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Who is your favorite killer/survivor and why?

brockbrock Member Posts: 305

It could be any reason, lore, perhaps the character is from one of your favorite games, cool cosmetics, etc. Any reason really.

Survivor: Jake Park. I like the fact that he's an off-the-grid type solitary guy. Plus he has some dope outfits.

Killer: The Pig. I love Saw, it's one of my favorite licenses DbD has put into the game thus far, plus Pig has some awesome outfits and not to mention SPINNY DRILL WEAPON!!! Maybe one day she'll get her deserved buffs :(

Honorable mentions: Demogorgon, Leon, Ashley Williams, and Pyramid Head.



  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,488

    Claudette because she’s the best.

    Trapper, because if the survivors want to bully me I will haul them into the basement and make sure they don’t get out. Also I loved placing traps in random spots and hearing random screams, knowing I scared the crap out of the player.

    Doctor is a close second because I enjoyed making David’s scream over and over.

  • xEmoGirlxAlexisxxEmoGirlxAlexisx Member Posts: 367

    Killer: The Dregde i love this Killer so much, his Design, his Gameplay Everything he is also my new Main ::D

    On 2nd it would be the Twins love the Lore and Design

    Survivor: i dont Care but i would say Cheryl

  • MrSheep51MrSheep51 Member Posts: 63

    Killer: Trapper, rewarding when you get a 4k. Hilarious when someone vaults into a trap in front of you. Though not the strongest, in my opinion just satisfying when you have a good game.

    Survivor: Ace, because pineapple shirt.

  • DoomedGuyDoomedGuy Member Posts: 41

    Killer - Sadako: I don't find monsters or slashers scary but ghosts give me the heebies. Ring is one of my favorite movies, horror or otherwise. Even though I don't like her tv projection gimmick at all, I still enjoy playing as her. Close runner up - Huntress, hatchet throwing is fun.

    Survivor - Heather: one of the best horror game characters, she has so much personality I just wish we got a Princess Heart costume.

  • EvilSerjeEvilSerje Member Posts: 333

    Survivor: Jill (because she's a badass). Laying eyes on Meg, because I like how she looks and she is very attractive to me for some reason (except her servere "resting b**** face" syndrome)

    Killers: Sadako, Plague, Bird lady and Hag. Love to play them, cannot pick favorite. Huntress and Spirit in bench space (former is very hard and require dedication, latter one I love as character and her looks; I think character-wise Spirit is the best killer in the game)

  • WitchubtetWitchubtet Member Posts: 210


    Killer had to be Doc atm. Not just for being a good counter meta but he is just so happy to whap some people with his stick. Huntress, Plague, Nemesis, and Pyramid Head all come close too.

    I personally love my Nea because I built her to be sneaky and quiet. No need to run if I wasn’t found in the first place.

  • alunsaalunsa Member Posts: 59

    I love playing wraith simply because he scares TF outa me when im survivor.

    But Cheryl my favorite survivor. I find her weirdness so cute. Jill is a close second though.

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 539

    Survivor: Mikaela. Best Cosmetics and I'm into the whole pagan/wicca thing and like while she's not a great representation (she feels like someone did like 2 hours of research on it just to fill the bio with something related to it. I really hope they fix that part of her when she gets a tome.) of that at least it's something.

    Killer: Dredge/Artist. I couldn't pick just one since I love them both. I love cosmic horror and while I know Dredge is supposed to be "boogeyman" they actually hit a lot of good lovecraftian notes in their story where Dredge doesn't actually do anything direct in their story and rather the psyche of the village is preyed on until they break and the nature of the Dredge isn't exactly clear they have unknowable aspect to them that a lot of elder gods share. Dredge is great to play too, zooming around the map and nightfall feel like they'll never get old. Artist's story is...kinda bad. I more love them so much entirely for their gameplay and animations. She acts like a pure avian predatory hunter herself and anything human seems mostly gone and I love that about them, I wanted a werewolf but I'll settle for a werecrow. It's also very freeing playing them knowing not any structure can stop me as long as I can hit my birds and only my own skill stands in my way and you get that with very few killers.

  • CheeseAntonCheeseAnton Member Posts: 882
    edited June 20

    Survivor: Ace, at first I just thought he was the funniest survivor but I grew to love him even more, and while there have been survivors that released after I love (most notably Yui, Adam, and Steve) Ace just has that special place in my heart. I also think he's the most stylish male in the roster with a great wardrobe, and while it wasn't why I played him I appreciate the fact he's quiet and doesn't have annoying sounds.

    Killer: Idk, Hillbilly or Doctor I guess. Don't play killer much but when I do it's them. I don't have an in-depth reason, I just find their design, cosmetics, lore, and gameplay great.

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 1,130

    My favorite Survivors are Jane and Yun-Jin because I love big fat asses.

