined by Stefan and Justin.

Last year's anniversary stream had a few things mentioned that still haven't made it into the game, more specifically the mori rework. More details on this and others will be coming later on.

We have 4 planned chapters (including "four new Killers- and their Survivor counterparts" meaning there is possibly one or more multi-survivor DLC, which with a later announcement seems very likely), 4 new Rifts and Archives, and another focus on the four main pillars of the game. These are the same as last year- game health (including balance and optimisation, with a higher priority on improving matchmaking), quality of life, live design, and events (there will be 4 main events this year; anniversary, halloween, winter, and lunar new year, with anniversary and halloween being the larger of the two). Also on the topic of events, there is an aim to do more mini-events, such as log-in bonuses, Bloodrush/Bloodhunts, boosted Shards or Fragments, etc, so there is a reason for everyone to return to the game.

A lot of changes are made based on community feedback, and even new games entirely (wait and see lol)- for example, the autoban feature announced during the last anniversary had such an uproar that it was postponed to make sure that it's actually being done in the best way possible. It's still coming, but it's having a lot more thought put into it. A lot of announced changes this anniversary come from a lot of feedback, so please continue to fill out the community satisfaction surveys + make constructive forums posts.

One change around live design that's been requested quite often is that there will be a major rework to RPD, released last year with the Resident Evil Chapter and thank god for that.

They did not give a proper Roadmap, so instead here's my self-made roadmap of what to expect and when based on other information given later on/on other news sites. Everything here has been discussed, or will be discussed below.

  • Pre-set loadouts will be June 7th
  • Main menu update will be June 7th
  • Anniversary event will begin June 16th
  • Prestige overhaul is tentatively scheduled for Summer 2022
  • Matchmaking incentives will be Summer 2022
  • Perk overhaul has no ETA, keep watching Dev Notes. Hopeful estimate of Summer 2022
  • RPD rework is tentatively scheduled for Autumn 2022
  • Archive changes will be Autumn 2022
  • Streamer mode will be Autumn 2022
  • Wiggle skill-checks being permanent will be Autumn 2022
  • Queue times will be Autumn 2022
  • Mori rework will be Halloween 2022
  • Bots in custom games will be late 2022

gameplay improvements

For this section of the stream, we are joined by Matt.

Matt talks about three things here: basekit mori, prestige rework, and a complete overhaul of killer and survivor perks.

Perk overhaul

One goal for the team is to explore new ways to keep the player experience, for both new players and veterans, fresh and fun. Listening to players and reviewing data means they've now realised that meta perks have taken over, meaning the same few perks are being constantly run and the game feels stale. On the survivor side, there are 'second chance' perks to take away the killer's progress, and similarly regression/slowdown perks were used to prevent survivor progress. The team will look at 40 meta perks total and will be changed. These perks include, but aren't limited to:

  • BBQ and Chili
  • Pop Goes The Weasel
  • Corrupt Intervention
  • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance
  • Hex: Ruin
  • Self-Care
  • Dead Hard
  • Decisive Strike
  • Borrowed Time
  • Iron Will

These changes have been made based upon community feedback, so please keep more coming.

The changes are being made to eliminate the dominant strategies that have been prevalent for a while now, along with some small baseline gameplay adjustments that will be shared closer to the release date. In future, the team aims to adjust the meta far more often to prevent it being too overbearing for too long and encouraging greater perk synergies.

Source for information I've gotten that wasn't mentioned on the stream:

prestige rework

Now this- this is juicy.

Following today's stream, there is now a total of over 200 perks for both killer and survivor, making the new player experience absolutely daunting. Even if you aren't new, it's still a monumental grind. And so, the prestige system will be overhauled! Celebrate!

  • Prestige is now uncapped. A player can prestige a character however many times they like, however far they like. More details of this will be released closer to the time.
  • Prestige no longer resets obtained perks, items, add-ons, and offerings! It only resets the character back to level 1, however with some other changes this also isn't even a problem anymore.
  • For the first 3 Prestige levels, unlock that character's 3 Teachable Perks on all other characters automatically. Levelling up Claudette Morel to Prestige 3 will mean that Felix Richter has Empathy, Botany Knowledge, and Self-Care at tier 3 without spending a single Bloodpoint on him! The unlocked tiers correlate to the level of prestige (ie. P2 will unlock tier 2 perks automatically).

If you've already reached Prestige 3 on a character, your dedication will be rewarded. Each character currently P3 will receive an exclusive, unique reward- more details to come soon.

