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The Perk Overhaul and The Nurse



  • MazoobiMazoobi Member Posts: 1,339

    Oh, so console issues are magically fixed based on your comment? Do you face range/recharge nurses while playing on console?

    PC nurses dominate us. Mind telling us how to counter her then since you apparently know how to?

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,671

    I use Sprint Burst, it does nothing against a good Nurse, if you run away she cuts the distance with 2 long blinks, if you wait it to force a M1 whiff for a measly 1 second longer stun it does nothing because she will be at 2 blinks distance after she recovers.

  • Alphasoul05Alphasoul05 Member Posts: 602
    edited June 17

    "They're changing something about the game, time to use it as an excuse to justify nerfing a killer for the 5th time this week"

    She actually is put into the same tier as Blight, by the way, and you'll run into more Blight's than you do Nurse. Fun fact!

  • TheLastHookTheLastHook Member Posts: 329

    Play Nurse. Show us.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 1,264

    As if the perk overhaul is going to magically balance the game. I guarantee it will still be survivor sided

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,615

    I played comp for 2 years. I got absolutely rolled in 20 seconds by some of the best Nurse players out there. What I'm saying is that I can count on one hand the number of times I've encountered a Nurse at that level in a public match. Yes, a god tier Nurse is insanely strong. I have a hard time seeing how that is problematic though when we're debating whether one exists on an entire server. People are encountering the 99.9% of Nurse players and they think they're complaining about the 0.01%. It's a case of needing to improve, and I understand that's hard for survivors when you only see a Nurse every so often and there's a 50% chance they even know how to blink when you do see them.

  • egg_egg_ Member Posts: 999

    Basekit nurse is still perfectly fine, even without dead hard.

    What needs tuning is her strongest add-ons. She really doesn't need them to play, especially if survivors get a nerf to their best counter to her.

    Same goes for blight's add-ons though, which you seem to have declassed to lower tier than nurse's when in fact they're as much problematic if not even more in some cases (alchemist ring, compound 33).

    Sadly I can foresee already we won't see any changes to those add-ons this patch, and actually what annoys me even more is that one of the best slowdowns perk you could add to her kit, DMS, seems to go unchanged. Literally incredible

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,511

    All this has been repeated, in masse, ad nauseum in many other threads. There is a search button, use it.

  • ShoobyShooby Member Posts: 222

    No need to attempt a whataboutism here. My point in creating this post is that if Nurse is still the best killer in the game uncontested after the Perk Overhaul, there's no excuse for her to not receive some changes. I don't really think that's debatable from a game balance perspective of which I'm coming from. She has the lowest kill rate at all levels but she is regarded the best killer by all players in all roles at all levels of the game. That is not good game balance, at all.

  • CoffeecrashingCoffeecrashing Member Posts: 537

    This whole thread is a whataboutism. It's literally "If perks get overhauled, whatabout Nurse".

  • ShoobyShooby Member Posts: 222

    The Perk Overhaul is to correct a long-time stale meta on both sides, killer and survivor. If we're examining stale metas, we're examining Nurse.

  • ShoobyShooby Member Posts: 222

    If you didn't understand my comment you quoted, you don't understand game balance as a whole, not just Dead by Daylight, and that's okay.

  • Iron_CutlassIron_Cutlass Member Posts: 372

    You think Pig has anti-loop? Maybe on Midwich, yea sure, but basically nothing on any other map. Hear a roar? Just W key away. Ambush is meant for just what it's name is, ambushing survivors, getting them when their guard is down or when they are in a tough position... or just getting right behind the Obsession because you want to keep those sweet STBFL stacks. Otherwise, it's kind of just useless.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 1,264

    The only thing you said is that people think she is good so she should be nerfed. Perks getting changed isn’t going to change the fact that this game’s mechanics are fundamentally broken. It will still be survivor sided unless that is massively changed

  • Iron_CutlassIron_Cutlass Member Posts: 372

    People using killrates as evidence to defend Nurse dont understand that killrates literally mean nothing.

    Pinhead has the highest killrate, is he overpowered because of it? No, most regard Pinhead as weak. He doesnt have that huge of a learning curve so a lot of killers are prone to pick him up. He comes with built in slowdown that can be quite oppressive against new players that arent equipped or knowledgeable enough to handle it. But experienced players can handle it quite well. So high killrates mean nothing... what about low killrates?

    The issue with using killrates to defend Nurse is that killrates doesnt consider all possible skill levels for Nurse. Nurse is insanely strong mechanically, the ability to ignore all the fundamentals "rules of looping" is a powerful tool, and the high killrates with experienced Nurses which heavily reflect that; but someone who is new to Nurse is going to be horrible because of how different her mechanics are to others killers. And if a majority of players reflecting killrates are new or mediocre players, it's going to heavily sway the killrates just as it does with a killer like Pinhead. Heck, most people that play Nurse are probably doing it for Adept, Daily Rituals, or/and Archive Challenges, at least according to most Nurses Ive asked.