    My favorite Killers are Demo, Dredge, Oni, and Pyramid Head because I love monsters.

  • ZachcjjjZachcjjj Member Posts: 452

    elodie- nuff said

    billy- AARRRGGHHH

  • Huntressmain_1223Huntressmain_1223 Member Posts: 153

    Killer: huntress first killer I ever played and she always stuck to me, she's easier to learn and when I hit someone with the axes after so many attempts I feel accomplished

    also Pig I love her and she's is also easy to play with and her traps make the game a little more interesting

    survivor: I don't ever play but it would have to be Leon because I just love resident evil

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,022

    Survivor: I have 3 mains right now. Jane because she’s cute and her lore is nice, Jeff because I relate to him a lot and Haddie because she’s a badass

    Killer: Clown because he’s fairly forgiving but also has a lot of depth and deathslinger because of his lore and visual design (I suck ass with him thought)

  • brockbrock Member Posts: 305

    Honestly I was good with Slinger until his nerfs, he just feels janky to play now imo.

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 2,124

    Killer: Pinhead. Chains go 'wheeeeee'! Also, if you acquire the box, it's pretty much the only time in the game where the killer can have a breather for a bit, which I think is good design.

    Survivor: Felix. Autumn beard Felix is the best looking male survivor. David gets my second place.

  • Patrick1088Patrick1088 Member Posts: 620

    Killer: Doctor. Out of the entire roster, Doctor is probably the most evil. Spirit, Twins are the most sad, but Doctor was almost gleeful about joining the entity. His playstyle is different by denying actions to survivors. I wish the madness did more either by having hallucinations move (Zombies move and they have bots so basic chase element should be possible).

    Survivor: Elodie. Her story is really interesting and she strikes me as a hero in the vein of Indiana Jones. She was main until Mikaela came out. I liked her Halloween cosmetic a lot so I happened to stick with her. Now I have almost every perk unlocked on her.

    Honorable Mentions:


    Dredge (I love Nightfall).

    Billy: a good Billy is fun to play against

  • brockbrock Member Posts: 305

    I do love a good Pinhead game. He feels oppressively good if you can just keep chaining boxes in a match haha.

  • RemediastRemediast Member Posts: 595

    Lore, cosmetics, and power are all the reasons I love playing as Trickster and Yun Jin. There are so many combinations of cosmetics I can mix with both characters that it is quite fun to do. In addition for Trickster, I really like the cool ways you can change his power a bit with add-ons that slightly change the way you play him, but make the experience still fun and refreshing. Deathslinger and Zarina are close in second place for the same reasons. Interestingly both sets of characters are from the same chapters.

  • SilasySilasy Member Posts: 137

    Survivor: Quentin. I love play with him.

    Killer: Probably Billy. He was my first killer when i started playing killer in the game.

  • THE_Crazy_HyenaTHE_Crazy_Hyena Member Posts: 27

    Survivor: Nea, I love her newer cosmetics, as they fit her character quite well. Her perks are decent too.

    Honorable Survivors:

    • Bill. I really liked the original L4D and any of the 2000's Valve games. Bill's perks (except Left Behind) are great.
    • Meg. Great for new players, and all of her perks are good
    • Feng Min. Great character, great perks and an overall great design.
    • Claudette. Great for stealth and has good perks
    • Mikaela. Boon totems ;) and a very nice design.
    • Jill and Leon. Both characters has a special place in my heart, due to my love for 90's Capcom survival horror games. Now bring us Regina from Dino Crisis as well.
    • Nancy and Steve. I love Stranger Things.
    • Jane. Props to BHVR for making a "plus-size" character. Something rarely seen in video games (especially a playable character).

    Killer: I've been an avid Doctor player for a long time (mostly due to easy bloodpoint-farming), but lately I have been having a great time playing Artist

    Honorable Killers:

    • Huntress. She was the first killer I played in a real match, and I have always liked characters that require good aim.
    • Spirit. My original main killer. God I miss her silent phasing. The jumpscares you could pull off with her was legendary.
    • Demogorgon. Like with Nancy and Steve, I love Stranger Things.
    • Michael Myers. Scratched Mirror = Check, Lery's = Check, Jumpscares = Almost always guaranteed. Very diverse character in terms of playstyles.
    • Ghost Face. Like Myers, but with less jumpscares.
    • Leatherface. Grants access to the best killer perk for BP gains. Nothing beats a good BBQ and Chili
  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,824

    Survivor: Dwight because he is the adorable repressed nerd who found his inner strength in the danger of the fog and rose to leader status among the survivors. I just connected with Dwight. This nervous little guy has a demeanor that is probably the most realistic. Who wouldn't be scared being thrown into the fog with all these killers. I love his style, he has great cosmetics, wonderful perks. He is the quintessential survivor for me.

