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Why do so many people hate Legion? I want to understand



  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 6,666

    Because boosted players who don't know how to play the game want to stay healthy ALL THE TIME, even at the cost of the gens. If they're not healthy, they simply won't touch a gen. They'll Self-care in the corner of the map or run around for 50 seconds looking for a teammate to heal them. High level is meant for you to push gens while injured, and the people who are stubborn and won't do that are the ones complaining. They're bad team players.

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,473

    Well, I no longer main Legion, but I never understood the hate they got.

    Don't get me wrong, I can see how Legion ain't the funnest to go against, but they're far from being the most annoying.

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,416

    I don't mind playing against Legion, but I can see why people find them boring.

  • BeeanooBeeanoo Member Posts: 2

    Why do many people dc on legion? I've been trying to prestige them so I've played a bunch and for some reason atleast 1 person dc's EVERY TIME. I just don't get why mainly legion, I've never seen any killer get this many dc's in any time while playing.

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 443

    Yeah I tend to find the worse a player is the more they hate Legion. I hate saying such a generalised cliche but it really fits here: Mad cus bad. Most people can’t adapt what they should do against a given killer and just want to be healthy at all times and do gens. Legion punishes lack of adaptability more then any other.

    Mending simulator is annoying but you gotta remember that Legion is the only killer whose power is almost useless against wounded survivors. This might be a power in itself but Legion has no help against good loops on wounded survivors whatsoever. They rely 100% on m1. No traps, no stealth lunge, no bottles, no tentacles, no extra speed from stalk, no red vomit, they get nothing.

    Bad survivors typically aren’t great at looping. They also tend to clump together inefficiently on one gen without prove thyself which is a Legions playground and results in loads of mending. They also tend to lack the awareness of when Legion is or is not in Frenzy and don’t adapt their play accordingly. Legion has a truck ton of exploitable design flaws that newer or bad players can’t exploit and are victim to their strengths.

    Having said all that what Feral Frenzy and Legion does a whole needs a massive rework. I love Joey and he’s my favourite character in the game but the fact he’s so punishing to beginners and weaker players yet is basically powerless against experienced ones is a major issue.


    What I find hilarious is that survivors hate mending but love sitting on gens. It’s basically the same thing just a different animation.

  • MrPeanutbutterMrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 952

    A year after the original post and I still hate playing against Legion

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 443

    Ugh, I hate when threads get necroed lol.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074
    edited June 21

    Because they don't understand how to play against Legion and it's easier to complain.

    You essentially don't heal. That's where most people go wrong.

    Also I don't get the complaint about Mending. If you stay injured they aren't using FF nearly as much and I typically Mend maybe 3 times a match? That's hardly annoying at all.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,390

    See another surv go into deep wounds. Make a run for the furthest corner of the map. Mend. Heal.

    Rinse, repeat.

    Escape rate is pretty high, but the matches are tedious af.

    It wouldn't be a huge deal, but with the rework, everyone and their cousin was using Legion for a while, so people burned out quickly. Legion's rework moved them from trash tier into a weird niche as not good, but just strong enough to be really annoying.

    That said, the moment is passing, so the hate should subside a bit.

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 443
    edited June 21

    This is case and friggin point about what I said. Ran the Legion around for ages, especially on this map which is horrible for them and I don't consider myself very good in chase. What are they doing? All healthy clumped together on a generator. I wonder what's going to happen next! Credit to the Mikaela though, I think she was on the generator first and she was the one to come and save me here.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not annoyed at 'bad team mates' and 'I have to do everything myself' and all that, that's not the point, there's not a good tutorial for this game that tells people clumping against the Legion is a really bad idea but it's people who do stuff like this that complain about the Legion.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,521

    I had no problem with legion before his last changes. Now, however, the game become very boring, even if noone dcs. The thing is, neither side progresses. No gens get done, but legion also doesnt get hooks, most of the time. Every little progress takes ages. Its just boring, really.

  • EmealEmeal Member Posts: 1,737

    I think Survivors find holding M1 incredibly boring. Which it IS.

  • Babadook83Babadook83 Member Posts: 165

    didnt they already buff legion recently? his fatigue time got reduced and he can down someone after 4 stabs if i'm right

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,390

    It absolutely is, but it is also clearly the play vs. Legion.

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 443

    Buffs/Nerfs aren't the problem here. The design is just straight up bad and that can't be fixed by tweaking numbers. Ultimately the current design means that Legion decimates newer/weaker players and is near useless on competent ones.

    How so? To down anyone unless the other side really screws up the Legion depends 100% on m1. You can loop or do whatever you want to Legion more so then any other killer provided you are wounded. Not saying you are wrong because of course it is a solid option but by that definition many killers are played against the same way.

  • Thusly_BonedThusly_Boned Member Posts: 1,390

    Splitting up essentially deprives Legion of any lethality, and putting as much distance between you and your teammates as quickly as possible is the best way of keeping them from snowballing. Even if I plan on looping them, I am going to try to draw them away from my teammates as much as possible to reduce the chances they can chain hits.

    Putting distance between yourself and the killer is generally going to be a good idea vs. most killers, as is spreading out, but Legion's power compounds that.

  • Babadook83Babadook83 Member Posts: 165

    strange cause there seem to be a lot of players that love to play legion as killer.

  • SlowpeachSlowpeach Member Posts: 443
    edited June 21

    I am one of them. For me it's think their design on an artistic level draws me. They are after all 4 individuals which you can choose one of them (in my case Joey where's my forum icon damnit). Also the fact they are fairly easy to play plus the fact they stomp on weaker players means weaker killer players can get returns more easily. Which in turn creates 'I hate Legion'.

    That doesn't make anything I said less valid. I like Legion because of who they are, not because of how they play. Hell most of the time I don't even use their power but I don't play to win.

  • MrPeanutbutterMrPeanutbutter Member Posts: 952

    Exactly. It not that Legion is OP, they’re just incredibly boring and unfun to play against. Matches are an endless mend simulator

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,495

    I started playing DBD a month after Legion dropped. I ABSOLUTELY hated him. I never DC’ed and he was frustrating as hell to go against as a new player. I truly believe he’s the reason why it took me longer to understand the game’s mechanics better. I kept trying to heal every single chance I got, and ofc Legion players ran Thano & Sloppy Day one- so you know how that goes. Plus he wasn’t scary or intimidating. The only scary thing about him was that moment you found out he was the killer and you were going to be frustrated for the next 15-20mins. I imagine a lot of players still feel that way- especially today’s new players who have one HELL of a learning curve to get acquainted with. He’s no fun at all.

  • SimplyPixelated06SimplyPixelated06 Member Posts: 354

    I think people hate mending constantly. But i personally think legion is fine, i don't necessarily like him but I don't hate him either.

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