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Gotta love how every killer since Pinhead basically has no counter.



  • KillerKiryu47KillerKiryu47 Member Posts: 41
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    There was nobody trying to legitimately help. The most upvoted replies are insults and dismissive. Is it so wrong to treat them the same? The only flaw pointed out that I went back on is Sadako. Everything else still stands and nobody offers real advice or counterpoints. It's all just "you're bad", "they're easy to counter lol (doesn't explain how)", or "I have no problems. (Provides nothing of substance)" without one single reply trying to earnestly disprove my claim and either deviates or goalmoves.

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  • CarthCarth Member Posts: 877
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    And yet killer kill rates have been dropping universally to ~50% since BHVR released stats, some killers were around 70% a few years back. The fact that you keep saying hit validation is not a buff is strange. It's a design choice that strengthens survivors, if generators get changed to take greater than 80 seconds is that not a buff to killers?

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  • CosmicParagonCosmicParagon Member Posts: 1,012

    Demogorgon is LEAGUES better than Sadako. He can place his portals wherever he wants, and survivors not only take longer to cleanse them but also are hit by Oblivious while doing so. He even gets solid anti-loop besides, which Sadako sorely lacks

  • GwintyGwinty Member Posts: 837
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    Killrates are a difficult thing thou.

    Even on the side you used it shows that we once again should ask for nerfs to Pig. She has a 61,4% kill rate and that while only being picked 2,23%. That is higher than even the so called "best killer" in the game, aka Nurse, with 5,87% pickrate and only 51,54% killrate (perfectly balanced it seems)...

    Now aside from sarcasm: Kill rates are a joke as long as you do not know certain variables. And those are player skill on both sides. Going just by the killrate any killer with below 49,29% killrate (the average) should get a buff. However then you see what monsters are lurking there and you can quickly understand that something is off about the data.

    Most killrates are highly susceptible to SoloQ issues (Pinhead), new survivors (Pig) or the people playing the Killer (Twins).

    Pinhead has a mechanic that is not that strong as soon as survivor organize a bit and know how to solve that cube. However as soon as they either let a chainhunt happen, try to solve the cube in Pinheads face (I had multiple instances of this as Pinhead) or just do not know how to solve it things go down, resulting in a 57% killrate for Pinhead.

    Pig is just a mechanic that new player can not deal with. A widely know issue. Even the best Pigs struggle quit a lot more that the average Blight player.

    And then there are some issues like Twins. They are quit powerful, I would argue for A tier but that is personal. However people are just not enjoying them and only bring them for challenges or memes. Serious Twin players however are quit strong. Yet their Killrate does not reflect it.

    As such my conclusion is that killrates are merely an indicator for things. A good database should at least add additional information about MMR or skill, DCs and perks used to get the usable results.

  • MunqaxusMunqaxus Member Posts: 2,752

    Only because Demogorgon is cute. He's like a puppy.

    The thing is, you still have to waste the time to go to where ever you want a portal and then waste the time to place it. Then if you placed a portal in a bad spot, you can't do anything about it.

    Freddy and Sadako teleport to any gen they want, right out of the box. No need for setup. And even though the time is longer on teleports, at least with Freddy, I've never had a problem with the amount of time in between. Sadako television times does seem longer than necessary but they also serve the purpose of wasting survivor times by either shutting them off or risking Sadako teleporting to them.

  • TheLastHookTheLastHook Member Posts: 495

    Sure the Trapper is OP and no counters and playing SWF in voice comms is all good.

    Give survis infinite Dead Hard then.

  • TheLastHookTheLastHook Member Posts: 495
  • TheLastHookTheLastHook Member Posts: 495

    Survivors in that video are either playing with you or terrible. Like...

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,623

    "No need for set-up". This pretty much tells me you've never even played the Killers you're talking about.

    Freddy needs ~45 seconds at the start of The Trial to teleport, and then goes on a 10 second cooldown if he cancels it.

    Sadako requires 30 seconds for her TVs to turn on, and then they go on a 100 second cooldown after, or 60 seconds if a Survivor turns them off.

    Demogorgon requires ~15 seconds to set up either 2-4 Portals (or even just 1 Portal, which takes 1 second), at which point he already has ~1/3 of the Map covered in a web, forcing Survivors to seal his Portals, which is already more slowdown than Sadako can ever dream of

  • ACleverName4MeACleverName4Me Member Posts: 341

    People are still trying to learn how to play as and against the dredge. Pinhead has built in slowdown and has great synergy with many perks. Artist and Dredge(and any killer even nurse and blight really) is counter by holding W.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,674
  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 3,105

    I feel the pain in this post very much.

    The devs need to hard stop ignoring survivors and giving them poo poo every DLC when killer is a monster with tremendous map pressure, anti-loop and a "third" power that completely darkens the screen so you can't even see.

    The Dredge would fine if survivors had something in this DLC that would help counter him.

    Locking a locker is even meaningless.

  • BardonBardon Member Posts: 741

    Could you please give the link to this site, I'd be interested in some data mining myself!

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 1,164

    Every new killer has a high ratio of games where the first one down just gives up but this one where yeah intolerable audio intolerable visuals noone doing anything. So many games where I'm on to the next and I still have no real games against this killer.

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