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nurse nerf? why?

ok lets be real yes she still is strong and her add ons can make her old power come back so it seems counter productive... but why nerf her? lets be real even decent nurse wont win every match and you can have counterplay, double back, if she teleports in your face then just change the plan and keep running, ive done that mid match and then the nurse couldnt get me because she was used to catching survs who would only double back. its a 1v1 so you have to realize that if she knows what youre gonna do then do what she doesnt think youll do and when she sees you do that find out how long it takes her to realize and change her style. if she doesnt adjust she is a bad nurse, if she does adjust then you know you have to constantly switch and be unpredictable.

i digress, nurse is fine, because although she is way too strong at the highest level, its not because its easy. she is easy to pick up, but at the end of the day if you dont have great intuition or lets say gamer sense and can switch playstyles at an instant for every survivor, then you cant reach that level. that level is also rare. most people just dont know what to do against nurse at a somewhat higher level, as soon as a nurse can hit blinks and mindgames survivors scramble. she isnt like old spirit where a good headset could make you great. she requires real skill and most people just dont have that skill. nurse could always be tweaked but not nerfed



  • MommyHunktressMommyHunktress Member Posts: 634

    i mean true in a way. but i still think nurse is fine being strong, you cant really compare her to anything and even swf arent all that until the highest level. i do think everything should be adjusted i just dont know how much.

  • MommyHunktressMommyHunktress Member Posts: 634

    but why does no busted nurse exist anymore? they are all gone or doing tournaments ORRR at the highest mmr. btw i guarantee you and I are not the best survivors so we dont go against busted nurse. we go against nurses who practice to kill us and we can easily outplay if we actually try and read her plays. nurse is fine at every level except the highest level and high level somewhat because her blinks recharge a little too fast. plus how could you change her?

  • SowbugSowbug Member Posts: 113

    tfw a killer can make a major mistake and still capitalize on it

  • ProudRinMainProudRinMain Member Posts: 137
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    Stop saying “ if you have a good headset, You’ve mastered Spirit “ it’s literally cringeworthy….what even is that logic? If you’ve Played against really good survivors consistently as “ Old “ spirir you’d know a “ good “ headset only helps when you’re close to a survivor , seeing as good survivors will make that first hit as hard for you to get as possible and also not to mention most of these survivors if not all run IW

  • WaveyTreyWaveyTrey Member Posts: 481
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    Complaining about how a ghost acts in a horror-like game… Is like complaining about pepperoni on a pepperoni pizza…

    DBD has multiple killers with “ghost” powers. The devs broke the powers into separate killers instead of one superpowered ghost. Wraith can turn invisible like a ghost. Spirit can phase out like a ghost, but she still has to move around physical things. Nurse is a true ghost like in the films. Phasing through whatever objects you try to use. “Real” ghosts don’t care about walls, doors, or whatever you try to use.

    Nurse is amongst the only killers that provides the game with the feeling it should. Filling survivors (Players) with dread and hopelessness. That’s why her learning curve makes up for how OP she CAN be. People complain about good Nurses because they wanna brag about escaping/outplaying them more often. You aren’t meant to escape really good nurses. It’s a freaking ghost!! It’ll get everyone.

  • drsoontmdrsoontm Member Posts: 2,878

    The Nurse has the lowest kill rate and most agree there are a lot of bad Nurses and a handful of good ones. (Survivors who are winning often are probably going against a good one from time to time.)

    She is so hard to use that it requires a lot of effort and skill to use her effectively. Something most players apparently don't want or are unable to do.

    Which means survivors losing against her are losing against someone who had put a lot more effort in it than what they are ready to do.

    I find that more than acceptable. Any survivor training even a fraction of what a good Nurse player had to endure would have no issue against her.

    Losing against someone better who trains harder should feel normal to everyone. If anything, the real issue here is all the other killers weak players don't complain about.

    Instead of complaining, survivors should play her and watch how decent survivors are cleaning the floor with them. They may even start to understand how to play against her themselves.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 13,207

    That would also mean, that the devs need to buff all killers in return. Like heavily, to compensate the now even wider gap.

  • WaveyTreyWaveyTrey Member Posts: 481
    edited June 18

    The point of The Killer is to create the experience that you’re up against a specific monster. In the case with the Nurse you experience what’s it’s like to deal with a “real” ghost. Appealing to the fickle multiplayer experience is always second. So no there won’t be any “fairness” against any “real” ghost. She’ll always be broken and unbalanced because ghosts break all the known laws that we have to apply. 😂

    You don’t face nurses every day. On top of that you don’t face really good nurses every day. When you face a Nurse we either escape because the player is laughably bad, or we all die swiftly because the player is insanely good. People just wanna win more against the best ones as to brag.

  • Little_KittenLittle_Kitten Member Posts: 565
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    Except for the fact that she is not too strong at a high level; otherwise, it would be 4K against any expert survivor team; I agree.

    If you say that, then you don't know how to play against it, you've never played with it, and your only perspective is that of a survivor.

    Most of the guys who come crying on the forums like "The ugly nurse is too strong, help!" are just survivors who may be good against other killers, but are otherwise incompetent at playing AGAINST the nurse.

    As a result, they can't accept (hurt in their pride? Maybe...) the fact that if the nurse is "too strong", it's just that THEY are not good enough.

    But it's so much easier to complain than to try to improve. Typical.

    In fact, saying "She's hard to control so it's okay that she's so strong" is not entirely true.

    The reason "she's so strong" is mainly because most survivors do NOT know how to play against her.

