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Which role do you prefer?

pandomranpandomran Member Posts: 15

Do you mainly play survivor or killer?

Which role do you prefer? 63 votes

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Both equally
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  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,236

    I prefer killer as it is more mechanically engaging, but between the amount of stress it generates and general gameplay getting stale I pretty much switched to survivor.

  • SimfelizSimfeliz Member Posts: 2,508
    Both equally

    I enjoy both but it heavy depends on my mood at the time.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,311
    Both equally

    I like both but will never play survivor solo queue, not worth it.

  • Marc_123Marc_123 Member Posts: 2,475
    Both equally

    I play both but a bit more surv as killer is quite draining.

    But in fact SoloQ surv is also often pretty hard...

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,034

    I don't like playing survivor. There's a little too much downtime, I only play the game solo and killer is the better role for solo play, and I'm not really a fan of the chases in third person (even though strategically third person is an obvious advantage, I just don't like how it feels, I prefer first person in this game.) Also all the survivors are basically the same aside from perk loadouts, the killers have a lot more variety of playstyles.

  • syainsyain Member Posts: 420

    A little more stressful, but I think the extra BP and having agency over the entirety of what I do in the match makes up for it

  • WampiritaWampirita Member Posts: 590

    i PREFER killer, but it's such an ungrateful role that I feel forced to play survivor more, and i hate it how easy survivor games are, but i need to get the rank going

  • Plsfix369Plsfix369 Member Posts: 556
    Both equally

    It's fun to play both, I play survivor first to warm up, then I play killer so i could kill my SoloQ teammates who got me killed earlier. It's a cycle of hatred.

  • FeelsBadManFeelsBadMan Member Posts: 547

    I prefer survivor (soloq...) over killer simply cause it is very exhausting to play the latter. You have to keep track of so much stuff while playing killer and a small mistake against four good survivors (whiff while they DH to a pallet, hit the unhooked guy by accident when they have BT cause they bodyblocked etc.) can cost you the game. Survivor (even in soloq) is just way moe relaxing cause there is 3 other people in your team and usually one mistake won't cost you the game.

    I can play survivor for hours. Killer on the other hand I can only play for more than a handful of matches if I do tome challenges.

  • AurelleAurelle Member Posts: 2,758
    Both equally

    Sometimes I get tired of killer, sometimes I get tired of survivor. I will say that killer is the more fun role, but I like playing both sides equally.

  • SsajbambusaSsajbambusa Member Posts: 458
    Both equally

    Survivor is boring while killer is frustrating. I just wish they reverted back most of the dead hard changes so you actually have to somewhat predict when to use it instead of it being guaranteed mistake removal.

    I dislike both roles equally :P

  • INoLuvINoLuv Member Posts: 391

    Survivor because is easier and more room for mistakes than killer, less priviledge.

  • JonathanByersJonathanByers Member Posts: 155
    Both equally

    This is coming from a Jonathan/Steve and Pig main, but I will admit that survivor is a lot easier to play than killer and can be very fun when you’re either in a swf or have good teammates that don’t get you killed (Ex: Teammates in a three or two man swf and know what they’re doing), I slightly lean more towards playing survivor as Jonathan/Steve than playing Killer as Pig, but I still play killer almost as equally as survivor.

  • OllieHellhunterOllieHellhunter Member Posts: 699

    Both are enjoyable but I prefer killer mainly due to being able to see my own improvement more easily.

  • Bennett_They1ThemBennett_They1Them Member Posts: 2,513
    Both equally

    Killer a bit more, usually, but mostly equal.

  • cheetocultleadercheetocultleader Member Posts: 1,194

    I enjoy both, but I'm certainly a survivor main. For the 3-ish games I'll play as killer in a play session, I play about 10 more survivor games. Survivor is less stressful and I can play when my friends drag me as well. Even if I lose as survivor, I don't care much, no matter how bad the BMing might get. Killer? It can be a real exercise in frustration at times, especially when you get a good SWF who are poor sports. Pummel me, but don't be rude even when I compliment you.

  • GRIG0GRIG0 Member Posts: 98

    I prefer killer due to how different they are between each other, also because I love horror as a genre and the killer/monster is always the best part of it! Besides, you're always the survivor in every game, is nice being the one chasing for a change :P

    But survivors are also ok for chilling, not getting burned of the same role and seeing both sides of the game and their issues (toxicity is NOT role exclusive). And when teamwork works, it feels nice 🙂

  • DarkMagikDarkMagik Member Posts: 822

    I play more Survivor since its more Chill & Less Pressure,but i do enjoy playing Killer more

  • GloamGloam Member Posts: 598

    Killer is far deeper, rewarding and more interesting and it's so varied between all the killers it's fun seeing why people gravitate to the killers they do.

    Survivor is what I play when I don't feel like trying and I enjoy it for that and can have fun playing survivor but it will never hold my attention the way killer does.

  • MrPenguinMrPenguin Member Posts: 1,719

    I prefer killer, survivor is pretty unengaging and easy. But killer is so stacked against and annoying/stressful to the point I just play survivor more.

  • ChikyChiky Member Posts: 188

    killer for sure. Playing survivor ir boring as #########, more often than not also super easy

  • Karao_KeKarao_Ke Member Posts: 1,217

    I'd like to say that I play both sides just as much but that wouldn't be true. Killer, while it can be fun at times, is so stressful and I find myself getting tilted way easier than survivor, even if I'm winning. I don't neglect to let my Oni juices flow occasionally though.

    With survivor I can just lay back and chill with some friends on gens and have a few chases. I don't have to worry about a million things at once and I feel more free to try out meme builds (aka my "ooo shiny" chest build) :p

  • MetronixMetronix Member Posts: 219

    Can agree with everyone, who picked survivor here. I’m glad to see that whats stress for us is a fun challenge for others. I myself play both sides, but also not equally, as killer for me is outright exhausting. So … I need a free weekend and a lot of energy to actually engage in it, while also not being the most skilled in that role 😅. Still have fun vomiting on everything with plague which is uneffected by everything else.

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