If you haven't prestiged yet, it also won't be an issue. A prestige "catch-up" system is in the works. It will look at the perk tiers you have on your characters and automatically prestige them based on this.

General perks, such as Unrelenting or Resilience, will remain unlockable as normal.

The Shrine of Secrets is also being changed! Teachable perks are no longer available for purchase, however instead you can purchase the offered perks for instant unlock across all characters at any tier. Higher tiers will cost more shards, however owning previous tiers will discount this. More details will be offered later when the system releases.

Once again, for information not said on-stream:

mori rework

You may recognise this from last year- don't worry, it's still coming! Just a bit different, due to feedback.

Moris will no longer be available from offerings, and will instead exist to reward the killer for playing well. The moris will appear instead as a more natural ending to a match. This is known currently as "The Finisher Mori".

When the final survivor is downed, both the killer and survivor are moved to a pre-determined section of the map. From there, the killer will mori the survivor immediately- no more needing to hook the final survivor. Other changes will be announced closer to the time, when the team feels more comfortable with sharing.

Information not found within the stream:

qol improvements

For this section of the stream, we have Justin and Aurelie.

To see when these are expected to arrive, check the roadmap above, just know that deadlines can shift.

Pre-set loadouts

You can have differnet "saves" of loadouts! Up to 3 are available to use, and can each be customised to be completely unique (items, offering, add-ons, perks).

You can also make loadouts for cosmetics!

main menu update

The main menu is being updated and the UI changed. While everything should look familiar, the placement of buttons has shifted. This helps text in languages have more space, events can be displayed on the main menu, and the remaining time of The Rift is available to be seen from the menu.

Please provide some feedback on these features if you're able to.

matchmaking incentives

To help deal with longer queue times, players will receive a bloodpoint bonus for queueing as a certain role. These bonuses will be applied similarly to WGLF or BBQ. The bonus will be displayed on the main menu.

archive changes

While seeming straight forward, this is actually massive. You can now have one active survivor and killer challenge simultaniously. Gone will be the days of needing to constantly go to the menu to change over, and forgetting to do so- now it'll always be active until you get around to it. Rejoyce!

Moreover, while in the Rift, you're able to view a full outfit as a preview instead of just a single piece constantly.

Once again, more details will be released closer to the actual update.

streamer mode

Streamer Mode will be added before the end of the year! When using Streamer Mode- which is available for non-streamers, too- your name and the names of any players within your group will be automatically obscured from all other players.


After extensive testing through the Beta feature, the team feel comfortable in making Skill Checks official for wiggling. Gone are the days of mashing A and D, for good this time.

The team would like to thank everyone who used the Beta tab- it was incredibly helpful to gathering all the necessary data.

gameflow improvements

Don't let the tech-y name fool you, it's fairly straight forwards. This basically means that you're able to navigate around the game, including the Archives and the Store, while waiting in a queue, you now can. Queueing simulator 2022 will be less boring!

Bots in custom games

Bot mode is coming!! By the end of the year, they aim to have bots in custom games! If you're missing a friend from a group, or just want to chill and try a new killer, you now can! It'll be far simpler and also be a safe environment to learn a character without the stress that comes from a real match.

Once again, here's the information that wasn't said on the stream:

Cosmetic making process

For this section of the Stream, we are joined by Jo-Ashley, Xavier, and Rose.

A large part of the game, and the appeal of the game, are the characters, and the stories they come with. While a lot of stories happen through lore, the art and the visuals also tell their own tales. When working on their own content, they often try to put their own spin on icons and events that everyone's familiar with. Think about the Hallowed Blight Collection- it's their own version of Halloween. Rather than go for vampires and werewolves, they instead took their own direction.

These Collections are released with the goal of being able to return to them and add to them each year in a creative way. The Spring Ensembles Collection, for example, continues to have new skins added.

Once the Collection concept has been conceived, the Narrative team is consulted to make sure the cosmetics are still related to the characters and their lore. Afterwards, the conept artists are consulted as, along with the Art Director, they're the team in charge of getting the idea onto paper. This is the stage where any necessary details are added, like accessories.

After this, the Character team uses the concepts to begin modelling the characters to have the 3D model ready.

Collections, however, are also able to be based around licences- think the Crypt TV Collection. And with that said...


You read that right! Coming soon, DBD will be adding the Attack On Titan Collection, featuring skins for Dwight Fairfield, Zarina Kassir, and The Oni, and more. 10 new outfits will be introduced in total!

