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I have been in this locker for 15 mins.



  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,511

    Honestly moments like these are part of what motivate me to keep playing.

    Although, maybe you could have survived if you ran pebble to assert dominance.

  • MarigoriaMarigoria Member Posts: 5,983

    Was able to use pebble with a Bubba before. I had given up since we were 2 left at 4 gens, I just threw the pebble right in front of him and he looked in that direction and played along and let me go, so can confirm it could have worked.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,911

    There was one time myself and another player kept hopping in lockers with tier 3 infinite Myers that had already mori'd our two teammates.

    I had hopped into a locker near the gen I was working on when he first hit tier 3 nearby, he mori'd a teammate who decided to try and loop him instead of hopping in the other locker. He pulled me out to slug me, teammates came over to pop me up. Myself and one other teammate tried working on the gen, hopping into locker when he would come over. At some point after one of the times he slugged me he caught one of my teammates for a mori when they tried looping him nearby, during this time I decided to crawl to the basement which was in the killer shack for better pick up and lockers. Teammate picked me up as Myers showed up and we both hopped into lockers.

    It was quite the standoff. He tried pulling teammate out and having them wiggle off in hopes of being able to mori them before a locker but they just hopped into locker above the basement. He ended up going back/forth between basement and upstairs in hopes of catching one of us because we'd hop out whenever he was on opposite floor. Few times he tried having us wiggle off in hopes of us being slower than him for a mori. I managed to get basement chest opened and heal myself during this. He could've easily hooked either of us in the basement but instead ended up bleeding us both out.

    I always find the Myers standoffs pretty amusing. Instead of hooking the players and getting bunch of BP to get more add-ons to try again and hope next time they'll get a team that doesn't know the counter they instead do these standoffs and eventually bleed out the survivors if the survivor doesn't give up first.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,885

    And here I am, always giving those Myers a free kill, because I know about the pain of some of those achievments and challenges.

    One cool moment was with a Yui and me as Pyramid Head. I saw her entering a jungle gym and burst in, sword in the ground ... only to find her fumbling with some glyph, and I averted my projectile just in time and patiently waited till she was finished. She then turned towards me, we both nodded, I gave her a wack and then we resumed the chase. She ended up the last survivor, so I escorted her to the hatch and wer parted ways, there.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,911

    During green glyph after gens were done I stopped in front of Trapper to grab a green glyph, he grabbed me but then let me go so I could get the glyph. I then walked over for him to hook me, he motioned for teammate to unhook after they'd opened the doors. I saw other glyphs do figured I'd grab what I could quickly find then find him for kill - I ran up to him just as EGC ended.

    There are times I will give killers kills. If the Mikeys will hook players that jump in lockers I'll be more willing to let them mori because I know they're still going to play the game with/without the counter. It's the ones that would rather have a standoff/bleed out survivors than hook them even once, I'm not just going to give them their trophy because it's hard to get.

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