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Nerfing SkyBilly goes against many things that have helped DbD grow.

I'll explain: when DbD was first conceptualized, it was meant to be a "hide & seek" style of game where survivors were meant to skulk around, do gens and survive. This has changed profoundly. Dead by Daylight is a very complicated game of tag. Looping was never intended, however it has been embraced by the design team because players enjoyed this MORE than the intended design.

SkyBilly was unintended by the design team, but the community universally loves it. Survivors love watching it, Billy mains love finding new spots. It is a harmless, benign artifact that the development team should embrace instead. It lead to absolutely no advantage for the killer. Any Billy who got on top of a generator and 4k'd DID NOT need to get on top of the generator to do that.

I am excited for the anniversary changes, but it is completely overshadowed by my absolute contempt for BHVR's decision to nerf something so fun and endearing. The fact that resources were allocated to fixing this when we still have rubber-banding in the PTB is absurd. Who was this hurting? Who wanted this change? This needs to be reverted.


  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,892

    I can see were people are coming from and kinda love to see it as well (though Billy is pretty much not existent in my matches)

    but it is a bug and may cause actual harm that you may not see now. Eg getting stuck, game crashes etc are probably possible due to SkyBilly reaching areas/spots that shouldn’t be accessible..

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,892

    i mean.. just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future. There will be new maps and map reworks, new features, new frameworks etc. And especially in DbD it’s not that unlikely to happen.

    also you getting stuck and essentially not playing the game that 4 other people are participating in isn’t really that nice either. Many people are complaining about afk players or even farming players.. what’s the difference here?

    and again: I personally wouldn’t mind leaving SkyBilly in, the two of the three times i played against one were fun

  • ProfSinfulProfSinful Member Posts: 266


  • ImpalpableImpalpable Member Posts: 152


    Its fun and absolute niche. I cant even remember the last time i saw one but everytime i do the gaming session was already worth it.

    As the game is still currently unbalanced and can often be frustrating or stale to play for a longer while in a session even if your good and win, i will forward suggesting to keep these fun and nice interaction for stress reduction reasons for all players which can therefore only extend gaming sessions.

    This is positive for the game aslong as it stays niche.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,800

    Guess I’m the odd one out then… can’t help but roll my eyes every time one of Ochido’s videos starts with or features this tech. 😕

    I’m all for fixing Billy’s other problems too though, of course!

  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 4,490
    edited May 20

    I dont know how it would be a bad thing to remove it, or a good thing to keep it

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  • MakiMakiMakiMaki Member Posts: 10

    The so called "SkyBilly" was a glaring bug that needed to be fixed.

    This patch did the right thing.

  • NotionlessNotionless Member Posts: 216

    Who suffered from it? You can probably bear to play one less serious match as surv.

  • Johnagon_InfinityJohnagon_Infinity Member Posts: 92

    It's hard to call SkyBilly a "glaring" issue when there still exists significant performance issues present in the PTB.

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