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Nightfall is... disappointing... It had SO MUCH pontential.

PatokillerPatokiller Member Posts: 59
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I really think that BHVR could chance it until the official release.

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  • TheArbiterTheArbiter Member Posts: 1,515

    They could change it, but they didn't do anything about Sadako's non power

  • SeanzuSeanzu Member Posts: 7,196

    Killers almost always get buffed from PTB to Release.

    If you make something too strong before it's out and you nerf it on release, people get really upset.

    If you make it weaker and then gauge the response most people will be happy about it.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

    They should make in inflict Near Sighted and cause survivors to be unable to see anything beyond 12m.

    In addition, they should be afflicted with Paranoia - which causes them to hear maximum heartbeat while within the killer's terror radius.

    Being within 4m of a survivor outside of chase should trigger Killer Instinct on them as well.

    Survivors should see a slightly lower brightness/higher contrast filter that makes it slightly more thematic as well.

    And make it so that the Dredge doesn't glow neon white. Very questionable design choice.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,523

    Honestly on maps like Autohaven it's genuinely really hard to see. It's only the new map and like Coldwind where it doesn't do much.

  • RokjerRokjer Member Posts: 169

    Nightfall is useless, that's a fact. It temporarily buffs the killer's power, but it doesn't hinder survivors that much. Even on Haddonfield, I could see the environment correctly. Not to mention the killer who loses his TR, but gains a nice nightclub neon effect.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    The issue I'm seeing with this is, in the end the only thing you can do as a survivor is use pallets and windows. Playing with vision too much can result in extremely frustrating and uncomfortable matches, especially with people who have some sort of sight difficulty. I wouldn't find it too much fun either to just be blind and have to eye strain to see a window or a pallet. It'd just make it impossible to play.

  • ImpalpableImpalpable Member Posts: 152

    From my survivor perspective im pretty dissapointed, wouldve been a great atmosphere to have smth like actual darkness with a shortend view and make the game a tiny bit scarier and a little bit more demanding with rewarding the knowledge of map layouts. 10-20m radius sounds completly enough for that. This way nightfall is just like a buff zone for the killer to use his power quicker, not worth mentioning as a survivor hinderance.

    People over 70 with cataract shouldnt be thought of in game design. But Exaggeration aside: You cant address every human body issue out there and expect the game to be interesting for the usual gamer. This is a horror game after all, sometimes you get jumpscared by a stealth killer, you get flashlight blinded, this triggers all sort of known diseases and you should expect it playing such a title.

  • NumiYumiNumiYumi Member Posts: 10
    edited May 18

    As I was watching Otz's stream I really felt disappointed with new nightfall. I was so hyped that we finally got a non-humanoid killer just to get slapped with this joke power. Just wait so the Dredge will fall into oblivion like Sadako just after it arrives and we will all keep playing against Nurses and Blights every game. F. U. N. At least Hooked on You is comming so it will be finally possible to have some good time with other killers.

    All in all I think that making Nightfall so that survivors' wision radius is 8m would be much more better and funnier for both sides. This power doesn't last for the whole period of trial so having a ticking clock with a scarry minute would actually make playing vs Dredge somewhat terrifying (as much as it's possible in DBD). But ig survivor mains have another punch bag to bully.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074
  • Iudex_NemesisIudex_Nemesis Member Posts: 295

    I just don't understand the white aura. Unless it's for accessibility there's no reason for it to be there.

  • SumnoxSumnox Member Posts: 605

    But you made up half of what you said. Where did I say it needs to address every human body issue out there?

    I simply said, if you overdo it, the strain on the eye and just the overall uncomfortability can be annoying to deal with. Especially if it's a constant thing. It is one thing to get blinded every once in a while as opposed to perma bright perma dark screen, if it's not done correctly. I understand that if the effect isn't strong enough you might as well not even have it, but I also believe it has to be balanced realistically to not be overwhelming for the player.

  • RokjerRokjer Member Posts: 169

    Well, just decrease the effective duration of Nightfall. It lasts half as long as base, but it's twice as dark.

    Because right now, Nightfall may be 60s long, but it's STRICTLY useless. Might as well make it last only 30s, but have a real crippling impact on the survivors' vision.

  • ImpalpableImpalpable Member Posts: 152

    What do you expect this power to do for him exactly. I think it shouldnt be a mid-chase power, like when running around a tile lets say the size of an L-T Wall, as a survivor you should be able to navigate that against him, or do you think a sudden approach from an unexpected direction should give him injures. Like running out of the survivor vision (if they make the radius that small) in a loop should be a way to play him. To have such a small vision radius would make him even stronger but it might become annoying and we know how much people like to complain about situations when the game gets slightly demanding.

    I think the power should be able to make connecting and finding tiles harder, and make the survivors loose some efficiency there, like when you repairing a gen in a dead zone and you dont know exactly in which direction you have to run to approach the jungle gym from the right direction to get the window vault and have a bit to re-adjust here and there or maybe they run to a section where the pallet is already gone. I think together with his high mobility this would be already fine.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074

    Connecting and finding tiles more difficult as well as sneaking up on survivors. Wasn’t wanting it really for mid loop mind games. I think 8meters would be fair for that as 8 meters would affect mid loop much at all as that would reach the entire loop distance.

  • IHateHBVRIHateHBVR Member Posts: 5

    Every killer since twins had potential but they all ended up disappointing. The last fun killer, arguably one of the most fun, was blight. If they dont find someone on the team that know how to make good killers like mclean then this game will struggle. They need to understand that lore and background story is something almost no one cares about. Well designed killers are those with a fun ability in chase where the survivors can use their skill against it to counter them. Like blight, oni, billy, and huntress.

  • Tranquil_BlueTranquil_Blue Member Posts: 275

    See the dev comment in this thread: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/323970/dredge-feedback

    Basically, they state that the weak nightfall effect and glowing Dredge will be fixed.

  • Chilli_man2400Chilli_man2400 Member Posts: 2,367

    Nightfall is currently bugged right now.

    this will be fixed when he comes out.

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