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The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Chapter

 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde could be a really good dlc chapter if done right. Instead of making the two minds in one character just make Dr Jekyll into a survivor and Mr Hyde as a killer. Dr Jekyll can be a Tech based survivor with generators and traps or some kind of healer. His personal perks can be tech related or medical related that can help him and help the team avoid the killer. Dr Jekyll can have outfits like a lab coat or Victorian clothes but cleaner or different from Mr Hyde's and probably no top hat.

Mean while Mr Hyde can be some what of a brute but not some big built guy like trapper but with a average height of a male like legion. His outfit of course is Victorian styled with the top hat and cloak but also his clothes could be dirty or bloody for either a stock outfit or a outfit you can get in store. For Mr Hyde's weapon it can be a walking cane like the one he used to bash people in the book and his power can be some what related to anger or madness for an example being punished too much by a survivor can make him more powerful with speed or strength. His perks could be references of him from the book or perks that can make him really unpredictable.

His Memento Moris could be Mr Hyde bashing the survivor with his walking cane or/and/before pulling out a vial/bottle of a elixir and pouring it on the survivor causing extreme pain. There are many ways you can do a Moris with Mr Hyde since he is pretty brutal and you can probably do something with a walking cane or a elixir.

Also how they both came into the entity's realm can be some thing like that the Entity was watching the story unfold and some point at the end of the story where Mr Hyde locked him self up in a room while Dr Jekyll's friends was bashing the door down or another version was when Mr Hyde was trying to make a run from the police but either version is good to choose but before Mr Hyde was found by police The Entity began talking to Mr Hyde.

The Entity told Hyde that it could separate him from Jekyll and have all the victims he could kill if he accepted it's offer.Mr Hyde accepts and black fog starts to surround him then he experience a horrific pain as if he is being cut in half and minutes later it stops...... as the black fog goes away he finds himself in a abandoned mansion and in front of him is the Doctor himself......Dr Jekyll.

Mr Hyde thinks to himself : Now the real fun can begin.

Just a idea for a chapter since the characters are in Public Domain and you rarely see the two used anymore now these days in the media even though they did inspire a lot of creations that people made based on the book.

Will update or edit when more ideas of the concept are made.


  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    It's impossible as they are the same person but different. Except if the devs want to bring multiverse lore into DBD. However i'm not against it as a big fan of DR jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Frankenstein novel.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    Well it can actually work pretty easily since no one really knows the true power of The Entity since even it gave the Wraith a bell to travel into the spirit world and brought the killers and survivors into another realm with out giving them much choice. Also lore can be a bit mixed with both versions since I know the original novel was that Jekyll's elixir just gave him the appearance of his bad side and did not some how get a 2nd personality so technically it was just a potion to give him a mask so no one will know he was Jekyll when he did those crazy things. Devs could make a unique story while keeping the lore the same but mix some of the versions so it did give him a 2nd personality and keep the rest the same since the beauty of this is that the characters are in Public Domain so they can change the story on how they see fit and make it match so it fits Dead by Daylight lore. Like for example The Entity tore them apart and gave them both their own bodies to do as they please with the unknown power the Entity has. Lastly if they do make this I just really hope they don't make Mr Hyde into a Hulk like creature.....I see too many people do that with Mr Hyde. One thing that they should follow by the novel is the looks since their body structure is supposed to look the same but Mr Hyde's body is slightly deformed due to reasons explained in the book on how Jekyll pushed down those evil thoughts into the ground and some other stuff that will take to much time to explain.

  • TheCursedTitanTheCursedTitan Member Posts: 177

    See where this is a good idea and would be very interesting I doubt the devs will even really care, they literally came out with a guy who can throw knives “ooo scary”🤣

  • GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 2,565

    Wasn't it mentioned in the Descend Beyond - Behind the Scenes video that the Blight was inspired by Jekyll & Hyde? Not to say that it couldn't happen, of course.

  • ChchchcherylChchchcheryl Member Posts: 1,531

    I honestly think this was a bit inspiration for Descend Beyond.

    Look at the cover art and then the characters.

    They are both progressive visionaries who are very smart. Both survivors at one time.

    Talbot becomes dependent on this chemical that eventually takes control and it takes over him. See Hyde.

    I honestly think in some timeline or parallel universe they are the same person, or Talbot is Felix's alter ego.

    For sure the theme of the chapter was duality.

  • JoByDaylightJoByDaylight Member Posts: 534

    Bumping this from way back!

    I'm actually pretty interested to see if someone has thought this chapter over. I think it could be very cool!

    Any thoughts on survivor perks (Dr. Jekyll) and killer power/perks (Mr. Hyde)?

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,375

    Isnt that Blight? I was thinking of Dr jekyll the moment I saw his trailer.

    A scientist using some substance to become...nah its just a coincidence

  • foxsansboxfoxsansbox Member Posts: 1,859

    Given how the Dredge, while thematically different, is basically a better Sadako, I think BHVR could take some liberty to give Jeckyll and Hyde a shot. But I think I have a better idea as to the implementation:

    Jeckyl should be a survivor and Hyde should be a killer - Separating them makes the perk options/design so much more fun, as Jeckyll really doesn't fit the killer mantra.

  • Mr_MadnessMr_Madness Member Posts: 882

    To be fair, devs flat out said that Blight was a twist on that classic story. I love Blight but just wish his Top hat cosmetic had a jaw.....sorta just kills me to see his tongue sticking out at me.

    In some versions of the story it is said that they are different people so the Entity could just split the two and have them face each other to see who is the better half.

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