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Let's Define Tunneling



  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 2,240

    There's only one kind of tunnelling, which is going after someone until they're dead, anything else is just being opportunistic

  • BrimpBrimp Member Posts: 1,533


    Well given that tunneling is a acronym for tunnel vision... should just be going after 1 single person the entire match and not caring about other people unless they consistently hinder you. Not this "he went for me off hook even though i was the easier target".

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,907

    To me actual tunneling is direct focussing one surv, to the exclusion of all else, to get them out of the game. This usually includes swimming around bodyblockers, hitting bt and still pursuing, ignoring other survs either hurt or on gens close by while in pursuit, most often after the unhook.

    To be sure a surv could have earned such, err.... devotion from a killer with their gameplay choices. But that aside, this tunneling is the most unpleasant for a surv, especially at no gens done yet or are unhooked in front of the killer without bt.

    Being told "git gud" or "don't get caught" are little help in these situations. And it also must be said that not one part of any of this is against the rules, so have at it I guess. But please, play both sides to the point of being competent at least. It will make you better at killer, and also open up your eyes some imo.

  • malloymkmalloymk Member Posts: 1,405

    Exactly. If someone unhooks me and stealths away and the killer finds me. That's just bad luck. If someone unhooks me and the killers tries to go around a survivor (s) that are trying to take agro, that's a tunnel.

    If it's early in the match, it's a skeezy move. If it's a 4 survivor 2 or less gen game, you gotta do what you gotta do I guess.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,296

    What's scary is there's people on this forum that think I was being serious. I really hope the balance team doesn't listen to them.

  • kld3169kld3169 Member Posts: 94
    edited May 20

    "I kill who I see." Well said! Personally, I think tunneling is a non-existent term made by survivors who can't loop. And if you are brave enough to unhook in front of me, well, like it or not there are consequences.

  • DangerScouseDangerScouse Member Posts: 945

    No. If you aren't "keeping track", it cannot, in any definition be "tunneling".

  • WesCravenFanWesCravenFan Member Posts: 1,468

    Today I learned the Survivor Rulebook for Killers has a GLOSSARY.


  • shaloshalo Member Posts: 1,075

    Tunnelling: a subset of the delusional thinking that Killers must play by Survivor's Rules.

  • legacycoltlegacycolt Member Posts: 1,293

    “Tunneling“ is not really the issue. Straight up Facecamping the hook is.

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 782
    edited May 20

    if you are on the map you are already "tunneling"...

    on a serious note the right definition (regarding dbd) is this: tunneling is when you focus on a single survivor ALL the time and you COMPLETELY ignore EVERYTHING else (aka gens defence and the other survivors)

    survivors can also do this regarding generators: if you see a gen almost completed and the killer is coming in your direction, you would normally finish it, even under the killer's nose

    both things focus on speed up the main goal for both sides (killing/escaping) and both things are BORING and ANNOYING as hell, but this is the game right now...

  • MrMoriMrMori Member Posts: 578

    I think this game would be less frustrating if all you could do while on hook wasn't to sit and watch the killer facecamp you, or better yet smack you while nodding.

    How about letting us spectate other survivors while on hook? BHVR claim they want to bridge the communication gap between SWF and solo survivor a bit, so why not? Better yet, why not let us play a damn game or something while on hook? Straight up make a little minigame you can play, covering the screen so you don't have to see the killer camping or hitting on hook. And if a survivor is within 16m of the hook, it goes back to normal view so you're prepared for the unhook.

    The issue here is that there's literally nothing to do while hooked or downed. At least in VHS you can move around while downed and collect orbs or something, you don't just sit there watching your character do nothing.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,388

    Taking responsibility implies it means something.

    I'll kill whatever survivor I need to on a whim, because it suits me or because think it's what I need to do.

    People want to put a label on this? Good luck. Now, down they go.

  • BartlausBartlaus Member Posts: 692

    Actually it's no joke. I have met many survivors who share this definition of tunneling.

  • PenguinProphetPenguinProphet Member Posts: 18

    The onus of survivor fun rests on the devs, not the killers. If survivors are having a bad time, it's a development issue and should be fixed through better game mechanics. In a PvP game you cannot expect the opposition to play suboptimally for the sake of your personal amusement.

    Personally, when playing killer, I will take the foot off the gas if I see a player struggling, but thats just a personal preference. Conversely, I have never seen survivors stop doing gens and take a breather when I'm 4 gens down with 2 hooks. Maybe I should cook up a taxonomy of gen rushing?

  • KaitsjaKaitsja Member Posts: 871

    Nobody takes those people seriously, and they don't represent the majority.

    Yes, the onus of survivor fun does indeed rest on the devs. I'm not suggesting killers ease up or anything of the sort.

    People should play the way they want to play, but if their playstyle happens to create an overall unenjoyable experience then they shouldn't expect those on the receiving end to be jumping for joy about it.

  • Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 481

    Most killers in this sub exaggerates a lot and enjoys torturing Below average SoloQ survivors for their fun rather than compete in the same MMR bracket they're suppose to be in. They all complain about dead hard and DS but never really cared for average SoloQ survivors who says tunneling and camping is unfair which are causing for the survivors to equip Meta perks in the first place.

  • BullettimegodBullettimegod Member Posts: 992

    Man... its like none of you know what tunneling is.

    Tunneling = tunnel vision. Basically the killer gets tunnel vision on said survivor and just wants them dead. All other definitions semantics etc is irrelevant.

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