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A few questions about Oni.

WitchubtetWitchubtet Member Posts: 216

I loved Oni when he came out. Hell I prestiged him THAT DAY, but after a few weeks I knew he got nerfed and I haven’t really used him since. Mainly due to my map luck, but I just want to know where he is sitting at right now. My one match with him recently wasn’t that grand. I had 4 survivors who couldn’t lead ants to a picnic. So I didn’t get to test him out that much.


  • MazoobiMazoobi Member Posts: 1,382
    edited June 20


    I've faced a few PC Oni's recently that had INSANE flicks. I don't play Oni and I play on console so I'm not sure how his sensitivity is supposed to work, but he seems to be at a strong spot IMO.

  • loothoundloothound Member Posts: 106

    Oni's still pretty good, bit rough if no early first hit, but other than that, pretty deece

  • Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217

    I consider him to be a well-balanced killer for both sides. If you know what you're doing with his power then you can keep survivors on their toes the entire game. However, the weakest part of his kit is getting his power at the start. It'll be rough if the survivors know to drop pallets early to keep him an M1 killer.

    With that being said, I love playing as and against Oni. Baiting where you Demon Dash combined with flicking will get ya places!

  • DEMONANCEDEMONANCE Member Posts: 349

    if you don't meet pre drop gods he's one of the strongest killers in the game

  • AyamirAyamir Member Posts: 266

    He's a strong and viable killer in both pubs and comps games,has arguably the second strongest power in the game if you know how to flick with him he's insane and can snowball so fast and turn the tide of the match.

    Oni is a rare killer to go against beceause of his weak early game and you need mechanical skills he's not a easy killer to play at all especially for people who are not used to his mobility and how demon dash works.

    You're talking about the nerf on Topknot it was deserved tbh this add-on was busted it was one of his best add-ons paired with Akito's Crutch you were too fast and gave survivors no time to react.

    Right now I would say that he's in the top 5 of the best killers in the game he's sitting in a good spot.

  • VerconisspVerconissp Member Posts: 1,469

    Oni is just up there atm,

    Oni has alot of skill when it comes down to flicks and managing his power right,

    a Good Oni is a Scary Oni, (and i can say that..)

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