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Dead Hard demands an immediate solution, no more delays.

CanasCanas Member Posts: 796

I know it's been said several times already (after all threads like this pop up on a daily basis) but I still think the devs haven't gotten the full message yet. A planned Dead Hard rework is nice and all but WHEN can we really expect it? 3 months down the road? Or even 6 months?

Why can't you disable this extremely problematic perk until your solution to the issue is ready? It's absurd how every single match features four instances of this perk being used, it's driving several killers insane. One survivor recently told me to "anticipate it". Yeah, I definitely can anticipate them using DH to extend a chase by another minute but that doesn't offer me any real counterplay nor solace.

The perk is the equivalent of a third health state, it's singlehandely dictating the meta. It needs to go. There aren't enough options for killers to apply exhaustion; Fearmonger is worthless if survivors already let go of the gen the moment they hear your terror radius and Blood Echo requires you to injure everyone beforehand.

Ever heard of the saying "death by a thousand papercuts"? This is what Dead Hard does to you, day after day; match after match. Wanna know the definition of insanity?



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