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Please do not remove skybilly

I was really excited for the anniversary, went to check out the patch notes and noticed that skybilly has been removed, and my excitement ended, i finally thought the developers were doing good changes to the game.

Skybilly has been in the game since 2016 I believe and NOW for the 6th anniversary they are "fixing it"

I can somehow understand how spacebilly would be removed, but it does not make sense for the developers to remove skybilly/parkour billy.

If i want to skybilly, that means i am throwing the game and it rarely gives an advantage, most of the time people just want to go for clips, and the survivors love skybilly also, I have never went against any survivor who did not appreciate skybilly.

And what makes this even more weird is that the devs have said that skybilly is a "tech" and is adopted by the dev team and officially supported. I have a screenshot below

Peanits here is definetly talking about skybilly/parkour billy, and not the actual SPACEbilly, since if i remember correctly, spacebilly had been patched a long time ago before this message.

Would be kinda weird for them to remove skybilly after 6 years when they even say that it is supported.

It's no surprise player count keeps dropping and dropping since the devs are removing all the fun things.

I can accept the removal of spacebilly but i cannot accept removal of skybilly.

I really really hope that they don't go through with this change since it is a really unique trick/tech u can pull off, and as i said, it does not give a major advantage, and most of the players who do skybilly throw the game.


  • wreaverwreaver Member Posts: 21
    edited May 18

    Agreed. Shame on you, BHVR. I really hope you reconsider.

  • Majin151Majin151 Member Posts: 991

    Honestly I don't get why they patched skybilly as it was a fun bug to see on both sides like come on let us have fun outside of the same gameplay over and over

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