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Alien dlc

IamyuIamyu Member Posts: 3

I believe one day its coming 

A monster killer we need this monster

And also ripley .

Alien would be awesome


  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 1,058

    Ripley and Alien would be amazing and I am sure they will do it if they can.

  • IamyuIamyu Member Posts: 3
    I think they can but they don't seem interested

  • catkillsmousecatkillsmouse Member Posts: 186

    I feel like they have something big planned for 7th they already leaked resident Evil Wesker and AOT so We could see some special things coming in the far future.

  • MrSheep51MrSheep51 Member Posts: 63

    Only problem is xenomorphs are blind, not really sure how they would work around that other than ignoring it.

  • IamyuIamyu Member Posts: 3
    I still believe it will come but it seems like it will never come
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