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Incredible, Underrated Perks People Need To Use More? Killers And Survivors Welcome!

StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,234
edited June 18 in General Discussions

Let's list our off meta and slightly off meta perks that we always use, and find work well for us.

I'll start.


Discordance. This is, in my opinion, the *best* info perk killers have, and if it wasn't for Spinechill, it would be the best info perk in the game. Far too many people neglect info perks that aren't BBQ, and this one is almost as good as LP early game and keeps right on giving all game.

Floods of Rage. Another great info perk, but you'll need to combo it with Agitation to make it reliable, and then you might as well throw in Pain Resonance too. It's not amazing on everyone, but on any roaming, snowbally killer like Oni or Plague, it's incredible.

Call of Brine. I'm using this more and more these days. It's good on it's own - a nice mix of info and regression, but combo it with Pop, Oppression or any other 'kicky' perk, and it's a force of nature.

Pentimento. This perk has straight up carried me at times, as a combo with Plaything. For some reason, survivors will cleanse the Plaything ASAP, but ignore the Penti, as it has an invisible effect that turns the game into a mire. Get two up and, if you can defend them, it's a nightmare. Works best on killers with sustained mobility, using Plaything as a platform (which sadly makes it weaker on Onryo and Wraith). I run it on Demo and Dredge almost every game now, and it melts faces. It's also nutso amazing on any 'objective' killer, like Cenobite and Pig, as between Plaything, Penti, SAW traps and The Box, you'll make people run all over the map. It's also decent on Nemesis.

Iron Maiden. Saw Otz running this on Trickster and it made me go 'huh, that's a brilliant idea'. Speeds up reloads (shaves off a lot of time over the course of a long match)...plus, plenty of survivors just love lockers, and will instinctively hop into one - and even if you only get one instadown in a match, this seems to make people panic.


Empathy. The aura reading is incredible, you'll always know where to go to heal someone - and more importantly, you'll generally know who is being chased and where, allowing you to be on the spot for a save or a sabo.

Windows of Opportunity. This often gets ignored as a 'noob' perk, but even now that I've got a good feel for survivor (sort of), it still saves my butt at least once a game. Knowing where certain things spawned, which pallets are still up and sometimes even where a chase is happening is a godsend.

Built to Last. Infinite medkit? Yes please.

Boon: Shadowstep. This perk should scare killers more. Well sited, it can cover most of the map and negates all aura reading, as well as scratch marks - countering a lot of perks and addons and confusing all but the most experienced killers in a chase.

Camaraderie/Kinship. Literally the only answer I've found to a camping Bubba.


  • CleverotterCleverotter Member Posts: 70

    For underrated perks, I would have to go with rookie spirit 100%. It’s really easy to activiate, lets you know which gens to prioritize, and can give you info on the killer.

  • BrokenSouIBrokenSouI Member Posts: 6,524

    Detectives hunch. People like to claim you need to do all 5 totems to counter noed, but no. Just a quick map read in the end game. Same goes for ruin, devore, any hex

  • IamFranIamFran Member Posts: 1,113

    Fearmonger, Eruption, Blood Favour, Pentimento, Trail of Torment, Make your Choice, Floods of Rage, Spirit Fury, Surveillance (bugged currently), Thrilling Tremors.

  • Marik1987Marik1987 Member Posts: 469

    The classics:

    Brutal Strengh: 50% instead of 20%

    Enduring: 50% instead of 30%

  • Grandpa_Crack_PipeGrandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 2,661

    Empathy, We'll Make It, We're Gonna Live Forever.. becoming an 8 second heal and 4 second ground pickup dispenser is nothing to sneeze at.

    So much so that it's my current go-to build.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 437

    Yeah I'm surprised Shadow Step doesn't get more use. I suppose because unless you get a map where you can hide the totem well, it's hard to get much use out of as the killer can find it easily.

    For me, Overcome and Lucky Break are pretty strong together. Bit bummed Lucky Break is getting a rework because it'll probably be a nerf. Whenever I run these two together my escape rate is pretty high. I try not to use it much though as chase skills are pretty important to have in this game.

  • NazzzakNazzzak Member Posts: 437

    Apparently DH can detect the event invite pedestals. Probably a good perk to have during the event.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,463

    Dark Sense is very overrated. Great info perk to keep tabs on killer. Especially if it’s the last gen completed, you’re injured, and on death hook. I’ve watched killer auras break off chase with healthy survivors, only to make a bee line towards one of the exit gates to see if I’m there. Saved my ass plenty of times.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,463

    Sorry, can’t edit posts on iPad. I meant UNDERRATED.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,342
    edited June 18

    We'll make it always an extremely good perk that's secretly always been an A tier perk imo

    Although it's sorta forgotten in the conversation when it comes to healing perks

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 780
    edited June 18

    surv: we'll make it, second wind (renewal), inner strenght (inner healing) and kindred

    killer: enduring, spirit fury, devour hope (only if you have a totem build) and starstruck (extremely situational but it works wonderfully when you have to deal with sabo/bodyblock teams)

  • VerconisspVerconissp Member Posts: 1,467

    Ngl, i never like discordance..

    i get the idea behind it, but most of the time i don't find it really useful despite two survivors on the same gen,

    i'd rather have something that'll help me get to said hooks faster like Agi,

    (that and the 2 story maps are just absurd for hook spawns..)

