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Truly, Nurse Is Fine Because of These Main Reasons

It's hit or miss with nurse, they're even super good vets or really bad. Let me go deeper into this.

1. It's 50/50 if you go up against a nurse and they are good or bad. If they are bad that's an insta escape but if they are good then you would probably get booty clapped, especially if you're jane. But the fact that veteran players that don't play nurse much, try out nurse and are not good with her is a huge factor why she is fine. A good killer main can go from myers to Pyramid head and be good with both, but if someone transfered to nurse it would take alot of time to get good and people arnt that dedicated especially newer players.

2. You don't really go against nurses even in high MMR. Don't say you go against a nurse every match cause you really don't. Console players don't play nurse (or atleast good at her), and PC pro nurse mains get tired of her too. Now Nintendo switch nurse mains are bangers. I give all my respect to them. I maybe go against a nurse 1/15 matches and I'm Fairley high on mmr (atleast I think).

3. Nurse is a good fall back for killers, especially people that want to rank up to iri. You get destroyed by a bully squad? Go to nurse and beat some ass. But again this is rare because people don't know how to player her.



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