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Do You Think Dredgy Will Have a Mommy Waifu Form?

RiskyKaraRiskyKara Member Posts: 730
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So I was thinking Dredgy is actually a lot of fun, genuinely I'm having a blast in ways I never really had before. Even on my most frustrating games I feel great being able to just zoom between lockers and get the same thrill Billy players get when they just wanna go fast.

They're also super nice aesthetically, humanoid enough to feel relateable but disgusting and wretching enough to feel like an absolute monster in the pre-game or to feel anxious by its existence as a survivor. I'm also digging that whole mannequin/doll costume, the art team should be insanely proud of what they've accomplished. The attention to detail, the variety, it's incredible! After the $10 linked cosmetics that Jill had with identical heads I thought the art team was beaten down to not caring, but they've shown that they are as passionate about being a piece of horror history as we are about playing it.

Now the idea, and I know this isn't an original idea because as long as people have a heartbeat people will want things easy on the eyes and that definitely includes horror. If you think about it horror has always been equal parts lust as it has horror, and in ways that culmination creates an irresistible recipe that keeps people coming back for more. Come for the misery, stay for the Pyramid Daddy, you may be able to escape Momma Huntress' hatchet but you know that flutter in your heart will remain forever.

Continuing this logic, I would love to see a Mommy Dredgy GF skin. Obviously the whole 'eldritch void cloud' is a part of their aesthetic, but I think that can be included in their overall design. You could absolutely create a sleek dress with the negative space in the void, and even have some trim, frill, or texture from the wisps and billows to give a very feminine appearance.

The whole bulging meat and veins is typically not something you'd want to see in a cute killer, but that's fine too! We have body horror with the Artists impossibly long neck and disproportionate almost fluid arms, we have Charlotte and her gut-wreching writhing screaming mass that falls off every so often. We have the Hag who looks like beef jerky. Who can forget the delightfully disgusting vommy mommy who has equal parts disease as she does beauty. Obviously all of these are brilliant and make up the gorgeous diverse cast that keeps us coming back for more.

I think taking inspiration from that doll cosmetic would be a great start to make a nice obviously feminine inspired Mommy Dredgy, all it really takes are some luscious lips and eye-lashes and you've hit the jackpot and total mommy gold. The mannequins definitely have been done before, but how about masks? Theatrical masks, tribal masks, masquarde masks, ritualistic masks, ceremonial masks, utilitarian masks. All of them are deeply embedded and rooted in culture and absolutely lend themselves to male and female archetypal forms.

Wouldn't you love to see a Waifu Dredgy like that? Sleek, curvaceous, many feminine faces with eyes that track and looks that kill? Maybe some can be contorted into a perpetual scream, or an endless mania that moves and cackles while it chases.

In closing, make Momma Dredgy real please! I would be so excited every time I saw them come at me with death in their many impossible eyes.

P.S. Dredgy is already considered a they/them by the rest of the community, so while gender ambiguity is fine I feel as if having more masculine and feminine presenting forms is just as valid!


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