While some surprises need to be kept, here is some concept art:

This was a challenge- trying to turn a 2D artform into a 3D game, while also not making 10 legendary characters, meant needing to adapt, and so the concept of "what if our DBD characters were part of AOT" came to mind. Dwight represents Eren, Zarina represents Hange, and Oni is the Armoured Titan (though this will be an Ultra Rare).

chapter 24 | Roots of dread

The part you've been waiting for.

To introduce us to Roots of Dread is Dave Richard.

Chapter 24, Roots of Dread, will feature a new survivor (Haddie Kaur), a new killer (The Dredge), and a new map (Withered Isle, from the Garden of Joy Realm).

haddie kaur

Haddie Kaur releases with her three teachable perks: Inner Focus, Residual Manifest, and Overzealous

the dredge

The Dredge releases with it's three teachable perks: Dissolution, Darkness Revealed, and Septic Touch

The Dredge's power is "Reign of Darkness":

new generic perk

There is also a new genetic Killer perk in the game, available to all characters from the beginning: Shattered Hope.

Withered Isle | Garden of Joy


MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE shoutout to @Sowbug for helping me with this segment.

Chapter 24 will release on June 7th.


Yes, you read that right! There is now an official Dead By Daylight dating simulator, known as "Hooked On You", releasing in Summer 2022 on Steam!

Developed by Psyop, the same studio behind I Love You, Colonel Sanders, the game was born out of the community surveys.

This game is entirely non-canon, and the team describe it as more of the beach episode of a sitcom or anime. This game will feature The Trapper (playing the role of the Jock), The Wraith (playing the role of the Nerd), The Huntress (playing the role of the Over-achiever), and The Spirit (playing the role of the Goth).

Here's the official website:

And for those who purchase Hooked On You, you will receive a unique Charm and Outfit in the base-game too.

in-game celebrations

To round this off, here are the in-game celebrations for Dead By Daylight's Sixth Anniversary. Joining us here is Mae Morrison and Justin Banks.

The in-game event will begin June 16th, the actual Anniversary of Dead By Daylight.

Welcome to the Twisted Masquade.

A party has started in the Entity's Realm, hosted by none other than the Entity itself (or is it?). The usual hooks, lockers, fire barrels, and generators will be decorated festively, including the midnight blue colouring unique to this year. Moreover, the Killer Shack and Exit Gates will be receiving a reskin.

The aim for this to feel like a party, so the cosmetics this year are changing slightly. There are 12 cosmetics available to collect- 6 for killer, and 6 for survivor- with each character representing an original release from one of the years of Dead By Daylight's life:

The blocked names, from left to right, are: Elodie Rakoto; Dwight Fairfield; Jane Romero; Mikaela Reid.

This year, the pedastals gameplay mechanic stays, however you will no longer be grabbing the crowns. Instead, you'll be collecting invitations to the Twisted Masquerade, which will unlock 1 of 12 possible cosmetics randomly (similar to the Winter event).

The mask earned will only be useable on that specific character, if that wasn't obvious.

Similar to the Midnight Grove Halloween event from last year, the Twisted Masquerade will also include an Event-exclusive Tome. There will be two full levels of challenges and lore directly tied to the event, with one big addition being the community challenges. Last year, the community challenges were communicated on social media- this year, they'll be in-game.

An entire top track of the Tome will be dedicated to the global challenges. On this track, you can see both the global progression and person progression- to complete the challenge and move to the next, the entire community must have completed the global challenge prior, so the person challenges can be worked on instead.

Also included are three charms:

And one full outfit for both The Dredge and Haddie Kaur, the guests of honour at the Masquerade:

These are unlocked via the Event Tome.

Finally, loading screens with developer comments are returning.

And so is the Daily Discounted Shrine of Secrets! Perks will rotate daily instead of weekly, and will cost 25% fewer shards to purchase.

Moreover, there will be a Bloodhunt weekend, as well as log-in rewards of Rift Fragments, Iridescent Shards, and Bloodpoints.

dead by daylight x resident evil | Project w

Unveiled by Dave Richard.

During the 5th Anniversary, it was unveiled that Chapter 20 would be Resident Evil. The community reaction was so good at the time that they wondered, why stop there..?

Coming soon:tm:.