    Killer: Michael Myers. First and foremost I am a die hard Halloween movies fan so there was instant attraction to playing Mikey. Dbd perfectly captures the style of his character. He sneaks, he stalks, then he moves in for the kill. Michael is probably the most diverse killer when it comes to play styles. You have jump scare Mikey, tombstone Mikey, vault master Mikey, scream for Mikey, Tier 4 Mikey etc. I never get bored playing him. He's so much fun and a lot better than many in the Dbd community give him credit for.

  • ThatOneDemoPlayerThatOneDemoPlayer Member Posts: 5,026

    Killer: Demogorgon

    I love Shred and all the tiny and odd things it has that probably make it the most satisfying Power in the entire game.

    Everyone knows about Shred sliding off of cars, but who actually knows about Shred sliding off of Chests? Almost no one.

    The most painful thing about Shred is probably the new Map reworks.

    Every new Map that has a big main building with balconies/holes that lead to the outside have invisible walls that either completely stop your Shred or glide you downwards, effectively killing you momentum.

    Survivor: Steve

    The hair

  • icedrake402icedrake402 Member Posts: 37

    Killer: Probably Myers. His power is simple and elegant, and I always like it when you're rewarded for acting like the character does in the movies. Watch survivors from afar, then move in for the kill. And I love how the add-ons genuinely change his playstyle rather than just giving small numerical buffs, with the Mirrors making him feel like a totally different character.

    Survivor: I like Yun-Jin's entire feel of the "selfish survivor", with her perks that reward her when someone else gets hit. In a movie, she'd be the one who leaves behind the rest of the heroes to save her own skin, and gets a karmic punishment for it. My standard build on her is Empathic Connection, Situational Awareness, Fast Track and Self-Preservation-draw other survivors to me, then hope the Killer goes for them first. Also really like Elodie's lore, and her look.

  • Grandpa_Crack_PipeGrandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 2,670

    Killer: Deathslinger. I don't care how hard he gets nerfed, I need an excuse to do my cowboy voice.


  • bittercranberrybittercranberry Member Posts: 441

    favorite killer?? the baby killers, they chase me like a prize all over the map :))

  • ChomperkaChomperka Member Posts: 18
    edited June 25

    Killer: Pyramid Head, cool music, also just silent chad who gets his mission done doesn't matter what. Also one of the strongest killers and probably strongest license killer.

    Surv: James and Jeff. Jeff is a reserved, chill guy who may help those in need, i just really like his personality,and find it relatable as well. James Sunderland... well, i'm Silent Hill fan and think it's probably best legendary skin in the game, playing as him against PH feels so good. And it's only time when i respect killer for camping/tunneling.

  • steponmeadirissteponmeadiris Member Posts: 222

    If I were to pick all of my favourite characters and describe my reasons for liking them, this list would be 5000 words long, so I'm going to limit myself to the first 4 I can think of for each side.

    Killers: Plague, Huntress, Pig, and Shape. Adiris' lore is absolutely tragic and her design is amazing, Anna is a terrifying character who manages to be both sadistic and incredibly empathetic, Amanda is great in the SAW movies and has a really interesting worldview, and Michael is intriguing for how you simply can't tell what he's thinking.

    Survivors: Ace, Jake, Laurie, and Dwight. Ace is an overconfident idiot who tries to bluff his way out of every situation, Cheryl is a legend in SH3 and definitely deserves better, Laurie is a badass girlboss with a penchant for stabbing, and Dwight is so pathetic that it makes him cute.

  • Risky_BiscuitRisky_Biscuit Member Posts: 90

    Survivor: Yui or Jane. Jane because she's got that artist skin and was the first survivor to not look like any of the others, with a larger body type. Yui just has a cool feel to her, especially with her biker cosmetics. Hate her standard outfit though.

    Killer: Dredge, hands down. Most fun I've had on a killer in quite a long time. He feels powerful and still balanced too. I love the whole teleporting to lockers thing, and the fact that he's a monster killer instead of a human being. The lore is also really good. I love the idea of a cheerful little town that hides a dark secret, and reading the lore, you see how everything starts to go from bad to worse, until it culminates in this freaky eldritch monster forming out of the bodies of the town's inhabitants. I personally like when things are never as they seem. It's always fascinating to see the decay and the aftermath of something gone wrong in a place that was intended to be a utopia.

  • StibbityStabbityStibbityStabbity Member Posts: 1,643

    Killer: Legion. Look at my name and guess why.

    Survivor: Nea. Also look at my name. I mean, come on, she's gonna stab you.

  • GoshJoshGoshJosh Member Posts: 4,452

    Nurse because she is very fun to play as and against. It’s hard to say for survivor, but probably Adam for stealth (since they nerfed Claudette).

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