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New concept idea, the scarecrow

jarjargist21jarjargist21 Member Posts: 411
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Name of the chapter fields of fear.

Including the killer (The scarecrow).

The scarecrow has the ability to create trap scarecrows that allows him to take the places of his trap scarecrows to attack the survivors. Yes the survivors can destroy the trap scarecrows but each time they destroy one the killer would be able to see their aura for 6 seconds. Each successful hit with the trap scarecrows, builds up the survivor's fear meter. Once the fear meter is full the killer can quick mori them.

Of course there will be a way to remove the fear meter. It will on a timer limit of 10 seconds. It requires the killer to rely on his power to get the quick mori and successfully hit the survivor 6 times.


Formidophobia - in the killer's terror radius repair, booning and destroy totem takes a moderate amount of time.

Scourge hook: Sounds of fear - once the survivor get unhooked from one of these hooks they be hearing the killer's terror radius until they got hit again.

Hex: Pain Revenge - for each stun or blind this killer receive, they would earn a stackable token that increases their movement speed until the hex is destroyed. Total of 4 tokens.

Killer's weapon

The weapon itself would be a scythe. How he would clean the blade. He would rub his sleeve against the blade.

Note this isn't an actual chapter it's just brainstorming of an interesting idea I had when I was playing hillbilly.

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  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 3,796


    I don't wanna see this concept in game, thanks for sharing.

  • MikaelaWantsYourBoonMikaelaWantsYourBoon Member Posts: 3,796

    Quick mori ofcourse, your idea is not healthy for game.

    Pyramid Head needs to make you death on hook for quick mori.

    Sadako needs 7 stacks for quick mori but even with 7 stacks, you can remove them with using tape.

    Quick moriable should not be easy like that, which looks like issue with your killer. There is not counterplay. There is no way to remove fear meter.

  • jarjargist21jarjargist21 Member Posts: 411

    Of course there will be a way to remove the fear meter. It will on a timer limit, but killer needs to teleport and hit the survivor about 6 times successfully.

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 1,942

    That would not work, Survivors need a way to cleanse themselves of the Mori effect, no way BHVR would allow you such as effect.

    Take Sadako for instance, Her power isnt a bout the mori, its about slowing the game down, like the Pig too.

  • jarjargist21jarjargist21 Member Posts: 411

    Of course there will be a way to remove the fear meter. It will on a timer limit, but killer needs to teleport and hit the survivor about 6 times successfully.

  • BranBran Member Posts: 1,804

    Seems okay, probably need tweaks, but what doesn't.

  • jarjargist21jarjargist21 Member Posts: 411

    Thanks I'm just trying messing around with ideas I have lol

  • lemonswaylemonsway Member Posts: 1,089

    So let's see if i understand. You want another Teleporting killer that inflicts a status effect when he hits someone through one of the traps?

    There's plenty of issues:

    1- do you control where you place the traps?

    2- how manny traps can you place?

    3- how close can the traps be?

    4- how fast can you TP there?

    5- is there a TP range limit or you can go from anywhere to anywhere?

    6- do you have any recovery before you can attack after you TP?

    7- do survivors get a massive warning you're TPing?

    8- can you TP multiple times without cooldown or is there a cooldown for each individual TP?

    9- How fast can Survivors destroy the traps?

    10- How visible are Traps from far away? They should not be very visible otherwise people know exactly where to avoid going to.

    11- Why would you want to see a Survivors aura for 6 seconds after they destroy a Trap? Isn't knowing that they destroyed the Trap enough information about where they are and what they are doing? Plus you can't TP there because they destroyed the Trap so what do you gain by seeing their aura for 6 seconds?

    12- IF TPing is their power then congrats you're another M1 killer, the worst kind of killer in DbD.

    13- The status effect? Yeah good luck ever getting kills because of it. Even if Survivors couldn't remove the Fear effect getting 6 hits via TPs will be way too hard because of everything i've already mentioned, placement, number of traps, time of travel, cooldowns, etc.

    14- You're giving survivors the ability to disable your entire power and status effect... GIGA YIKES. Why does everyone wanna give control of killers abilities to survivors with 0 negatives towards survivors disabling a killer? At least make the Survivor Exposed instead of Aura reading. IF they disable part of your power then there should be a trade off. Loss of Mobility is a gigantic problem for any killer so at least make the survivor take an equally demanding risk by removing part of your power.

  • WampiritaWampirita Member Posts: 644

    So basically Fiddlesticks but with changes made to fit dbd.

    I dig it, but I don't know if i would want him in dbd, he's too terrifying

  • jarjargist21jarjargist21 Member Posts: 411

    1- yes

    2- 7

    3- 20 or 30 meters away

    4- as fast as the dredge tp

    5- anywhere but not next to one you just put up

    6- yes, 7 second recovery

    7- yes, the scarecrow would let out scream

    8- yes, but with an add-on you can destroy the scarecrow you teleport too

    9- 15 second, once the scarecrow is destroyed the survivor aura is revealed to the killer for 6 seconds

    10- survivors would be able to see the scarecrows within 10 meters

    11- well depending on the add-ons. They could be exposed for 15 seconds, or exhausted for 5 seconds also it takes time to destroy a scarecrow

    12- this is just a killer concept idea, there's still more work to improve this character

    13- again this isn't a real chapter

    14- there are add-ons that would punish the survivors for destroying the scarecrows

  • LastchildLastchild Member Posts: 333

    Frankly we have no killer who can hide and block the survivors at the same time, might as well do that

     Your teleportation idea just sounds too much like another killer.

    Even if it means using a scarecrow, I suggest this idea instead :

     The Scarecrow can summon Scarecrows to slow Survivors and surprise them.

    Base Movement Speed : 4.6

     Alternate Movement Speed : 5, when exiting a Scarecrow.

    Number of scarecrows that can be summoned : 4.

     Special ability : Block.

     When you place a scarecrow, it is part of the scenery preventing a survivor from advancing.

     For example a scarecrow can be placed where a trapper or a hag would place his traps in front of a window, instead of a pallet or in front, in the frame of a door etc...

     The scarecrow can be destroyed under the following conditions:

     - The survivor stops and starts destroying the scarecrow.

     - The killer destroys his own scarecrow.

     Special ability : Stealth.

     When you place a scarecrow, you can hide inside.

     Survivors can't tell if you're in a scarecrow or not, but there is a wind noise notification letting survivors know you've been hiding in a scarecrow.

     When you are in the scarecrow you gain undetectable status.

     Undetectable status remains for 15 seconds after you exit the Scarecrow.

     Brown Addon :

     - Increases the duration to destroy a Scarecrow by 5 seconds.

     - When a scarecrow is destroyed, gain a speed bonus for 10 seconds.

     Yellow Addon:

     - Increases the duration to destroy a Scarecrow by 10 seconds.

     Green Addon :

     - Increases the duration to destroy a Scarecrow by 15 seconds.

     - When a scarecrow is destroyed by a survivor, that last cry.

     Purple Addon :

     - Increases the duration to destroy a Scarecrow by 20 seconds.

     - When a scarecrow is destroyed by a survivor, the latter suffers exhaustion for 15 seconds.

     - The aura of survivors passing within 16 meters of a scarecrow is revealed to you.

     - Survivors passing within 16 meters of a scarecrow are blinded for 30 seconds.

     Red Addon:

     - When a scarecrow is destroyed by a survivor, the latter is exposed for 50 seconds.

     - Increases the duration to destroy a Scarecrow by 30 seconds.

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