Albert Wesker is coming.

final messages

  • Thank you from the entire Dead By Daylight team for sticking with them for another year.
  • The PTB for Roots of Dread is live now
  • Roots of Dread will release June 7th
  • Twisted Masquerade will begin June 16th
  • Project W was actually the final message but I thought to put these here for good measure.

Thank you everyone for reading this far and for another year on the Forums. Thankfully, far less eventful and heartbreaking than last year. I'm going to go and scream into a pillow now; happy reading and have a good rest of your day/afternoon/evening/night.

It is currently 23:27 by the time I hit post. Editing can be done another day.



  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 5,870

    Easy to read and follow. Appreciate your efforts.

  • SowbugSowbug Member Posts: 111

    Always a pleasure helping out! While I don't have any pictures of cows on my computer at the moment, I do have a picture of a cat with a very stern expression.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,895

    Truly awesome work these posts as always, thanks!

    Overall I think all the upcoming changes sound good! 🙂 At worst some of the things I don't personally care about but I didn't think they were bad ideas or anything. And some of the ideas sound pretty great. My off-hand thoughts going through it:

    • Don't care much about Funko Pops but they're cute so I get why people collect them. 🙂
    • Pre-set loadouts aren't something I personally will use much or at all, but I'm sure other people will so it's a nice feature
    • Main Menu update sounds ok? 🤷‍♂️
    • The new Prestige system sounds much better than the current one! Can't wait to see it in action, I Prestige my killers every time they hit 50 so it'll be fun seeing the impact of this.
    • Matchmaking incentives won't impact me at all since I don't enjoy playing survivor. But it sounds like a good idea for the game overall.
    • The broad Perk overhaul of 40-50 perks sounds great, looking forward to the changes!
    • RPD never really bothered me much, other than that I get confused wandering around it sometimes. Guess I'll have to get used to a new version eventually now! 😄
    • The community tasks in the Archive sound cool. I also like that they are splitting up killer and survivor challenges. (Is that just in the Archive or is there also a similar feature for Daily Missions coming?)
    • I'm not a Streamer but I'm sure they appreciate the Streamer mode
    • I like the new Wiggle check system in principle so I'm glad it's becoming permanent.
    • I actually posted a suggestion a while back that Yellow Mori offerings become base kit, and this new Mori system where you automatically kill the last survivor left when you down them is basically that (with the added benefit of automatically happening without you actually left clicking on them.) So I'm very happy with this addition! I just wonder what will happen with the Yellow Mori offerings, are they getting a revamp or just being discarded with no replacement?
    • Bots in custom matches is definitely a great addition! It's one of the things I really liked on DbD Mobile so seeing them in the PC/Console game is fantastic. Hopefully if this works well they'll extend it to be like in the Mobile game where, if a player disconnects, they automatically get replaced by a bot. I'd much, much rather have survivors I'm playing against get replaced by bots if they DC then have them be shorthanded. A so-so bot player is still better for them than no player at all.
    • Never watched Attack on Titan, but I'm sure it's a good show
    • Never played Resident Evil so I know absolutely nothing about "Project W" other than that I guess W stands for Weskar or something? But as long as the killer is fun to play that's the main thing for me. 🙂
    • The Dredge looks fun, looking forward to trying him out. I'm kind of surprised they released Sadako and The Dredge right in a row like that since they both are killers that heavily rely on teleporting around the map. Usually killers in consecutive chapters are a bit more different in overall mechanical theme. But, like I said above, as long as he's fun to play that's all that really matters. (I can't really tell how good or bad he is from the little I've watched him on the PTB, but generally speaking any killer that has high map mobility is already at least decent.)
    • The new survivor seems ok. Hard to say if her perks are good or bad yet. Inner Focus would give you a bunch of 3 second aura pings on the killer throughout the match which is nice. Residual Manifest inflicting the Blindness condition on the killer means they can't see most auras during it, including generators or hooks or survivor auras from various perks or add-ons. And unlike survivors killers always play solo so if they miss something because they don't see the aura there's nobody on comms with them to tell them where to look. And Overzealous sounds ok I guess? 🤷‍♂️
    • Dredge's perks: Dissolution is hard to judge without trying it out. Survivors do vault pallets sometimes after a hit, but they also sometimes just run away or drop a pallet and run away and by the time you catch back up that 12 second duration will be over. So it's difficult to tell how often it will trigger. Darkness Revealed sounds pretty good! Every 30 seconds you can get pings on anybody in the vicinity of any locker across the entire map - that's a lot of area of the map to get free tracking info pretty much at will! Septic Touch sounds a bit iffy, though. It's kind of like a Coulrophobia effect, so has the same weakness that does where survivors probably aren't trying to heal within your terror radius in the first place too often.
    • Shattered Hope sounds maybe ok assuming at least one survivor brought a Boon. Of course if none of them bring a Boon then the perk is useless, but I see at least one Boon a match most matches so I don't think that's going to be much of an issue with the perk.
    • And the Dating Sim... I'm not into them but the snapshots are funny and I'm sure some people will get a kick out of it.