  • TeabaggingGhostfaceTeabaggingGhostface Member Posts: 2,240
    edited June 18

    Atm I'm enjoying dissolution on clown, its working decently

  • Persephone_Persephone_ Member Posts: 94

    Lithe: Yes I do see it occasionally, it's an exhaustion perk after all. It needs some management as you need to use it when you want to leave the loop so you have to save the vault for last and that's really the one major downside. However, it can be super valuable to not just extend chase but actually end. It has also helped me book it to the exit gate in end game although I will admit Dead Hard is the better exit gate perk as it can make the difference between living and dying when you're solo & teammates don't take a protection hit.

    Detectives Hunch: I run it on every survivor that has it unlocked! Genuinely one of the best perks in the game, I wish more people ran it as I'm hoping their meta game would be a little less abysmal...

    Hex: The Third Seal: I understand this is hard countered by SWF. But not every Lobby is a four-stacked team and it still denies all aura reading perks like Windows of Opportunity.

    Blood Echo: It's not meta but can be fun, especially against Resilience-Dead Hard Gamers.

  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,234

    Yeah, I've been running Lithe, in anticipation of the DH nerf. I really like it.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 4,912

    Mettle Of Man

    I love it. Sure, activating is a pain, (aswell as being a weaker Dead Hard) but being able to go for a risky save on a teammate during EGC is fun

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 3,241

    Pharmacy, faster looting (I am a loot goblin) and being able to bring another item but still ensure a medkit later is great.

  • Jaxton2000Jaxton2000 Member Posts: 162
    edited June 18

    As a Survivor I think Blood Pact is more of a personal favorite over Empathy just due to the fact that the other survivor injured can see you and you can see them where as Empathy you cannot and also with Empathy, they cannot be in direct contact of the killer. So in some cases you can avoid the killer if the survivor is slowly (unknowingly or accidentally) moving towards you, you can move away using Blood Pact, unlike Empathy.

    Also you have to go to them with Empathy, as they can't see your aura which can be an annoyance.

    Overall just think Blood Pact is Empathy but better.

  • babayagasagababayagasaga Member Posts: 72

    Off the Record. Protects you from a lot of tracking when you've just come off the hook, which is super underrated!

    Self Preservation - Prevents snowball situations

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 6,618

    Tenacity. All the time survivors crawl instead of recovering. Had they recovered first and then crawled could do a quick pick up but instead they haven't recovered at all and now you don't have time to pick them up before the killer comes back.

  • WaveyTreyWaveyTrey Member Posts: 475
    edited June 18

    As a solo player I’m starting to enjoy Sole Survivor. Killers like using aura reading. Clowns with Cigar Box. Huntress with Deer Stalker and Glowing Concoction. Blights with the serum that lets them see you when they bump into stuff. BBQ. Floods of Rage.

    Sure when everyone is alive it’s useless. That’s like saying when everyone is healthy We’ll Make It is useless. The catch is when the perk is needed it’s actually beneficial. Whenever players go down you get protection form all of that aura reading killers will have. People underestimate how good that is. If killers realize that isn’t working against you it throws them off their rhythm.

  • LaluziLaluzi Member Posts: 4,285

    Plaything has become one of my favorite perks. Even without Pentimento to back it up, it's amazing for both slowdown and the opportunities it creates for free hits. All the paranoia in the world can't prepare you for a killer walking out around a corner. It's no good on stealth or lullaby killers, but on everyone else, it's pretty fantastic.

    As survivor, Detective's Hunch is seriously underrated. Any hexes are toast, and you can disable NOED without lifting a finger until the gates get powered.

  • Persephone_Persephone_ Member Posts: 94

    Would sign off on this if this said Aftercare. 😅 It's a really even better as the aura reading isn't tied to the injured state and unlike Bond ist also mutual. I got Jeff late and don't have Aftercare unlocked on everyone but when I do I usually use it at the info perk over Bond or Empathy.

  • Jplanas98Jplanas98 Member Posts: 494

    In my opinion, I would disagree with Discordance, Iron Maiden, and Windows being underrated. I use and come across a good amount of players using Discordance and Windows. And Iron Maiden I see pretty often on Huntress and Trickster players since those are the two Killers the perk is best with. It's just not good with most of the other Killers.

