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I don't see a benefit to dissolution

N8dogN8dog Member Posts: 535

so you injure a survivor and a couple seconds after that for a short duration the next pallet they vault is automatically destroyed and this is supposed to be a GOOD thing? Almost any safe or super safe pallet should be broken by most killers immediately. You're not likely to leave a pallet like that standing unless you down the survivor and want to get the hook before the smash. In this scenario the perk wouldn't work anyway. The only pallets this perk is liable to destroy are unsafe pallets which you DON'T want destroyed. Am i missing a feasible niche scenario where this perk isn't detrimental to you? This is sounding like predator or beast of prey where its only good for "getting the adept (killer's name) achievement".


  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 2,967
    edited June 9

    Almost any safe or super safe pallet should be broken by most killers immediately.

    Dissolution opens up the possibility of you not having to do this immediately by zoning the survivor away from that tile.

    The problem is that so many maps have ridiculous setups to where this zoning potential is completely worthless, and because it gives the survivor a notification that you have it, realistically you're only going to be able to use it on killers that are already strong in the in-between (like Huntress or Blight) and don't really need the extra help.

    In a world where map design wasn't this bad, this perk would be okay on everyone.

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 796

    The perk needs some changes, for instance the 3 sec window between the survivor being injured and the perk actually activating needs to be removed. If a survivor gets injured it should immediately enable the perk, the duration also needs to be increased from 16 to 24 seconds at least.

  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 594

    It definitely only works for some loops, but the loops that it does work at, it can be helpful. Loops like the pallet rock loops can sometimes benefit with this perk and other loops that are just big enough for you to mind game and force them to vault the pallet back and forth. It gets rid of those stand offs where you hit someone over a pallet and then they wait to vault back. Although, since you can see that this perk is active from the survivor side, you can just avoid it. I think they should get rid of the notification for it (survivor can count to 23 seconds if they want). Overall, I don't see this perk being useful for everyone, but it can work.

    I've had one game where this perk kind of screwed me over, but that was my first game and I got trapped in the garage on Gas Heaven an got downed because of the pallet next to the car getting destroyed when I vaulted it. Although, that was my first game, so I think I was more enamored with the Dredge in front of me instead of looking at the debuffs.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 536

    When you're low key kinda outclassed by brutal strength.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,830

    Im currently playing Yui with Any Mean, because of Dredge so wanted for survivors to vault (when they usually left the loops), I picked up at least 3-5 pallets each match vs him.

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 828

    If it weren't for the 3 second window this Perk would be fun on Legion.

    Someone drops a pallet, you vault over it and Frenzy them, then 9 times out of 10 they'll just slide right back over the pallet to get away from you to keep you from cancelling and following up with a regular hit.

  • Maelstrom808Maelstrom808 Member Posts: 132

    This perk baffles me as to why it comes on Dredge as in most situations it would be useful, his husk teleport is a far more reliable anti-loop mechanism.

  • jesterkindjesterkind Member Posts: 3,684

    As others have pointed out, the point is probably to leave pallets up instead of breaking them, and they'll be broken in a different chase. Saves you time on having to break pallets yourself.

    It's a perfectly adequate perk that probably just needs a few number tweaks.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 4,043

    I see no situation where you really want a pallet broken, and a survivor will vault it more than 3 seconds AFTER you hit them, but not before it expires, AND you won't be wasting more time trying to make the perk work than you would have just breaking the pallet.

    Chances are you're getting nothing at all out of this perk, and you'll be leaving strong pallets on the map to screw you over later if you TRY to use it.

  • AraphexAraphex Member Posts: 460

    I had it equipped every game yesterday and saw it trigger maybe 2 times. Survivors were also slow vaulting at full health while I had the remnant out to anti-loop and it was worthless. I couldn't move fast enough so I just figured it's either one or the other. It might be good with other killers, but not with the Dredge. The Dredge needs other killer perks to be good. There should be a discussion somewhere here talking about killer builds for the Dredge because none of his perks actually work well with him.

  • CluelessClueless Member Posts: 314

    I have been running Lightborn on Killer, because of the Residual Manifest Survivors. Free hits, gotta love meta gaming a new patch lmao

  • ViskodViskod Member Posts: 828

    I have been loving it the few times that I'll hit someone, and Dissolution will light up, only to immediately go on cooldown because some survivor who is in my terror radius somewhere else, fast vaulted a dropped pallet for literally no reason and got it broken.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,750

    I can see it being useful on killers that survivors like to pre-drop pallets against like maybe Clown. For instance Clown with this plus Infectious Fright can down someone and, if they get a ping, immediately get into a new chase against someone who if they vault a pallet they’re screwed.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,750

    Ironically Dissolution isn’t as good on Dredge because it doesn’t work while the killer is Undetectable. You want to use it on a killer that survivors will pre-drop the pallets and who has a terror radius.

  • N8dogN8dog Member Posts: 535

    So one arguement i've seen is that you hit them by that safe pallet and they vault it then it gets destroyed... It's a SAFE PALLET. They aren't going to get hurt by it. You should just break it anyway. This perk is just outclassed by brutal strength and spirit fury. The "worst thing" that ever happens with spirit fury is they know you'll trigger it so they drop it early so you need to break it which is GREAT anyway because you're burning a limited resource away. Dissolution i think is the worst killer perk since beast of prey which some people say has some good to it atleast because you can surprise around a corner without circling. When you're down there with beast of prey and predator you KNOW you're just plain awful! I say monstrous shrine is a better perk than this. Sure it's not often that you'll gain its benefit (maybe once or twice per match on average) but at least it IS a benefit and the effects do not backfire on you.

  • Yogerman1997Yogerman1997 Member Posts: 350

    the 3 seconds should be removed and stay for ...30 seconds?

    while doing my adept with the new killer, i never get profit from it

    every time a survivor vaulted a pallet after hit them, was before the 3 seconds...

    or just use my hit sprint to go full W until the effect dissapear

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