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unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 582

Decided to wait a little bit before putting this together, since I wanted to let my thoughts settle a little.

But honestly, I'm very disappointed with the anniversary announcements we have recieved, and I think that it sorta ended up being the nail in the coffin for any sort of residule hope I had in this game.

I'm totally fine with us getting an original chapter for Anniversary. And I think that some of the changes we're supposed to be getting are great. Things like adjustments to how we recieve perks and how the Prestidge system functions to reduce the absolutely insane grind of this game are great, and I'm happy to see things like that come to the game, just like I'm happy that we're getting the Dating Sim.

What I'm not happy about though, and the entire reason why I'm not really happy with the Anniversary as a whole is the mention of changing Meta Perks.

Now don't get me wrong, I've been playing this game since Legion's release. The meta is absolutely stale, and has been for years. Survivor Meta has barely changed for a long time, and the Killer Meta has primarily been focused on whatever is best at slowing down the game for a long time. The build I ran back when I started playing as Survivor is still insanely strong, and I'm not opposed to the meta finally getting changed.

However, the issue comes with the General Perk that's coming in the new Chapter with The Dredge.

The anti-Boon perk makes me absolutely concerned, as it's another perk that's just a band-aid fix for something else in the game. And that's what a lot of Meta Perks in this game sort of boil down to- perks that fix core gameplay issues.

For example, Corrupt Intervention is a super popular perk for Killer, and I think it's also a very fair Killer perk. And, for many Killers that have slow early games or need set-up (Plague, Hag, Trapper, Myers- honestly, there are quite a few Killers like this.) in order to actually have a chance to play the game. And, in return, it's a perk that only lasts for a short period of time before it ends up being a dead perk slot.

On the flp side, perks like DS or BT are super popular for Survivor. Why? Because they fix core issues of the game which doesn't feel good to play against, and they feel necessary. Camping and Tunneling. Survivors can't do anything about it, it feels awful to play against, and it feels like those perks are the only slight deterrents to it. And it's not something that the Killers can entirely be blamed for- as, it's something that's in the game, is not actively punished, and is a strategy that makes their games fifty thousand times easier.

So it absolutely disappoints me that in the same stream there were discussions of shaking up the meta, they introduce a chapter with another perk that is merely a band-aid fix to a different issue in the game.

In my humble opinion, if the meta is going to be changed, it can't be done without addressing the issue that is why those perks are being ran in the first place. Core Gameplay issues need to be addressed- because treating a symptom isn't going to solve the issue. And I'm not saying it's an easy task or anything, or that they're not going to do this, but considering we got that anti-Boon perk instead of CoH (The only truely problematic Boon.) getting deleted and Mikeala getting a new Boon perk instead, I don't have any semblance of high hopes.

I think it's a shame to watch all of this happen to a game I've loved so much over the years. It'll be great if I'm wrong in how this seems to be going, but I'm not going to be touching the game again for a while at this rate.

I'm curious as well if anyone else also feels that way, or if I'm the only one- since I've barely seen anyone talk about the livestream myself, as I've been out of the DBD loop.


  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,839

    “Small” baseline adjustments. And this still doesn’t address why killers are getting the first new general perk ever, since the game’s release, to address boons. A perk that will be dead weight if survivors don’t even bring a boon perk.

  • TiufalTiufal Member Posts: 1,252

    1. Shattered Hope isn't a band aid fix at all. Killer wanted counters to boons,even though 3of4 are pretty bad, and they got a counter. It's pathetic that killers always want more than they even should get.

    2. They already stated that they "know" why perks are used and that there are gameplay changes according to that coming with the overhaul.

    3. All you do is guessing on something that's not even communicated.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,839
  • ImpalpableImpalpable Member Posts: 152
    edited May 23

    Well if it motivates you in any way, the company is currently hiring some new game designers for dbd in the field of gameplay balance, i would say fresh wind in this direction isnt a bad sign as well.

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,318

    They have said they will be making baseline adjustments to go with the perk changes.

    You’re absolutely correct about Shattered Hope though. It’s a bandaid for a bigger issue, although I would argue the core design of boons is inherently flawed, not just coh. Coh is just the biggest offender because it’s by far the most powerful boon perk.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,708

    I'm glad I'm no longer the only person who has bashed the stream.

    Yeah, they DO need to address the actual gameplay

  • unluckycombounluckycombo Member Posts: 582

    I mean, I kinda feel like it was communicated though with the Anniversary. Not to say that the Devs might not surprise us in the future, but I genuinely cannot see how this isn't a bandaid fix. Shattered Hope isn't a fix to Boons, even if it's something that people have been asking for. (Honestly, idk why people even pushed so hard for a perk like it in the first place. I've never thought it was what was needed to counter Boons.) I just find it hard to believe that we're going to be getting any sort of major gameplay shifts here in the future that address why these Meta Perks are being ran while changing them, when in the same stream we recieve a perk that seems like another bandaid to try to fix Boons. I would have believed it more if we had seen major baseline changes to Boons instead of recieving a perk which doesn't really fix a major issue a lot of Killers face versus Boons, particularly those like CoH.

    I only disagree that Boons overall have a flawed design because I can see in running the other Boon perks where they can be fair- since the other Boon perks at least require the Killer and Survivor to be in the radius to get value out of them majority of the time, giving Killers both an opportunity to destroy the Blessing while knowing Survivors can waste a good chunk of time if they decide to just continuously reboon. I just hate that CoH can be put in a corner of the Map where the Killer has no chance of going, only to get free value all game.

    (I will definitely agree though that even weaker Boons are problematic due to some Totem spawns. A lot of Totem spawns straight up were not made with Boons in mind, and I definitely agree that if they re-work CoH, they should also adjust those spawns to make it more fair for Killer.)

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