    And that's actually normal, from a technical point of view.

    The game has 28 killers.

    Of those 28 killers, 27 are walkers.

    This means that the game is over 96% filled with killers on which the classic techniques (loop shack, jungle gym, fake pallets, connecting loops, etc.) work.

    In other words, the survivors learn much faster how to counter the so-called "classic" killers, since that's almost all they encounter (from a purely statistical point of view).

    So, necessarily, when they come across the nurse, or more exactly when they come across the only killer that has to be countered by OTHER THINGS than these basic mechanics, they have less inexperience.

    And that's normal.

    The problem is that most survivors imagine that having 3000 hours of play and running into a classic killer should mean that it should be the same with the nurse.

    And out of pride and hubris, they refuse to question themselves.

    The other day I was playing the nurse. I ran into a streamer who had 3500+ hours under his belt.

    On his other streams, he is pretty good against other killers.

    I folded him in 10s with my nurse. Not because I was particularly "OP", but because the guy did NO double-back, almost always went straight, and was 150% predictable.

    Guys do NOT know how to play against the nurse.

    That's it.

    "If anything, the real issue here is all the other killers weak players don't complain about."

    Exactly. However, why don't the survivors complain about the weak killers and only about the nurse?

    Simply because "weak" killers are good for them, for the survivors, because it makes them feel superior; it is important that these killers do not become a "threat" to the survivors who are so full of themselves.

    On the other hand, the nurse, well yes, let's see, she can be better than them, so yes, she must be completely nerfed, let's see, it's logical.

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  • Grandpa_Crack_PipeGrandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 3,121

    Okay, I'm glad the only reason anyone has played this game for over 10 hours is your second priority.

  • WaveyTreyWaveyTrey Member Posts: 481
    edited June 18

    It’s not an excuse. It’s the reality of what the devs want. The players winning constantly have hundreds, possibly thousands of hours of gameplay. Even against really good Nurses. If a player decimates as Nurse it’s because they’re pretty good. Meaning you’re complaining about someone being good at the game. 😂

    One trick is playing Nurse, not mastering Nurse. That’s what I did. Learn the basics of her blinks. If you play her consistently enough you’ll notice survivors always take you to specific locations where you might blink through the ground, or where you lunge into fire barrels. From there you learn how to deal with all of that, or give up playing her. As survivor I simply incorporated that knowledge the best way I can to escape chases with Nurses. There’s plenty of videos to watch to learn counter play as well.

  • GiveMeTheBoxGiveMeTheBox Member Posts: 297

    The problem is her potential. A decent nurse player is fun to go against; a 3000 hour Nurse main is borderline impossible to play against.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 13,207

    But nurse obviously gets nerfed for the very same reason SWF doesn´t get touched. After that, the threads about Blight only matches will arise. You are aware of that, are you?

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,741

    I use to agree with your sentiment for years, but in 2022 it’s no longer fun to vs. a nurse in her current state. More and more players have mastered her, and are very proficient with her. So much in fact, I agree with the argument that the average player can not do anything against her. Hell, I’m not even convinced a lot of advance players stand a chance. They probably can put up a good fight if they’re in a team, but if they’re solo they’ll most likely fall victim to her at some point of the match. It’s like delaying the inevitable. Just a couple of days ago I typed in someone’s thread that she’s fine and to leave her alone. It’s now been 48 hours later, and idk no any more. I’m leaning in favor of her getting nerfed.

    ‘Too many Nurse players know how to limit your options for misdirection, so that when they blink, they can literally cover all your escape routes with the second blink and guarantee a hit. It’s TRULY amazing. And I would be one of those crying “Hax!,” had I not seen some of these Nurse players call out where the survivor was going next on live stream. I can literally feel my eyes open wide like “HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW THE SURVIOR WAS GOING TO DO THAT??” The same survivor could look back, not look back, zig zag, run straight, stand still around corners, break line of sight, hide crouched down, hide in lockers, stand still, tea bag, give up-it didn’t matter. A hit every single f’n time. I;m seeing this for myself and I STILL can’t believe how skilled these nurse players are. Pair that up with matchmaking sending these players to low-mid MMR with disgusting builds (Starstruck Infectious Fright Nurse) and a tryhard mentality, then it’s no wonder the player base is calling for a nerf.

  • WaveyTreyWaveyTrey Member Posts: 481
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    It’s impossible to balance the experience of dealing with specific monsters/perks while appealing to the multiplayer’s satisfaction of winning/losing. Not without ruining the whole thing. Poorly designed monsters will always fall short, and will not be used. Nurse is a well-designed monster despite the bugs. That’s what all killers in DBD should be. Potential based where someone who is dedicated to the killer will win all the time due to practice. Not just some technically designed monster in which everyone can get free kills with very little practice. Imo Spirit and Blight are worse. They’re just as strong, but easier to learn. Even their add ons are typical more powerful.

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397

    Huh? where did they confirmed that she gets a nerf?

  • Little_KittenLittle_Kitten Member Posts: 565

    Simply because the players who play the nurse train relentlessly, instead of asking for the surviving bad guys to be nerfed.

    What you are describing is simply nurse playing their characters seriously.

    To the survivors to do the same.

    And ... yes, it's a little more complicated to win against a nurse than it is to win against Caleb in Lery ... the Survivors are going to have to figure that out at some point ...

  • fulltononfulltonon Member Posts: 4,397

    "Not very good players calling nerfs for matching against good killer with good skill", yeah no wonder that happens, but then there is no reason to hear that.

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