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Why would you ever use Dark Devotion when Hysteria exists?

BreadnBreadn Member Posts: 202

For one, it works on any injure. So many more killers would benefit from it, like Legion or Blight. Two, it can be used far more frequently and works on hitting any survivor.

Why would anyone use Dark Devotion instead of Hysteria?


  • amazing_graceamazing_grace Member Posts: 732

    Dark Devotion can be used to trick survivors into thinking you are somewhere else. It's not a good perk... but i've used it a couple times just for memes and fun. I've put it on slinger so I hit obsession and then sneak up and snipe someone else on a gen. Sometimes you can trick people into thinking you're camping the hook and then pressure the gens. They're both not very strong perks, but yeah, that's how I've gotten value out of Dark Devotion.

  • HectorBrandoHectorBrando Member Posts: 2,750

    Dark Devotion is not that bad for instadown Killers like Myers, you hit the Obssession, they go away, the guy who was with the Obssession goes back to the gen, you go back and instant EW3 him without him being able to hear your TR.

    That being said is one of those perks that the effect is not bad per se but is so niche its not really worth it, the chances of getting value out of it are slim compared to other stuff like PGTW or Tinkerer so its better to take those instead.

  • vanGlasse1vanGlasse1 Member Posts: 252

    I sincerely see your point but still just rather go for Dark Devotion for really no logic reason at all other than liking it a bit more. I think it is one of my comfort perks.

    DD with insta down killers + Knock Out also is kinda funny sometimes

  • sizzlingmario4sizzlingmario4 Member Posts: 3,273

    Because dark devotion is just more fun and creates weird moments. Every once in a while I'll just throw it on for memes.

    Plus it's likely getting buffed soon.

  • brockbrock Member Posts: 305

    Dark Devotion is getting buffed, so here's to hoping it becomes good with the change.

  • WhoIsZacheryWhoIsZachery Member Posts: 18

    I use both of these perks regularly and there is simply more value in being Undetectable over inflicting Obliviousness. Firstly, red stain suppression is valuable in chase. Secondly, as others have stated, Dark Devo doesn't remove the terror radius, it transfers it, so it can create confusion where Hysteria simply provides stealth. Thirdly, since the terror radius is still active, TR perks are also still active; you can slug the obsession with Dark Devo + Coulrophobia to prevent a hasty pickup while sneaking to another close-by location to generate more pressure. Yes, they can often serve a similar purpose, but, while I do utilize both perks, I think the opposite question can just as easily be posed: why would anyone use Hysteria when Dark Devotion exists?

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,546

    I use dark devotion on myers

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,524

    Hysteria only works when injuring a healthy survivor, and only works on other injured survivors. Dark Devotion works when using a basic attack for any health state, and works on all other survivors. Dark Devotion also gives you Undetectable, making you immune to aura reading perks, and because the Terror Radius is transferred it can be used on Doctor, for example, to bait someone into going nearby to heal up before you can static blast around the slug.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 5,481

    Dark Devotions makes you undetectable which has advantages against having your aura being read as well as the red stain not being visible. The fake TR on the obsession will trigger any TR related perks or abilities as well.

  • Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 2,025

    I bet there is at least one and a half Legion out there that uses it

  • ViciusaurusViciusaurus Member Posts: 315
    edited June 21

    I honestly enjoy using it on Doctor from time to time just to help add to the confusion already being spread from iri-addons and Hex: Third Seal.

    Edit: typo

  • BelzherBelzher Member Posts: 308

    Right? They're so niche that I don't think I've ever seen someone using outside adept ofc

  • dugmandugman Member Posts: 9,045

    I use Dark Devotion in combination with Dying Light and Save the Best for Last. If I find the Obsession, I hit them once, lose a couple of STBFL tokens but become Undetectable for a while to go and hit someone else. If I hit someone else STBFL helps me follow up the hit with a second hit and down, and then I can hook them for the Dying Light token.

    Also note that Dark Devotion gives you Undetectable which hides your red stain while Hysteria gives some survivors Oblivious which only affects those survivors and which doesn’t hide your stain. So Dark Devotion’s effect is more powerful.

  • Bennett_They1ThemBennett_They1Them Member Posts: 2,513

    Well, DD moves your TR, meaning it can be combined with other TR perks (Coulrophobia, Unnerving presence, Overwhelming presence, Infectious fright, and/or Septic touch).

    It's good for scare tactics, too, even though it sucks at stealth.

    I do think it suffers from (pre-buff) "Mindbreaker syndrome" though, because you really don't have a clue how much it does until you see it as survivor - which is almost never.

    so... it's better at memes, and that's it.

    Honestly, I think that it should be given a longer cooldown, a longer duration, and should no longer be obsession specific for activation.

  • Bennett_They1ThemBennett_They1Them Member Posts: 2,513

    Hopefully it gets a longer duration and/or doesn't require you to hit the obsession.

  • ZeidoktorZeidoktor Member Posts: 1,362

    I've mostly had fun with it on Freddy and Doctor.

    Freddy a part of a meme build of loadimg him full of TR perks, doctor because your can do Static Blast from the Devotioned Survivor.

    I consider it more of a "for fun" perk than a "to win" perk.

  • AkumakajiAkumakaji Member Posts: 2,859

    It would be better if it didn't only work on the obsession, but the first survivor hit when outside of cooldown.

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