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Haddonfield is so killer sided now



  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

    I mean - if you can't stick to some of the strongest buildings made to the game and run into the open, you're not really skilled are you?

    It works both ways.

    Personally - I'd rather have no real 'dead zones' and make the houses a lot weaker. But so long as the houses are so oppressive, the dead zones must remain. You cannot have the most powerful structures conjoined to power loops in every direction - that's the very definition of imbalance. It's just that simple.

  • MrMoriMrMori Member Posts: 638

    Kind of agree something that blocks off the view in the middle would be good. Both in terms of gates for survs and for stealth killers.

  • herbaljellyfishherbaljellyfish Member Posts: 115
    edited May 27

    Other than maybe 2 pallets, they are all literally straight lines on both sides, making them completely non-loopable, you may can get one loop, but then will be hit by a lunge because they are literally just a straight line. The maybe 3 car loops are OK at best, same as the car loops on badham. If you don't get the stun, you take the hit, but can only loop it once before a lunge will hit you. The rest of the pallets are even worse than the care loops because they are long STRAIGHT LINES. One loop, and a lunge will hit you and the other side is so short you can just walk around because there's nothing but a dead zone by the pallet.

    I will say there are 3 houses that are VERY strong, but that's it. Three spots on the map and the rest is ######### pallets and just an absolute dead zone waste. It's annoying as a killer to have a chase in one of the 3 houses and it's annoying as a survivor to be literally anywhere else than those three houses. It's a horribly designed map and woefully imbalanced. Killers DC, Survivors DC just when this map spawns it's literally THAT BAD. Seems people would rather suffer a penalty than to play this gutter trash. 80% of the map is killer sided, the other 20% is unbelievable broken for survivors. It's like having 3 shacks with the rest of the map being dead zones.

    If you struggle getting hits/down on one of the INCREDIBLY unsafe pallets, idk what to tell you honestly. You know that if you hold M1 you can do a lunge instead of a quick attack, right? Do that on any of the pallets and you'll get a guaranteed hit. Or just bate the drop and walk around the short side. Survivors can't mindgame these pallets. They are straight lines and don't block LOS. The three houses though, yes those are completely broken.

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  • herbaljellyfishherbaljellyfish Member Posts: 115

    Would love to see you loop any pallet on this map more than once. Please. Show us that they are god pallets. You're so full of crap. The windows in 3 of the houses are broken I can agree with that. The pallets however are unmindgameable trash that are just two straight lines on both sides.

  • herbaljellyfishherbaljellyfish Member Posts: 115

    gotta feel really great as a killer to "outplay" someone without any tools. I mean, nothing says smoll pp like beating someone who's defenseless, right? As a killer, you should literally never have to try. Every game should be ez pz 4k.

  • ValikValik Member Posts: 1,243

    Not at all.

    On the contrary, Dead Zones are balanced on maps to punctuate strong areas.

    If a survivor places themselves in a Dead Zone - it is either out of desperation, or because they lost their loop.

    If you're going against a killer in a Dead Zone, you put yourself out of position - or were skillfully corralled into the zone by the killer.

    Each and every map is festooned with extremely strong loops that put the killer at great disadvantage - especially earlier on with pallets. The existence of Dead Zones does not skew the game in any meaningful way so long as survivors play their cards right.

  • LeFennecFoxLeFennecFox Member Posts: 582
    edited May 27

    Learn the building loops on this map before posting stuff like this. You can buy a lot of time for free by using then well them eventually go to a pallet.

  • SakurraSakurra Member Posts: 1,046
    edited May 31

    I don't know if you are right but if you are who cares? The Game is survivor sided but you like it, huh? As long I like the rework and the map is not broken (for exemple the game) I don't care if it's killer or survivor sided. Maybe because I play both, not like others.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,671

    The map is fine; I've had little complaint as killer or survivor. There are plenty of strong loops, and dead zones to balance them out. I mean, you should feel exposed in the middle of the street; seems pretty true to life to me, and give the map some personality. As a surv you want to stick to the perimeter; the killer should know this, but the loops are hella strong, and the indoor gens are some of the safest to work on (and hardest to defend) in the game. Doing the street gens is high risk, high reward. It's fun.

    I mean what do people want? Homogenous maps with every tile the same as the last? That would be boring AF, and leave little room for strategy. Part of the fun is playing around dead zones and strong loops.

  • gnehehegnehehe Member Posts: 322
    edited June 1

    Actually, this map is the perfect definition of an unbalanced and utterly badly designed map:

    • very strong buildings with infinite material (several windows per building)
    • dead zones everywhere (sometime, even in the middle of the street from start)
    • useless/unplayable pallets if the killer has 2 brain cells on the rest of the map

    The goal as a survivor is to stay in buildings ... not really fun from killer POV with poor mindgames plays

    The goal as killer is to find people in dead zones (everywhere but buildings) ... not really fun from both sides (there is no satisfaction as a killer when you get automatic/easy downs, not the same feeling than reading your opponent move, tbh)

    Absolute garbage rework!

  • Funky_lPunkFunky_lPunk Member Posts: 41

    I'd say Haddonfield is definitely survivor sided, just not as much as it used to be. It's still a frustrating map to play on with extremely safe and isolated gens which are difficult to pressure, but i honestly have a lot of fun on it as killer.

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