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Why is Overzealous getting Changed but not Prove Thyself?

It makes legitimately no sense. Overzealous is a perk that just released and hasn't even done enough numbers to justify a change, yet you're also not changing Prove Thyself in any capacity despite it clearly showing it's a problem for the game.

Why? Why would you do this?



  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 2,933

    I didn’t even realize earlier that it wasn’t on there. I agree they should change it.

  • chatgiraffechatgiraffe Member Posts: 36

    im pretty sure that around 6 years of Prove in its current state existing in the game would be enough data to show that it lets survivors blitz through generators much faster than normal. Already seeing it a ######### ton since the event, and once gen regression is nerfed survivors are gonna realize how broken it is. Plus, since DH will be obliterated and they wont be able to actually loop or chase anymore, they can use this to substitute their lack of skill.

  • Clockwork_EnigmaClockwork_Enigma Member Posts: 165

    Are there any plans to look into Prove Thyself in the future, at least?

  • Jeromy137Jeromy137 Member Posts: 188

    Prove thyself hasn't been like this for 6 years it used to be dog shyte before they buffed it and nerfed leader like I think 2 or 3 years ago

  • Persephone_Persephone_ Member Posts: 94

    Prove Thyself is not that much of an issue.

    - Your average Discordance enjoyer

    Jokes aside, I do like to rind Discordance but Prove Thyself shines when there are two or less gens left and 3-4 survivors alive. In ideal scenario you will generate pressure at that point that means two people don't even have the time to be on a gen together. If that's not the case, you were probably going to lose this one either way. At the same time, Prove Thyself can be a bit of an issue if the Baby Dwight is following me all over the map all game long, hoping to do a gen with me. 😅

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,234

    They're likely buffing basekit regression, which in turn comes with nerfing regression perks and Overzealous is probably getting a buff.

  • NorhcNorhc Member Posts: 399
    edited June 17

    Pop, Tinkerer, Pain Resonance, Ruin nerfed. PT left alone. Pretty good job so far, as per usual. Can't wait for the 4min matches against gen-hungry SWFs.

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,091

    I'm back into discordance since playing more artist.

    Also my worst early game feeling used to be double discordance lighting up immediately but lethal pursuer showing four survivors spawning by four different gens is vastly worse :(

  • Persephone_Persephone_ Member Posts: 94

    Trust me, I know the feeling. 😂 But at least with Discordance I'll know where they are and can decide if I need to prioritise one gen over the other as it's in a good three-gen. Without it, both gens might be popping in my face. 🙈 I like Lethal Pursuer as well because having a decent early game.js so valuable - but like you, I've sometimes had that feeling I've lost as I spawn in. Discordance is a great endgame perk as well though (and that's where it really counters Prove Thyself well).

  • AneurysmAneurysm Member Posts: 5,091

    Yeah I feel either corrupt/discordance/LP is kind of essential unless you're willing to risk having a horrible early game (which is sometimes fine), and I got bored of corrupt long ago even though it's probably the strongest choice. Then after a LP phase I went back to discordance on most killers except blight because I'll won't turn down the opportunity to get my first hit 10 secs into the match 😋

  • ohheyitsbobcatohheyitsbobcat Member Posts: 1,282

    I think people really overestimate prove thyself. It's not a bad perk by any means but it's hardly OP.

    It saves about 6 seconds with 2 people, 8 seconds with 3 and around 11 with 4. This time save is also not nearly as efficient as soloing gens as the time save comes from negating the efficiency loss of working together. As in, it takes 80 seconds to solo a gen and 41 with prove thyself where otherwise it'd take 47.

    It's more useful for knocking out a problematic gen and maxing objective rather then straight up rushing them.

    For reference, the base brown toolbox with no add-ons saves around 5 seconds while the commodious saves around 11, again no add-ons. Toolboxs can also be brought by everyone without needing to waste a perk slot or needing someone else to get the benefit.