    But I would say Blood Echo is pretty underrated. It's good on hit and run Killers, and is especially good on the Plague. It helps counter entire squads running exhaustion perks, especially dead hard since they won't be able to dead hard to a pallet.

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 7,739

    Some of my favorite less popular perks are

    • Bloodhound. Sure, you can see blood without it, but it’s almost impossible to miss seeing blood with it. And since it makes the trails last a few seconds long it effectively increases the potential detection range of the perk. You get a similar effect of tracking injured survivors as you do with Nurse’s Calling, only you are trading off the more precise aura ping for extremely easy to follow blood trails that work even when the survivor is crouching or protected by an aura hiding effect like Distortion or Shadowstep or Haddie’s new perk that can blind killers. It really is just a nice feature if you like to focus on chasing down injured survivors.
    • Deerstalker. This certainly isn’t a “top tier” perk or anything, but in terms of a quality of life effect it’s really great when you often like to slug for pressure (which I do). Ever slugged a survivor, chased someone else, and then went back and spent 15 seconds trying to find them because they crawled into a bush or you accidentally misremembered where you downed them (or both)? Or had a survivor that for whatever reason makes no noise on the ground and just lies in a bush completely silent? Well with Deerstalker that’s all completely gone (unless there’s a Shadowstep nearby or something). Plus seeing their aura indirectly helps you keep an eye out for other survivors coming toward that spot for a revive. So it saves a bit of time off the clock and just takes out those little annoying situations when you slug and makes it feel smoother and … well, more fun! 😄 (It’s even more fun for the slugged survivors since you will never accidentally not be able to find that last survivor you dropped 45 seconds ago and end up bleeding out because you have no idea where they are.)
    • Unrelenting - This is a perk that, if you play perfectly and never miss a swing, will do literally nothing for you. I, however, am not perfect, I am a klutz who gets juked by jigging survivors more often than I like. But if I’m using a mostly basic attack killer, and I whiff, I definitely notice the difference in how much distance they gain on me between using Unrelenting and not. There have definitely been times I ran this perk that I missed an attack and managed to hit a follow-up before they could get to safety that they would have gotten to a pallet or vault without it. This perk is also on one of my “most fun” builds for Demogorgon, which uses Unrelenting, Save the Best for Last, an add-on that makes Shred misses or hits recover more quickly, and the yellow add-on that makes Shredding a pallet recover very quickly. That Demo loadout is hilarious, you can swing for the fences and Shred pallets all day and hit or miss or pallet break you stay on their tail. So yeah, not needed for people who never miss, but pretty fun for spazzy fingered killers like me. 🙂
    • Dying Light - This is a perk I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing get a bit of a buff to remove the bonus the Obsession gets for you having it, but even with that I’ve had a lot of fun using this in combination with Save the Best for Last and Dark Devotion. Basically if I chase the Obsession I can hit them once and break off to Undetectably go after someone else. And if I chase someone else I gain STBFL tokens and Dying Light tokens for hooking them. As long as I can apply some pressure early on to give myself time to build up some Dying Light tokens it’s a fun little combo. (Sometimes I’ll throw Play With Your Food in there as well to make those chases after applying Dark Devotion even better!)
  • StarLostStarLost Member Posts: 6,234

    Dying Light and Unrelenting are both almost good perks, that just need some numbers buffs. I'd probably run Unrelenting on Hag if the number was a tad higher.

  • AdvorsusAdvorsus Member Posts: 991


    We'll make it- Yeah bt is better if the killer is right up on the hook, if not we'll make it is better. Quick heals for 90s that can remove killer pressure very quickly.

    counterforce? I think that's the name of Jill's perk. Love it for a totem build.

    Mettle of man. Ever since it was changed to not be completely broken, people assume that it's completely useless. But protection hits are really easy to get, and having a free hit that the killer isn't expecting can be a game changer if used properly.


    Deathbound- this perk is very underestimated. Add this with make your choice and maybe even floods have rage, and you get an exposed survivor that you get easy tracking on and you don't even need to tunnel off hook to keep your pressure up. Very undervalued of a perk. I especially love it on killers like the twins as I can just send Victor to the notification.

    Unrelenting- I love this perk. Especially in my first game of the day, or if I'm having an off day. People underestimate how many times they actually miss swings, and this will save you a lot of chase time and can even give you hits you wouldn't normally have gotten.

    Spies from the shadows- I really like this perk on quite a few killers, especially fast paced killers like spirit, nurse, blight, ect. They can really give you decent information mid chase to know which way you need to redirect yourself. Like say mid blinks or rushes, or if a survivor double backed while you're phasing and you have to turn around. Not always the most reliable, but you'll definitely get value out of it at some point.

  • toxik_survivortoxik_survivor Member Posts: 852

    Fire Up, just fire up

  • ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 452

    pwyf, hangmans, agi, shadowborn, grim embrace

    MoM, OoO, pebble

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