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How Does Dead Hard work?

BupkissBupkiss Member Posts: 94

So you know how every game is different because lag is different for every game. So you do some skill checks and try to figure out how much the needle slips from when you hit the key until the needle stops, Usually there is probably half a second to a quarter second of slippage. This seemed to correspond to DH in the past. That if you had close to a half second of needle slippage you would also know there is at least a half second of lag from when you hit DH until it kicks in.

DH has always been one of the least dependable perks, sometimes it activates sometimes it doesn't and if it does activate it may give you a speed burst, may not, may give you a split second of immunity but not always. But the one thing you could almost always count on is if you DH, nothing happens and then you get hit and go down, then the DH timer would start.

Today I had a game with no skill check slippage. Like when I hit the key the needle would stop right away. So I figure no lag on DH as well. Not only did DH take at least a second to kick in, most times it never kicked in. Even when I was downed I did not get the typical "Use DH to be Dead on the Ground post hit timer." Again and again I hit DH and nothing happened, not even the timer.

Has DH been changed? And why is the lag not consistent between skill checks and how long it takes for DH to activate anymore?


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