    I think Prove Thyself is perfectly fine as it's basically just a toolbox in perk form.

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 434

    Honestly lets just wait for the base changes. It might change Prove Thyself subtly by making it even less efficient then it already is to work on generators together.

    Granted I'm not holding my breath, but innocent until proven guilty I guess?

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 798

    I just want to see "Dissolution" (Dredge's pallet perk) buffed into a viable state. Right now the 3 second activation delay as well as the notification for survivors that the perk is enabled make it pretty much worthless. The survivor is either already over that downed pallet before the perk can take action or they're off to the next loop. It's simply not good.

  • Persephone_Persephone_ Member Posts: 94

    Well... Im still at that stage where I don't have everything unlocked on everyone - at 1000 hours in. 😅 So my loadout heavily depends just on that - I have to play with what I have unlocked. But you know what? I somehow like it most of the time as it's forcing me to be more creative around using the perks I have available.

  • OogieBoogieOogieBoogie Member Posts: 164

    Exactly. It's also more strategic to split up on gens. It's far easier for the killer to get survivors off one gen than 3-4 scattered across the map. If everyone sits on a single gen and the killer interrupts then progress is completely halted. If they were on separate gens, only one would stop progressing while the others continue. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket." Prove Thyself only really shines when preventing or breaking up a 3-gen.

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 2,260

    What if it broke the next pallet dropped as well, whichever happens first

  • CanasCanas Member Posts: 798

    Even if it did that, the 3 second delay needs to be removed. What's stopping a survivor from throwing a pallet down right after being hit? The perk wouldn't be able to react in time due to the damn delay.

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 1,896

    the problem is that it increases repair speed by 30% by counter-acting the penalty, 30% is a lot of repair speed. co-op 2-3 gens which the survivor will naturally do based off the teamwork nature of the game saves 6-7 seconds per gen. If you co-op all 5 generators, you reduce total objective time by 30-34 seconds. that is like the killer using current pain resonance nearly 3 times, each pain resonance is 12 seconds. so it does ~44% progression.

    I don't think anyone overestimates the perk. If anything this perk is underestimated because its not used enough despite having near game-breaking effect. Its pick-rate is way too low in my opinion. I think survivor would overall win a lot more often if they used this perk due to fast-objective time.

    As Peanut states, there is only so many perks that can get changed in 1 chapter. Overzealous is completely useless because it takes 15 seconds to cleanse a totem+the time to find a totem, so in order to gain anything from 6% repair speed, you'd have to do a minimum of 3 generators to counter-act cleansing time and +2 generators if you don't find the totem right away. This isn't talking about how the perk disables upon any injury. current Overzealous perk is worse than not bringing it. it is No-mither-levels

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    I only recently started running Prove Thyself in response to the meta of killers bringing 3-4 slow downs in almost every game. Along with the toolbox nerf, of course, and killers who passively stop you from playing the game, like Pinhead, Nemesis, the Artist, and even Sadako with the tapes. It's your job to stop survivors from doing the gens. And I hate to tell you, but Prove Thyself only works if your teammates are willing to do gens. Play solo for a while and see how many times your teammates ALL stop playing and expect everyone else to finish the last few gens for them. If they even start doing gens at all.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    Doing gens is how survivors win. Do you really expect your opponents to help you win the game? I guess you should purposely slow down your hooks, huh?

  • THE_Crazy_HyenaTHE_Crazy_Hyena Member Posts: 27

    In all fairness, Overzealous is a bit weak, considering how you must first find and break a totem, then avoid the killer at all cost, to maybe get a 6% increase to gen-speed (In other terms: shaving off roughly 4 seconds from a standard repair), while co-op'ing with Prove Thyself takes roughly half the time to finish (I think it takes 37 seconds to two-man a gen with PT, and 76 to finish one solo with OZ).

    Toolboxes and BNP's can shave off even more time. I heard a full 4-man SWF set the record at 6 seconds for a single gen.

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