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The Swamp maps should get the Haddonfield treatment

It should just disappear till it gets a rework. Awful map, the one with the Boat at least.

I have been getting it too frequently


  • JohnWick1654JohnWick1654 Member Posts: 484

    What's wrong with swamp?

  • BabyCameron10BabyCameron10 Member Posts: 863

    My problem with the map is that I can’t find that 1 survivor on it. I just want my BBQ stack!

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,473

    I wouldn’t mind it so much if the game didn’t spam it. I too would like to see it get reworked. It’s one of my least favorite maps.

    ‘Ultimately, I want all map sliders to be even at all times. I don’t like having some map sliders having a higher pick rate than others. That may cut down on the map offerings too. Personally, I only do a map offering after getting locations I don’t want, like The Swamp- every 2 out of 6 matches. Sometimes back to back. That’s a bit much- especially when I have long gaming sessions. Look how many maps we have now- I want to see more variety.

  • ViciusaurusViciusaurus Member Posts: 234

    I'd honestly like to see the swamp with an updated look. After seeing what they've done with Haddonfield, I feel they could really capture bog creepiness with a fresh face.

  • sulaimansulaiman Member Posts: 2,487

    i rather would like a new swamp map. I think more maps for more varity would be good.

  • DeliciousFoodDeliciousFood Member Posts: 457

    It's just a dumb map with silly pallet distribution and quite powerful structures. I don't think it's well designed.

    It also has no lockers in many areas, much like Haddonfield, which is ridiculous given the new killer. There shouldn't be massive locker deadzones anymore. I'm fine with some areas having less, makes Dredge not too overbearing, but PLEASE add some in the extreme cases, like SWAMP.

  • M4dBoOmrM4dBoOmr Member Posts: 598

    Yes that would be nice, but please not the barrens Junkyard rework

  • GreyBigfootGreyBigfoot Member Posts: 713

    I hate Grim Pantry but I like the Pale Rose for both sides

  • Xx_Daniel_xX69Xx_Daniel_xX69 Member Posts: 214

    I agree change swamps. 10/10 second least favorite map as both survivor and killer. And I haven't played dredge on swamp but if what @DeliciousFood is true I would want a few more lockers added considering maps like the game or midwich who hare pretty packed with lockers.

  • GillyBeannnGillyBeannn Member Posts: 403

    swamp is very RNG based on either getting good loops or complete deadzones. I wish for this map to get a rework soon as well

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 3,815
  • Jay_WhyaskJay_Whyask Member Posts: 372

    I'd feel more comfortable playing the swamp maps if they had Freddy's dream world lighting. The swamps would look much better with Freddy's blues and grays.🤤

  • TriplehooTriplehoo Member Posts: 365

    What I think BHVR should do, is to perk up their map rotation. Too many times I'm getting the the same maps in a row. I don't want to play in the cornfields 5-6 times in a row.

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 4,367

    Swamp is a joke, it should get deleted not rework with risk of making it even worse somehow

  • MarcavecuncMarcavecunc Member Posts: 2,057

    They're fine maps, they're different from every other map, that's what we need. None of that hyper-symetrical bullshit.

  • TostapaneTostapane Member Posts: 790

    lmao... the boat is a GIANT infinite if you know what are you doing and the other map has 2 buildings that are awful (especially the one with a possible basement... that one is another infinite if you know how to chain loops), without mentioning that both still have also the killer shack and tons of pallets around the map...

  • HarlockTaliesinHarlockTaliesin Member Posts: 99

    Same here. Last night on survivor I got Swamp three times in a row. Switched to killer, got it twice in a row, then a different map, then Swamp twice again. I just let all the survivors go as they were having a horrible time with the map too, and on one of the Swamp runs there were two people doing the No Mither challenge at the same time. The only thing worse would have been the trifecta of No Mither + Swamp + Bubba facecamp. I wound up running Wraith and throwing on tome challenges for glyphs/pallets/kicking gens to break up the boredom.

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