    Killrates ≠ How Good Or Bad A Killer Is

  • ShoobyShooby Member Posts: 222

    I said she has the lowest kill rate but is the best killer. None of these two points are debatable. Please read my comments before quoting me, I'm begging you.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,511

    Let's assume it's true.

    The only explanation would be she is so hard to use that it requires a lot of effort and skill to use her effectively. Something most players apparently don't or can't do.

    Which means survivors losing against her are losing against someone with a lot of training and skill. Certainly way more of both than what they have.

    I find that more than acceptable. Any survivor training even a fraction of what a good Nurse player had to endure would have no issue against her.

    Losing against someone better who trains harder should feel normal to everyone. If anything, the real issue here is all the other killers weak players don't complain about.

    Instead of crying, play her and watch how decent survivors are cleaning the floor with you. You may even start to understand how to play against her yourself.

    Or you can continue being wrong (and that's 0K). Just don't expect to be taken seriously.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,785

    That won't solve the problem of her being op in comparison to any other killer, holding the game's balance back.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,114

    Uh, I just think you don't have any even decent survivors on your server if you don't know how fair nurse matches are.

  • Iron_CutlassIron_Cutlass Member Posts: 372

    This is also a fair point.

    With perk balance, they have to consider all possibilities (sometimes they miss the mark, but they tend to fix things eventually), Nurse is one of the hugest reasons why a lot of perks are weaker than they should be, I think there is one huge category of perks that get thier effects reduced solely because of Nurse... Aura Reading and Exposed.

    One of the hugest counterplays to Nurse is unpredictability and breaking line of sight. Aura Reading perks complete remove these as options for the survivor. There is a reason why Ive seen a lot of Nurses using perks like H: Retribution or SH: Floods of Rage; because they are insanely good on Nurse, they allow the Nurse to get a hit in a situation where otherwise they wouldnt. But perks such as these held back just because of the entire mechanical design behind Nurse.

    Exposed is another, since Nurse's swings count as a basic attack, they are able to get value from exposed perks. This one is kind of a no brainer as to how this is an issue. You have a killer with insanely quick chases with the ability to insta-down a survivor, this is of course considering that your pairing it with Aura Reading perks as well. Perks like Starstruck (paired with Agitation) are absolute powerhouse perks, but a perk like Starstruck on it's own can have varying strengths depending on the killer, but most basic killers dont get as insane of value as Nurse gets with it.

    Of course combining the two you still have the insane combo of H: Haunted Grounds, H: Undying, and H: Retribution, the thing that ive seen Nurses use to 4K at 5 gens all because of a single cleanse of H: Haunted Grounds, but suggesting the Nurse messed up or got unlucky they still have another opportunity to proc the effect... But Im just going to assume people are going to sweep that under the rug just as fast as Nurses sweep survivors into the Entity's grasp.

  • MurgleïsMurgleïs Member Posts: 578

    LOL, use Haunted Grounds at high mmr and see what happens.

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 724

    Let me say this again: Korean server.

    I don't think I need to say more...

  • ShoobyShooby Member Posts: 222

    If your argument against Nurse being the best killer in the game and having the lowest kill rate is that myself and other survivors are just bad at the game and that Nurse takes a lot of practice because she is mechanically demanding, think about it this way. The best Blight, who's widely regarded as the second best killer in the game, doesn't hold a candle to the best Nurse. Both are mechanically intensive and have very high skill ceilings, but Nurse's capacity to break the game blows Blight's out of the water. Not only that, Blight performs ok at all levels and all ranks based on the kill rate statistics even though his Lethal Rush power is very difficult. Nurse is an outlier who is a very, very poor representation of game balance.

    Once again, instead coming here emotionally charged saying myself and others are bad at the game and that I'm "crying," you could take a moment to actually think about what I'm saying and try to debate that instead.

  • Iron_CutlassIron_Cutlass Member Posts: 372

    Have you considered bringing perks that make survivors want to cleanse totems then? H: Ruin and H: Devour Hope do a good job at that. My point still stands regardless, a lot of perks are held back just because of Nurse being mechanically the strongest killer.

  • versacefengversacefeng Member Posts: 366

    You say that as if nurse doesn't defy the game's chase fundamentals.

  • SowbugSowbug Member Posts: 111
    edited June 18

    In addition to this, if a nurse were to make a mistake with their blink, she can still easily get a hit due to the completely unintentional mind game. Something that should be incredibly punishing can fall so flat from being so. It's actually quite astounding...

  • VikingDragonXiiVikingDragonXii Member Posts: 1,844

    No her powers are special and you can't do the same cookie cutter escapes like with others. She has counter plays just people don't want to learn them and instead want nerfs

  • MazoobiMazoobi Member Posts: 1,339

    Yep! Chases against her are very inconsistent and good to god nurses will end up picking up a survivor's tactics.

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