  • Majin151Majin151 Member Posts: 930
    edited May 17

    As someone who missed the stream and didn't see timestamps for each section on the archive stream thank you my good sir for saving me time out of the day

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 3,251

    Love you bro! Great job here. Thank you for your efforts. 😍

  • shaloshalo Member Posts: 1,077

    Thanks GoodBoyKaru, your summaries are the highlight of any Dev stream.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,660

    Oh wait. They talked about that ping system last year but it was missing in this stream. Damn.

    (also unlinking set cosmetics was also not talked about..)

  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 825

    I'm not surprised.

    Playing Solo Q is getting SO bad. I mean they keep saying; *"Oh, we're really really looking into that! Solos are beaucoup d' important! :) :) :)! Here's a ton of great new Killer perks that SWF's on comms will develop ways to work around but will utterly destroy anyone who casually plays alone! Boons? Can't remember why we made them, but now SWF is gonna think twice bro! Meanwhile we've discovered the Meta is bad. BT and DS are used soooo much. We're gonna shake that up! Really make this hip and new so the kids really feel it!"

    Like, sorry I'm salty but seems most of the changes will do nothing to improve the Solo Q experience and in fact, make it even more irritating. Every "nerf" or challenge they create to level the playing field between Killer and SWF (which is needed) absolutely handicaps Solo queue. Unless of course, they just hope we all just shut up and play with the bots.

  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,450

    Thanks, man. Several times during the broadcast, I realized I wasn't paying attention and I was like, "I'll find out from @GoodBoyKaru later." You did not disappoint.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,903
  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 825

    I don't know how you find the patience but it's appreciated! I'd have never sat through such a stream. Thanks again :)

  • UnicornUnicorn Member Posts: 2,308

    Did they mention if the Funko’s are pre-orderable?


  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,903

    I sat through it twice 🕳️👩🏻‍🦯

    Once while typing hurriedly in a discord thread to keep other people up to date and secondly while writing it all down

    I'd have included gameplay of playing as + against Dredge, perks in action, mori etc. but it reached a point where I wanted to get it done and out because lets be real it's the anniversary chapter and gameplay will be everywhere within a couple hours lmao. Plus I have a busy day tomorrow so it's either get it done now or eat into revision time later.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 19,903

    They did not but keep your eye on social media because Funkoween 2022 is happening and it started literally today, same day as the stream

  • CluelessWandererCluelessWanderer Member Posts: 825

    Otz already has a video up on it, so you made the right call :)

  • malatrusemalatruse Member Posts: 712

    I'm pretty excited about some of these changes.

  • fengminenjoyerfengminenjoyer Member Posts: 40

    Thank you so much for this! Overall very good things tho theres a few things im not too happy about:

    DS and BT changes i cannot get behind cause as long as killers camp and tunnel they need to stay the way they are. And it happens too often.

    RPD changes, i think the map is great the way it is, its very faithful to the original and i love that.

    The mori....i like giving hatch to the last survivor if they played well, were fun, or if their teammates were messing everything up, a DC happens....so forcing me to kill them is not something im happy with, if they give the OPTION to mori thats something else but i dont want to be forced to mori.

    I dont like the skill check wiggle so i im not happy that they will make it obligatory.

    The most exciting parts for me are AOT collab! Im a huge fan and i actually have been praying for a collab of some sort for months, my manifestation powers have finally worked! Hopefully we get some Mikasa and Levi skins, since they are my favourites. And the new RE chapter! Wesker is my favourite character so im very excited to see him in the game.

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,779

    i'm very excited for the rpd rework and the second RE chapter. doesn't take a lot of guesswork to figure out who the killer's gonna be and i am all for it.

    plus, the new realm seems to be a clear way of adding new maps for existing characters, which is great

    if resident evil can get a second chapter, maybe silent hill can too

    we can only hope

  • AnneBonnyAnneBonny Member Posts: 1,779

    i just really want a flying killer and like silent hill 1 a lot lol

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