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Nurse is broken in 3 gen scenarios and survivors are selfish....

BadZillaBadZilla Member Posts: 461
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We managed to reach the final gen against a nurse and we ended up with a 3 gen scenario but before that I unhooked everyone and ran across the map like a moron healing and helping everyone and did gens so I was hooked once a dwight was hiding all game long with 0 hooks and others with 1 hook each but no one wanted to work on gens and they kept hiding for too long near 1 gen building I eventually said ######### it and worked on the gen but nurse is oppressive in a 3 gen scenario she can patrol each one with 2 blind and hit you on top of that so she chased me long enough for them to finish the gen and guess what they opened the exit doors and the 3 of them ran away no one bothered to unhook me..

Soloq sucks survivors are selfish. I healed each one of them multiple times and unhooked them but no one did anything in return It's not worth doing the last gen and risking yourself so everyone gets a free escape while they just hide waiting for a miracle to happen.

Nurse was teleporting to each gen but everyone is just hiding doing nothing I was trying to work on it every time she goes away but she found me eventually I was the scapegoat instead of the 0 hooks dwight or the other 2 survivors.


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