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Why does this challenge exist???

SimplyPixelated06SimplyPixelated06 Member Posts: 341
edited June 14 in Feedback and Suggestions

This challenge is so hard to complete in solo-queue, I spent many matches trying my best but nope.

Perks are very necessary to escape as survivor, so it's already difficult without any BUT then to add another handicap, you have to use no mither. So you're injured the whole game and have nothing useful to help you escape.

Wish it was just using no mither, without the restriction of no perks. Thanks to this lovely nemi, I was able to complete it because he let me leave. I probably would've never completed it unless I got a really bad killer or and afk killer.

Pls look into the difficulty of challenges and make sure they are reasonable and match the level. This was a lvl 3 challenge, shoulda been bloody lvl 10 (if that lvl existed)


  • IcaursIcaurs Member Posts: 471

    The no mither challenge was honestly easier then the gen repair challenges (3 in one game). If you are having trouble try using a map and going for a hatch escape.

  • MetronixMetronix Member Posts: 132

    At some parts the challanges are pretty bad for a good round. Challanges like heal x amount of players, safly unhook x players, etc (in good faith, that they are achieved while playing good, not reclessly farmed in an unsportly manner) are fine in my eyes. They encourage teamplay and work with what you have to do in a round. But the challanges with the glyphes and those perk challanges ... well, they encourage the exact opposite. So yeah, it would be nice if BHVR looked into it.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 1,982

    Just had this in game yesterday. I was injured see a Dwight running up towards me. I think "he must be running up to heal me" nope he runs on right past me to put a VHS in the player. Even though he wasn't even close to being fully condemned, fair enough. He runs back towards me and once again I think now he's coming to heal me so I stay put like an idiot. Nope, I didn't realise I was standing right next to a green glyph and so he does that instead.

  • ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 451

    idk its not that hard tbh so what if it takes a couple games to complete atleast its not the unhook people who unhooked you earlier challenge

  • RpTheHotrodRpTheHotrod Member Posts: 350

    Not that hard, no, and it takes a couple of games, sure, but sucks to be your teammates for those two games.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,736

    At least it’s not a daily ritual, right? 🙂

    There are definitely some tome challenges I just totally skip as killer though. Like that tome challenge where you have to get two grabs off a gen in a single match. It’s difficult to grab a single good player off a gen before they cancel the grab and force the hit instead let alone two grabs, talk about a pain in the butt!

  • colley94colley94 Member Posts: 80

    Because the company that make this game do not think things through.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,370

    They completely understand that - why do you think they make them...

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,168

    No Mither - Unbreakable - Boil Over - Flip Flop + Petrified Oak

    As long as you don't get downed right next to a hook, you have a pretty decent chance of getting off, forcing the killer to slug you, and you just pick yourself back up.

  • hastarkishastarkis Member Posts: 117

    Yeah. It would be good unless there was no "no other perk(s)" thing in the description :)

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