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Is Head on one of the 40 perks that are undergoing changes?

Rotieh2000Rotieh2000 Member Posts: 15

I don't think that there's anything wrong with the perk but considering that the dredge can pretty much ignore it and locker perks are becoming more popular I would like to know if the devs said anything about it

I didn't watch the stream so maybe I missed something

Thanks in advance


  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 711

    It is unknown at the moment.

    Devs explicitly mentioned only BBQ & Chili, Corrupt Intervention, Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance, Hex: Ruin, Pop Goes the Weasel, Dead Hard, Borrowed Time, Decisive Strike, Iron Will and Self-Care. But the exact number of perks getting changes was not specified, so it might be 40, or slightly more, or slightly less. And Head On might very well be among those perks.

    Here's the direct quote from their blogpost made on May 17th:

    What’s planned for this update? At the risk of giving too much away, it may very well take the crown as the most substantial one in Dead by Daylight history. Nearly 40 perks (exact number to be confirmed), including all the META Perks listed above, will undergo changes. “It’s an intentional attempt to shake things up,” explains Matt S, Dead by Daylight’s Design Director. “There have been adjustments to certain controversial perks in the past, but this is the biggest collection of perks being changed at once.” (c)

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